We find a lot of solace in the whole black and white thing, but it’s an interesting discussion like people love making there own minds up about some things and it’s that process of validation we’ve really started to learn about cuz like we’ve been a band for 10 years and it’s been unhampered by anyone’s opinion cuz there was simply no one in front of us….


we are very connected to your fans but in an odd way really. i mean most people i suppose connect to their fans internet wise, they actually connect to them and converse to them, have a dialogue, we don’t necessarily do that. but i think that…what i’ve found or what i’ve been told in trying to figure out what it is all about, is that people really really relate to this band because it is kind of an extension of a personality, of four personalities and i think people look for that and people like seeing themselves and relating to people. and i think people just relate to us, they relate to the things we talk about and its all delivered in what i suppose is considered to be infectious pop music and all these kids at the moment are living out their lives soundtracked to the 1975 and i think its because…they just, they get it, they get us. and to have so many people adore our music is…well i think its the reason why you do it isn’t it. - Matty Healy