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David Rosner, Linda Carroll, “The Concussion Crisis: Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic”
ISBN: 145162722X, 1451627459 | 2011 | EPUB | 336 pages | 2 MB

FOR FAR TOO LONG, the menace of concussions has been hidden in plain sight. On playing fields across America, lives are being derailed by seemingly innocuous jolts to the head. From the peewees to the pros, concussions are reaching epidemic proportions. This book brings that hidden epidemic and its consequences out of the shadows.

As frightening as the numbers are—estimates of sports-related concussions range from 1.6 million to 3.8 million annually in the United States—they can’t begin to explain the profound impact of a hidden health problem that can strike any of us. It is becoming increasingly clear that concussions, like severe head traumas, can rob us of our memory, our mental abilities, our very sense of self. Because the damage caused by a concussion is rarely visible to the naked eye or even on a brain scan, no one knows how many millions might be living lives devastated by an invisible injury too often shrugged off as “just a bump on the head.”

This book puts a human face on a huge public health crisis. Through narratives that chronicle the poignant experiences of real people struggling with this invisible and often unrecognized brain injury, Linda Carroll and David Rosner bring home its potentially devastating consequences. Among those you will meet are a high school football player whose college dreams were derailed by a series of undiagnosed concussions, a hard-driving soccer star whose own struggles with concussions pushed her to crusade for safety reform as a coach and soccer mom, and an economist who lost her career because of lingering concussion symptoms from a fender bender.

The Concussion Crisis weaves these human dramas with compelling stories of scientists and doctors who are unraveling the mysteries of how an invisible injury can wreak such havoc. It takes readers into the top labs, where scientists are teasing out what goes wrong in the brain after a jolt to the head, and into the nation’s leading concussion clinic, where patients get cutting-edge management and treatment. Carroll and Rosner analyze the cultural factors that allowed this burgeoning epidemic to fester unseen and untreated. They chronicle the growing public awareness sparked by the premature retirements of superstars like NFL quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Steve Young. And they argue for an immediate change in a macho culture that minimizes the dangers inherent in repeated jolts to the head.

The Concussion Crisis sounds an urgent wake-up call to parents, coaches, trainers, doctors, and the athletes themselves. The book will stand as the definitive exploration of this heretofore-silent health crisis. It should be required reading for every parent with a child playing sports—in fact, by everyone who has ever suffered a hard bump on the head.

Lunch at Cafe Cristina

For the past few weeks, our band had four gigs. So for everyday of every week, we always had lots of practices consecutively. It was very, very tiring. We spent almost half of our day learning new pieces we were required and requested to perform.

After a series of little band performances, we finally had the chance to go through little breaks for about four days, so Rosner and I grabbed the chance to go out sometime (even if we see each other for almost everday hahaha). The night before our final gig, he asked me if we could eat our lunch the next day at Cafe Cristina. This place is one of our favorites! And he said it would be his treat so I didn’t hesitate to agree. I asked him then to ask for my mother’s permission who was there with us that night, and she allowed us to do so.

Th next day, I left our house at past 1:30 p.m. and arrived approximately at the place in 15 minutes. As I got there, I went immediately at the front door and texted Rosner saying, “I am here” without realizing he was sitting at the first seat outside and that I actually passed by him. I actually laughed hard and apologized when I looked again realizing it was really him. Ohhh, my bad. After a little talk and laugh, we finally entered the coffee shop.

There, we immediately ordered our desired orders. His was the one with the meat-loaf and mine was my favorite, daing na bangus. Hihi. They were both delicious. After eating while conversing, we saw an empty table near the piano, so we both agreed to transfer there so he could play a few pieces. But before he did, we had a long conversation regarding his family. It was random but filled. And by filled, I mean it was full of stories it got my whole attention on it. And every single of it was interesting. After minutes of talking he finally decided to play the piano– which was the main reason for him to ask me to eat with him there (hahaha yep, he’s kinda adorably desperate). And so he played, but mostly classical. I really and deeply enjoyed them I even asked him to repeat this particular song (I forgot the title), but really, it was beautiful.

After a set of classical music, we finally left Cafe Cristina and took a walk on the sides of the street. As we were walking we entered a few shops like Rusty Lopez, to fit on shoes we weren’t buying (haha), National Book Store to check on books we weren’t buying either (haha again), on a little music shop to check on a gig bag, and lastly on different stands that sell clothes and such. We really enjoyed it even if there was really nothing to buy for ourselves. We were like planning for future uses and it was really, really fun.

The next minutes, we realized it’s late, but before he accompanied me as I got home, he bought a watermelon flavored shake to refresh our tired selves, then we proceeded on our way home.

