‘My Friend Dahmer’: The Movie || What we know so far

Based on the cult comic and graphic novel written by John Backderf (a friend and former classmate of the cannibal), the unusual film follows a teenage Dahmer through his senior year of high school and takes the audience right up to two weeks after his high school graduation – the time period in which he committed his first murder. Set against a 1970′s suburban backdrop, the story is far from courtrooms and prison cells. Instead you experience Dahmer in the backseat of Backderf’s own Chevy Vega, in line for a burger at McDonald’s, pulling pranks, and posing for picture day. However, the recounts become increasingly strange as Backderf recalls Dahmer showing up to school drunk, stalking joggers in the woods, and bizarrely impersonating the disabled. 

  • The LEADING CAST will include: Disney actor Ross Lynch as the young Jeffrey Dahmer, Anne Heche as Jeffrey’s mother, Alex Wolff as John Backderf, and former Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser, whose specific role has yet to be released. 
  • FILMING will take place in in Akron, Ohio – the teenage hometown of Dahmer.
  • ON SITE LOCATIONS include Dahmer’s actual childhood home, the original location of his early skeleton collection. 
  • COMMENTS FROM BACKDERF state that that the film will be, “a lot like the book, where you go into it expecting a certain thing and you get to the end and it’s something completely different. It’s not a slasher film – it’s a very melancholy tale full of regret and remorse that shows this young kid spiraling into madness.”

While the real-life Jeffrey Dahmer went on to rape, murder, and eat pieces from 17 male victims, you won’t see Lynch filleting human body parts anytime soon. By ending the story on the eve of Dahmer’s first kill, ‘My Friend Dahmer’ seeks to explore an even scarier truth: how a troubled teenager, who would later become the infamous serial murderer, suppressed his desires and hid in plain sight. 

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