Flower meanings I wanted to get out there. It seemed pretty cool to me but was a lot of work as I couldn’t copy and past my research from websites. Use it for a florist AU or somethin’ I dunno have fun

Alstroemeria - Wealth, prosperity, fortune, friendship

Amaryllis - Splendid beauty, worth beyond beauty

Anemone - Fading hope, forsaken, anticipation

Anthurium - Hospitality, happiness, abundance

Aster - Patience, a love of variety, elegance, daintiness

Bird of Paradise - Joyfulness, magnificence, wonderful anticipation

Bouvardia Double - Enthusiasm, zest for life

Calla Lily - Magnificence, beauty, purity, innocence

Carnation - Pride, beauty

Red Carnation - Love, pride, admiration

Pink Carnation - Love of a woman or a mother

Purple Carnation - Capriciousness

Yellow Carnation - Disdain, rejection, disappointment

White Carnation - Innocence, pure love

Striped Carnation - Refusal

Chrysanthemum - Fidelity, optimism, joy, long life

Red Chrysanthemum - Love

White Chrysanthemum - Truth, loyal love

Yellow Chrysanthemum - Slighted love

Daffodil - regard, chivalry, rebirth, new beginnings, eternal life, unrequited love

Daffodil (Single) - Foretells a misfortune

Daffodil (Bunch) - Joy, happiness

Daisy - Innocence, purity, loyal love, “I will never tell.”

Gerbera Daisy- Cheerfulness

Delphinium - Big hearted, fun, lightness, levity, ardent attachment

Freesia - Innocence, thoughtfulness

Gardenia - Purity, sweetness, secret love, joy, conveys loneliness from the giver

Gerbera - Cheerfulness

Gladiolus - Strength of character, remembrance

Lavender Heather - Admiration, solitude, beauty

White Heather - Protection, wishes will come true

Hyacinth - Playfulness, sporty attitude, extreme rashness, constancy

Blue Hyacinth - Constancy

Purple Hyacinth - Sorrow

Red/Pink Hyacinth - Play

White Hyacinth - Loveliness

Yellow Hyacinth - Jealousy

Hydrangea - Heartfelt emotions, gratitude for being understood, frigidity, heartlessness

Iris - Eloquence

Purple Iris - Wisdom, compliments

Blue Iris - Faith, hope

Yellow Iris - Passion

White Iris - Purity

Larkspur - Levity, lightness, fickleness, haughtiness

Lilac - Youthful innocence, confidence

White Lilac - Humility, Innocence

Field Lilac - Charity

Purple Lilac - First love

Lily - Purity, refined beauty

White Lily - Modesty, virginity

Orange Lily - Passion

Yellow Lily - Gaiety

Lily of the Valley - Sweetness, purity of heart

Easter Lily - Virgin Mary

Orchid - Exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm, proud and glorious femininity

Peony - Bashfulness, compassion, indignation, shame, happy life, happy marriage, good health, prosperity

King Protea - Change, transformation, daring, resourcefulness, diversity, courage

Queen Anne - Haven, sanctuary, complexity, delicateness

Ranunculus - Radiant charm, attractiveness

Snapdragon - Graciousness, strenght, deception, presumption

Statice - Remembrance, sympathy, success

Stock - Lasting beauty, happy life, bonds of affection, promptness

Sunflower - Pure thoughts, adoration, dedication, dedicated love, haughtiness

Sweet Pea - Delicate pleasure, bliss, departure after having a good time

Tulip - Declaration of love, fame, perfect love

Rose - Love

Red Rose - Love, longing, desire, respect, admiration, devotion

Deep Red Rose - Regret, sorrow

White Rose - Purity, chastity, innocence, new beginnings, sympathy, humility, spirituality

Yellow Rose - Exuberance, joy, warmth, welcome, friendship, caring, purely platonic emotions

Pink Rose - Gentleness, admiration, joy, gratitude, appreciation, elegance, grace

Orange Rose - Passion, energy, desire, pride, fervor, fascination

Lavender Rose - Enchantment, love at first sight, majesty, splendor, fascination, adoration