When Calls the Heart, Season 2: “Heart and Soul” Discussion Article

Written on 5/15/15

Hello everyone! As I told you in my first article, I was going to write the Season 2 articles a little bit different so I do not give away too many spoilers, if I could help it. After my last article I sent to you, and thoroughly going over the discussions on the Fans of Believe Pictures page, I decided to try a little different format. So bear with me on this one. I hope you like it! Who knows? By the end of it, I may not and I may change back to my normal ways :-) This is why it is called an experiment, lol! I am also hoping this more topical approach to the article will inspire more conversation on our pages!! ;-) So let’s begin !

Hamilton :

Charles and Elizabeth (Marcus Rosner & Erin Krakow)

Although I love the gesture of the backstory when Charles unearthed Elizabeth’s and his initials on the tree in the front yard of the Thatcher home, I was a little frustrated at what seems to be Elizabeth’s lack of realization of how smitten Charles was still with her. Plus, for a working man he seems to be around a lot; and later in the episode, they say her father is out of town. You’d think that if Elizabeth’s father was out of town, Charles would be at the office even more. Just my observation. On a more personal note, that whole tree thing is so romantic. I wish somebody would do that for me :-).

I understand that the mother is sick, and so that’s why they make her read or sit still, and she’s having fainting spells; but why don’t they make her look more sick then? That is my only question when it comes to her mother’s illness. I don’t doubt that she is ill in the storyline. She just doesn’t seem like it. She seems more conniving and trying to get Elizabeth and Charles together rather than ill.

Did anyone else noticed Charles got nervous when Viola mentioned that he hadn’t been around in social circles? Why hasn’t he been there? He says it’s because he’s been working, but he sure has been with Elizabeth a lot. So we know he hasn’t been working.  I’d really like some more backstory on Charles. I’m still a little suspicious… Anyone else with me on that?

Other than the romantic setting, of it which I did not like, I enjoyed the picnic between Elizabeth and Charles when Elizabeth shared some wisdom with Charles about enjoying the little things in life, not just the things that people can do for you. Based on the rest of the conversation, I have a feeling we will possibly be seeing him in Hope Valley sometime soon, but that’s just a guess. Although part of me hopes I’m wrong, but as I was saying to one of my people, and the Believe Pictures Facebook group, maybe he’ll find a nice girl in Hope Valley other than Elizabeth! Hey, we can hope right? That’s what Hope Valley is all about?

Charles brought in a doctor from the University. That was nice of him. No really, it was. I’m not being sarcastic, although I think he is trying to get on Elizabeth’s good side - still more than I would like him to! Now that we know what is wrong with Mrs. Thatcher (Lynda Boyd),  maybe Elizabeth could go back home to Jack (Daniel Lissing), please? If that does happen, I’m almost positive that Charles is bound to follow at some point; but hey, at least Elizabeth will be back in Hope Valley to teach the children, and Jack will feel more at ease. At least I think so, because he will have the home advantage - so to speak.

Ok, first a romantic picnic in front of your parents’ fireplace… now eating off his spoon at a restaurant. Elizabeth, if I was your best friend, I would take you to the ladies room and yell at you right now - 1910, or even today! Call me old fashioned if you want. I don’t care, but if you have told another man you have feelings for him - just him, and made your feelings clear to that man. This behavior is not OK! ….Okay I’m done ranting. Sorry. No, let’s deal with the rest of that scene… Why would Viola’s (Devon Weigel) engagement be a secret? Do you think something’s going on with her fiance (Jay Hindle)? Or I also thought of the simple fact, they are waiting for their father to return from the business trip - so the family could announce the engagement then, since they are one of the wealthiest families in town. This scene also makes me sad for Viola again, because Elizabeth had admitted that she doesn’t have many funny memories of her sister as a child. It means that she had to grow up before her age, at least in my perspective anyway. I would really like to dig more into Viola’s character and find out more about her background as a child :-) Charles’ announcement that he had no doubt that Elizabeth would find true love… I don’t wonder, was that confidence in himself for that job? or because he knew she had feelings for another - meaning Jack? I’m guessing it was more for himself, unfortunately. The reason I say unfortunately to that one is because we had a long discussion this week on the Fans of Believe Pictures page about Charles and Elizabeth vs Jack in Elizabeth, and I believe that Elizabeth’s feelings for Jack are true. It frustrates me that she can come off flirty with Charles, and even somewhat naive, after she has committed her feelings to Jack the way that she did in the last season. So far, in the beginning of this season, she seems to be trying to please her parents more than herself, and I guess it frustrates me because she is an adult. Either way, I see this scenario playing out and somebody gets hurt, and that makes me sad because I think Charles is a good guy. We haven’t seen his backstory, but I have a good feeling that he is decent. I feel that he has affections for Elizabeth that are true, just as Elizabeth has affections for Jack that are true. She seems to be leading Charles on, yet not understand what she is doing. She did make it clear to Charles in the first episode that she had feelings for someone; and she may think that’s enough, but she is sending mixed signals! That’s just what I think personally. It almost makes me feel sorry for Charles. Some of my friends think I’m crazy for saying that, but it’s the truth.

