The Flash AU: Bariscowest ||

Barry, Cisco and Iris grew up together as best friends and spent every possible moment together making memories. Barry was still severely into his academics and clubs as was Cisco. Iris was Valedictorian of their class. Barry loves Gaga and the Beatles and most especially Iris, who confesses to having mutual feelings their sophomore year of High School.

[Yeah, so this took forever: finding and creating photos of them as teens. Some of the celebs I chose to be their teens selves didn’t have many photos on the internet, so I alternated between 2 different celebrities to play them. Lemme tell ya, we do not have very many…IF ANY young Latinx celebrities. Hollywood sucks man. Anywho…enjoy!….Oh…and this is just one part of a larger project I’m working on. If it turns out well…then I can’t wait to show you guys!!!]