Blue Rose - Elusive, unattainable, mysterious, desire, I can’t have you but I can’t stop thinking about you

Green Rose - Harmony, opulence, fertility, best wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for recovery of good health

Black Rose - Death, farewell, elusive

Mixed Roses - Mixed feelings, I don’t know my feelings yet but I care about you enough to send roses

Moss Rosebud - Confession of love

Thorn-less Rose - Love at first sight, early attachment

Leaf Rose - You may hope

Hibiscus Rose - Delicate beauty

Burgundy Rose - Unconscious beauty

Christmas Rose - Relieve my anxiety

Dog Rose - Pleasure and pain

Damask Rose - Freshness, Persian ambassador of Love

Garden Rose - I am from Mars

Tea Rose - I will remember always

Rose of Sharon - Consumed by love

Carmine Rose - Deceitful desire

Cardinal Red Rose - Sublime desire

Amaranth Red Rose - Long standing desire

Wild Rose - Simplicity

Musk Rose - Capricious beauty

Rosa Mundi - Variety

Single Red Rose - “I love you”

A Single White Rose - “My feelings are pure”

A Single Yellow Rose - “You bring joy to my life” “Let’s be friends”

A Single Pink Rose - “I like you”

A Single Orange Rose - “I am proud of you”

A Single Peach Rose - “Thank you” “I sympathise with you”

A Single Lavender Rose - “I am enchanted by you”

A Single Blue Rose - “You seem like an unattainable dream”

A Crown Of Roses - Reward of virtue

A Bouquet Of Roses - Gratitude

A Rose In A Tuft Of Grass - There is everything to be gained by good company

One Red Rose - “I love you” “You are the one for me”

Two Red Roses - “Let us be together”

Three Red Roses - “You and me and our love for company”

Five Red Roses - “I am halfway in love with you”

Twelve Red Roses - “Be mine”

Twenty Five Red Roses - “Congratulations”

Fifty Red Roses - “My love for you is limitless”

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How would you imagine each daddy acting when they are extremely jealous?

i live for this. i love putting characters through angst guESS IM evil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   -dad alex

Robert- He has a habit of falling in love too easily and getting carried away with the feeling. Robert can’t express his emotions all too well, either. So when he sees you hang out with another dad one day, and watches you through the window as you hug him goodbye, he immediately hits your phone up and asks you to come over. When you do, he’s already a little drunk, and he goes through the same destructive habits he’s had for years. He throws you against the wall and bites your neck until the skin beneath his teeth burns with angry red. He leaves several bruises like that on you, and when he decides he’s done, he tries to go down on you. You’ve known him long enough to know when he’s upset, and you grab his shoulders to stop him from going any further. By the end of the night he’s shaking in your arms, sobbing into your chest and saying the same words over and over again: “I don’t want to lose you. Please. Don’t leave me.

Damien- He doesn’t realize what that twisted feeling in his gut is till it’s in too deep. Guilt mixes with his jealousy, and he can’t find it in his heart to tell you. It eats away at him slowly, and over time, he starts throwing more and more subtle hints at you. It started with a bouquet of I love you flowers with a lone, purple I’m sorry hyacinth buried in there, and ended with a bouquet of yellow at your doorstep one night. Yellow hyacinths, christmas roses with long, yellow centers, and a single yellow rose. The overwhelming joy of the color contrasted sharply with the meaning of the flowers themselves. Damien laid in his bed when he arrived home, believing you wouldn’t pick up on the meaning of the bouquet for a while- but to his surprise, you show up at his door and envelope him in a soft embrace. Damien feels embarrassed because he’s only wearing PJs and his hair is messy, but you tell him you don’t mind, laying in his bed and reassuring him that he’s the one you love.

