Roskilde Dome (2011) by Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Henrik Almegaard

Architect and Photographer: Kristoffer Tejlgaard
Engineer: Henrik Almegaard

Location: Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Client: National Gallery of Denmark / Roskilde Festival
Cost Approx: 70.000,- dkr / 9.413,- euro in material use.
= 260 dkr prm2 / 35 euro pr m2
Area: 269.4m²; Ø18m; 4m high

Dome is designed with intent to be temporary and reuseable. It is assembled by, and can be disassembled into modules that can be handled by two men and stacked on pallets for removal and storage. Stringers that sits perpendicular to the spheres surface makes it possible to attach membranes as drum skins and form trenches for drainage of the surface.

The dimensions of the modules is designed so that one in the future could produce more modules and make the dome approaching a hemisphere.