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How many videos are you working on at this moment?

I currently have 6 videos in production at the moment, and am editing 3 of those simultaneously. Each are estimated to be fairly lengthy and chock full of fun. I recently had a revelation whilst editing the next video where a bunch of unanchored ideas fell into place. Because of this, I made a decision to put out another video first before that one as a segue into the 5 episode arc I had initially planned, upping the ‘videos in production’ count to 6. I’m very excited to show you what I’m cooking, it smells so good.

I call this next batch of videos the “Fortunes Arc”.

Interactive Tool Explains Cost of Nuclear Energy

Despite the ever-changing landscape of energy economics, subject to the influence of new technologies and geopolitics, a new tool promises to root discussions about the cost of nuclear energy in hard evidence rather than speculation. Over the last two years, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has developed the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Cost Calculator, an online interface that provides a nuanced look at the economic costs of nuclear power.

Built with significant funding from the MacArthur Foundation, and in collaboration with Prof. Robert Rosner and a team of researchers, the calculator provides a simple gateway into the physics-laden universe of nuclear economics.

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I found your videos liked by Adam Rosner and Jeff Koval and wound up marathoning them! For your everymanhybrid video are you going to be exploring a lot of the arg/out of channel aspects of the series?

That’s awesome! I didn’t know Jeff had discovered my little channel, though I had the incredible surprise of seeing Adam had earlier this week. For EMH, we’re hitting absolutely everything we can, as deep as it can go. Full investigation.

i just remembered that adam rosner literally lives in florida and attends florida cons….i could have walked past him without even knowing at least at megacon…..holy shit…

This was an effects test just to see if I can replicate the Collective-style videos despite not having the same software as Mr. Rosner, and in my efforts and running the video through my program many times I think I finally nailed it!

I was supposed to be cosplaying Mr. Scars, but it didn’t quite work out how I’d hoped

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Alright, ya ready? I've got it: Noah's about to crack and open the journal when a Habit message drops from the ceiling, inviting him to a "playdate." Upon following instructions to open a door to Habitland and break into a specific house with a mirrored layout of his own home, Noah enters his doppelganger's bedroom and finds an open laptop signed into the Tumblr blog, "The Nimbus." It's then we all realize the horrible truth: we've been talking to Firebrand, going under the name "Adam Rosner."
7 Things You Didn't Know a Mormon Invented

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Mormons are smarties. :)

7 Things You Didn’t Know a Mormon Invented

This article was written by Jannalee Rosner for LDS Living. The following is an excerpt.  1. Television One can’t speak of the invention of the television without looking at its inventor, Philo T. Farnsworth. Philo was born in …

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i really, really have to thank you for not putting your stuff in the main tags. it's a blessing. thank you so much. (heat anon)

anon, i can’t tell whether or not this is sarcasm because my latest fic was put in the main tags. if you like, i can remove it? i’m sorry if you’re offended by it. is there any particular reason why, though? really, i only did it with marble hornets because the fandom is more expansive, and those looking for jam fiction really have to look hard through all of the content to find it. plus, the creators don’t monitor the tags as closely because of how popular they are. with tribetwelve and everymanhybrid though…i daren’t put them in the main tag because i know at least adam rosner and jeff koval are frequent browsers of their tags, and i think i’d die. i know adam is a tad uncomfortable with the idea of the smut, although he seems to have accepted that it’s the internet and it will inevitably happen - i’d rather lessen the discomfort for him by not subjecting him to it. jeff is already aware of this blog, from liking a post a while back, and i had a bit of a heart attack upon seeing the note. i’m quite sure if himself, evan and vinny find the smut hilarious, as they seem like the types, and that’s an even further embarrassment to prevent putting the fics in the main tags.

when in doubt, it will in future be tagged with a derivative such as ‘marblehornets nsfw’, ‘tribetwelve nsfw’ or ‘everymanhybrid nsfw’. sorry for the confusion~