Craig- He did increasingly stupid things to get your attention , like taking fast U turns and giving you bad whiplash. The dumbest thing he did happened on a late night after the girls won a big softball game. Most of the people in the stands were gone, and only a few members of the team were still there. Craig was… talking to the moms? Talking to them? You feel a lump form in your throat as you watch a mom feel Craig’s bicep, and he… doesn’t shake her off. Your jaw tightens. The moms make increasingly flirty advances and, after five minutes of him ignoring you, you take off and drive home. Craig shows up at your door exactly a minute after you walked through it. You get in an argument right there at your doorstep. All he can do is say, “How does it feel to be the jealous one this time?” Your heart aches when you hear his voice crack. He steps inside and he holds on to you like you’re a rock and he’s trying not to be swept away. You lay in your bed with him just like that, pressing kisses to his forehead, calling him an idiot, and reassuringly massaging his head.

Joseph- Not really a jealous person, or… at least that’s what he thought. He remembers the day he dumped you vividly in his mind- he said he wanted to work on his marriage. In all honesty, nothing had changed since then except you. After a week or so of hiding yourself in your house, you started to go out again. You started seeing one of the other Dads. Joseph didn’t realize how much it bothered him until he saw you kiss him- open armed, trusting- trust that you could never give Joseph again. You moved on. He hasn’t.

Mat- He tries very, very, very hard not to be aggressive or assertive when people hit on you at concerts. Mat tries to be understanding. It happens. People get drunk, see someone attractive, and try to pry them away from their boyfriend that they are holding hands with. They flirt with people even though they are totally, completely taken. Very obviously taken. Up until this point, he’s been passive enough to calmly walk away and take you home. But this? He can’t take it anymore. This has to be the third person that’s hit on you today. You’re helping him out at the Coffee Spoon because Pablo couldn’t make it. As soon as the person you’re taking orders from asks for your phone number, Mat walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. You turn around and kiss his forehead. As small as the gesture was, it made his heart leap.

Hugo- It happens at a wrestling match. By some kind of black magic coincidence, you end up on the kiss cam. Again. It happens almost every time you go, because every time you go, you end up buying the same seats in the same section. This time, though, Hugo looks up to the camera and sees… you… and the girl sitting next to you. His heart drops when he sees the girl smile and look at you, then it promptly explodes when you lean over your arm rest and kiss him on the cheek instead. For the entire rest of the match, Hugo’s face is bright red. You’re walking outside the venue and into the mostly empty parking lot now. When you get to the car, Hugo pulls you into an embrace. He tells you how upset that made him feel, seeing you and the girl like that, but you reassure him- he’s not just any genuine wrestle boy. He’s your genuine wrestle boy.

Brian- There aren’t very many cases where people flirt with you. Brian is almost always by your side, arm slung around your shoulders or your waist. He’s a very outgoing person, and because of that, he tends to intimidate people enough to ward them off. One night, though, you’re at a barbecue at Joseph’s place. There’s several women there that you don’t recognize. Once they get shot down by Craig, a few of them make their way over to you. You have no idea they’re flirting until Brian comes up next to you and places his hand on your back. He starts talking in the way that he does, except he’s talking about you. How good you are at fishing. How your brownie recipe is the best in the world. How much Maxwell, his dog, loves you. You’ve never seen people excuse themselves so fast before.

Spell jar for happiness and protection

Sea salt for protection and emotional cleansing
Dried daffodils for happiness
Dried sunflower petals for joy
Dried rose petals for love and affection
Eggshells (powdered or in pieces) for protection
Cinnamon for energy and power
Citrine chips for happiness, confidence and good fortune
White, yellow or pink candle

Combine as you please and activate by burning your candle on top of the sealed jar. When you feel it needs recharging simply burn another candle on top while focusing on your intention.

She was like the spring -always flourishing and blissful. She was exceptionally bright and her presence was heavenly. With a buzzing, forever lively mind, she could make the rainiest days seem cloudless. After a lingering sleep, she would awake like a blossoming rose ready to spread joy across the land.