Julie and Tom (Charlotte Hegele & Max Lloyd-Jones)

As much as I love Julie, I do hope Jack’s brother can help her grow up a little. I’m also hoping he doesn’t become trouble, which my gut tells me he is going to be… at least in the beginning. But then maybe as the season comes to a close, having Tom around Julie might help straighten him out. I still don’t have any speculation as to what kind of trouble young Thornton is going to cause. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I do have to say though, that dress Julie was wearing during their secret meeting definitely clashed with her hair: the maroon red against her fiery red hair made me want to wear my sunglasses. Love the dress personally though.

Lessons we learned in Hamilton

Cherries Jubilee, the dessert Elizabeth ate off of Charles’ spoon. It made me curious. I’ve heard of it, but never seen it or even knew what it consisted of. So you know how I like to learn things if you read my Season 1 reviews/articles, and since Elizabeth hasn’t been teaching the children anything that I can look up, and Abigail (Lori Loughlin) hasn’t been cooking up anything new in her cafe - I can finally look up something new! :-) Hopefully you will learn something right along with me.

After a Google search, here is the Food Network recipe for Cherries Jubilee:

According to Erin Krakow, who plays our beloved Elizabeth Thatcher,  she said on Twitter that it was very good! Or at least the cherries themselves were anyway.  As far as I was able to see, she only talked about the cherries and not the ice cream. So Erin, did you have any ice cream? :-)

Hope Valley :

Rosemary and Jack (Pascale Hutton)

Jack returns home without Elizabeth. Okay, let’s talk about this for a minute. He finds out that the name has changed to Hope Valley. Rosemary met him at the stagecoach. At this moment I can’t help but wonder if Rosemary sees this as her chance to sneak back into Jack’s life, but as the episode goes on I realize that I’m wrong - and for that I’m grateful. Again the pain in poor Jack’s face is evident when he is questioned about Elizabeth’s absence. I’m not entirely sure why he left… Other than feeling inferior to Charles, or maybe intimidated by her father. Does anyone else have a  theory out there?

Lee (Kavan Smith)

Okay, when Lee talked to the former mining men outside his new lumber office, I totally changed my perspective of him. I really like him. I truly believe that he is there to help the town. Do I think he has a background story, and there might be problems here and there…? Well it’s possible. Everyone has parts of their past that they’re trying to get away from, and with him that might be true; but I believe that he is trying to do good where he is and make a home for himself, especially since he’s willing to train the coal mining men as he goes along. The only thing I noticed that I have to pick on here is none of the mining men are people we’ve seen from the previous season. Where have our townspeople gone? Later, Lee really boosted his brownie points with me when he agreed to help Jack building the church.  

A little while later, I realized that Lee had been just trying to be amiable with Gowen (Martin Cummins) in the first episode, and I will have to wait and see what happens with that situation. In continuing our conversation about Lee during this third episode when he is confronted by Gowen while setting up his new office, he seems unfazed by Gowen’s offers, and threats when he doesn’t take his offer. This makes me very happy! And to me it says a lot about Lee’s character, and that we may expect Lee to be upstanding in the future as well.  Hey Lee, thanks for reminding Jack how much in love with Elizabeth he is while you were building the church with him, and not letting him off the hook! I think he needed that! ;-) Wardrobe thought: okay, so I know those striped pants are time period appropriate, because I looked them up, and that’s cool because that’s what they’re supposed to be. But in my personal opinion, they look hilariously hideous! Anybody else think so, or is that just me? And I mean that in a fun way. I’m not meaning that to be mean - the wardrobe did a good job because it was the thing back then! I just think they’re funny.

The con-artist and his daughter

Okay, now it’s time to talk about the con-artist and his daughter. Really? Could nobody see right through that? Because I saw right through their charade… Lol! I can’t believe Jack didn’t see right through them! Especially when, as a “preacher”, the man kept getting Bible verses and such wrong, then Anabelle desperately tried to cover her father’s tracks. Granted it was very humorous, not to mention Florence (Loretta Walsh) has what seems to be a crush on the “preacher.” As far as the daughter went, great young actress - but I sure do miss our Hope Valley kids! Where are they anyway? They never seem to be around town anymore… At least they explained that the last pastor had to leave suddenly, even though they didn’t really explain why. Anyway, the con-artist and his daughter were very funny, and I hope we see them around town again, even though Jack just told them to leave town immediately ;-) I would love to see a storyline where the con-artist starts to turn over a new leaf, as his daughter Annabel put it.

All things Bill Avery (Jack Wagner)

When it comes to the Abigail and Bill storyline, I think by now most of you know how I feel about that. I’ve been speculating about them all over my pages. So far I’ve been pretty much right, at least close to where I think they’re headed. This time Jack’s wife (Kristina Wagner) actually showed up, or at least she says she’s Bill’s wife. That’s pretty much where it ends, and we don’t see her again. So the question is, what is Abigail going to do now? My answer would be to kick Bill to the curb, and quickly, but again that’s just my opinion. Bill Avery is out of town right?  So why did he have to go to the city? Someone needed a forensic expert, right? Well that’s what he told Abigail, but then why is he in a shady, back alley - you might ask? Good question. Speculation of the page has said that he is under cover. What do you think?

Gowen and his shenanigans

Our poor Mayor Ramsey… He owes Gowen money. Since when did that happen? Did I miss something? This can’t be anything good if it has to do with Gowen. As we learn later, this little scene plays out, resulting in Gowen being interim mayor. This could be dangerous for a little town, and it’s rather scary in my opinion! What did you guys think when you found out this tidbit of information from our town gossip named Florence, which was confirmed by Gowen, himself?

Mary Dunbar and DeWit Graves (Laura Bertram & Derek Hamilton)

It looks like one of our favorite Hope Valley couples are finally going to become a family! There is one of our Hope Valley kids, Caleb (Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh)! It’s nice to see you young man! :-) We are so glad that you finally have a new Pa! But since the church was not built yet, my question still stands: who do you think will be the first couple to marry in the new church once it is built? Hey Jack, we’re all curious to know what were you dreaming of during the reception? We know you were daydreaming while you were eating that cake, and we can only guess what it was about; but maybe you could clue us in by giving us a day dream sequence or something in the special features… just a thought?

The real, new pastor: I like him already just simply because he stepped up to the plate and took care of the problem immediately when it came to the wedding. He seems like he would have a very good back story, and I can’t wait to see more of it!

In conclusion:

In this episode we learned a lot more about Lee and his background. We had a few laughs with the con-artist and his daughter. Mary Dunbar got married, and Caleb got a new Pa. The church turned into a true labor of love for Jack as he awaited Elizabeth’s return from Hamilton. Abigail was stunned to find out about Bill’s secret.

Speculators: it’s your turn to log in on our Facebook group and join us in our conversations!  I can’t wait to hear your point of view. :-) These articles may look one sided sometimes, but trust me - they’re not. They’re just a jumping off point. So if you’re reading this on the website, come see what you’re missing out on!

Conclusion questions:

How did you feel when you found out about Bill secret? Did you already figure it out?

What do you think is really going on in that dark alley with Bill Avery?

How do you feel about the possible relationship between Jack’s brother and Julie?

How long do you think Gowen will be interim mayor ?

Written by Amy J. Falk

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Questions that have been popping up on our Fans of Believe Pictures pages and in our in-boxes for Hallmark network and/or the producers:

In the Hallmark When Calls the Heart online store, will you be putting up sizing charts for the clothing? Apparently a lot of the clothing, according to the questions I’ve been getting, has been running small.

Why is there a timer on my cart in the When Calls the Heart online store?

Did the Coal Valley kids get the bookmarks the Fans of Believe Pictures group sent out to them in February? When some of the parents read about them in one of my articles they said that their children never received them. Some of the gals that helped make the bookmarks are wondering where they are.

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Directors Neill Fearnley | Mike Rohl (as Michael Rohl) Writers Janette Oke (Based On The Novel By) | Robin Bernheim(as Robin Bernheim Burger) | Neal H. Dobrofsky (as Neal Dobrofsky) | Tippi Dobrofsky |Producers Greg Malcolm | Vicki Sotheran Cinematographer Michael Balfry Editors Nicole Ratcliffe | Charles Robichaud Production Designer James Robbins

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Third Lawyer In Fight For Open Judicial Seat

Lea Krauss

By Buddy Nevins,, Special to, May 21, 2015 – The Broward Courthouse’s worst kept secret has finally become public: Attorney Lea Krauss has opened her campaign for judge.

A criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor, Krauss has been quietly making the rounds of political clubs, fundraisers and potential donors for several months.

She became the third candidate for the Circuit Court seat now held by the retiring Judge Susan Lebow. The others who want Lebow’s seat are Maxine Streeter and Jason Rosner.

Krauss has been a lawyer 15 years and runs her own law firm in downtown Fort Lauderdale near the courthouse.

She graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 1999.


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Rosner broek Anny

Damesmode, Rosner 5-pocket broek model Anny met iets toelopende broekspijpen. De broek is afsluitbaar met een knoop en ritssluiting,
model Anny valt iets hoger in de rug en heeft een comfortabele pasvorm. De broek van Rosner heeft een leuke all over print.

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