Flower Blessing Mini Ritual

Originally posted by noentiendonada666

Offer yourself, your circle, your family, & the world a flower blessing. Take flower petals to a body of water…even a bath can work…and let each flower petal go in the water with a spoken intention, affirmation, blessing, prayer, wish, or hope. (You may wish to speak out loud or in your head - silent affirmations are the most effective)  

A few Flower suggestions + their symbolic meaning:

Primrose - ‘I can’t live without you’, patience, kindness

Buttercup - Childishness, riches

Cactus - Endurance, ‘My heart burns with love’

Carnation (General) - Fascination, devoted love

Carnation (Striped) - “Sorry I can’t be with you” or “I wish I could be with you”

Petunia - Your presence soothes me

Phlox - Our souls are united

Tulip (Yellow) - There’s sunshine in your smile

Marjoram - Joy, happiness 

Rose - Love, desire

  • Dark red rose: unconscious beauty
  • White rose: purity, innocence, reverence, silence
  • Pink rose: grace, happiness, gentleness
  • Yellow rose: joy, friendship, the promise of a new beginning
  • Orange rose: desire and enthusiasm
  • Lavender rose: love at first sight
  • Coral rose: friendship, modesty, sympathy

“May you know the warmth of sunshine and of smiles. May you celebrate friendship and solitude. May you open your arms to someone’s first step. May you cry well, laugh often, and feel much. May you feel the deep connection between past and future, and may you dwell in all the fullness of your days. May you know beauty, may you walk in beauty. ”

blessings within and all around, 

Rosemary Milk

Simple All-Purpose Recovery Spell.

For when you are at your lowest. Light one black candle, and feed it your bad habits, troubles, and pain. You can do this mentally or write them down and burn them. Then take these stones:
✨One for grounding and protection (I use smoky quartz)
✨One for purification (I use selenite)
✨One for physical health and vitality (I use red Jasper)
✨One for self love (I use rose quartz)
✨ One for joy (I use orange calcite)
✨One to soothe a restless soul (I use amethyst)
Really meditate on bringing these energies into your life while the candle burns down. Think of them as if they are already present.

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can u give me some fcs for twitter rping pls ?

i haven’t been in a twitter rp for like two months buut .. here we go ( also i’m writing this after putting down all of them and there are 170 ppl i hate memeself ). aarika wolf, abbas mourad, abby champion, abel tesfaye, adrianne ho, aj saudin, alanna arrington, alex brooke, alexa marekaalice thomasalicia jiroux, alissa violet, alyx weissamandla stenberg, amy phamanastasia karanikolaou, angel hazeálvaro mel, amanda arcuri, andre schieblerannemarie morin, ansuya, asami zdrenka, ashley mooreaudreyana michelle, barbara palvinbella oelmann, any of the blackpink girlsblake stevenbrayden bradshawbri nicole, britney vargas, bryana holly, cailin russo, cameron fullercamila low, camila morrone, cammie scott, camille hurel, carmella rose, ceilidh joychantel jeffries, charlotte d’alessio, charlotte mckee, christina nadin, christine burke, cindy kimberlycleo lazuli, cody christian, coryanne roberts, courtney eaton, daya, delilah belle hamlindeni el’ abdel, diana silversdiego barrueco, dilara özcandon benjamin, dua lipa, dysn, eduard torres, eiza gonzálezelizabeth jane bishop, elizabeth wheeland, elliot fletcheremily ratajkowski, fady elsayedflamur ukshini, flo, francisco lachowski, gina lorena, goody grace, henrik holm, herizen guardiolaherman tømmeraasimaan hammam, iman meskiniines silva, isabella fioriisabella peschardtivana santacruzjamie dee, jaxon howden, jessica clements, im jinahjinjoo lee, joan smalls, joanna mariejoanna simon, josefine frida pettersenjosie cansecojosh heuston, jujujulia kellykailum bolton, kelly gale, kelsey calemine, kian lawley, kiana ledé, kiera pleasekoleen diaz, lauko farhad, lauren jauregui, liana liberatolindsay michaelaliza soberano, lyzy adler, madeleine rose, madeline junomadison beer, magdalena zalejska, maggie duran, maggie lindemann, maia mitchellmanu rios, mark fischbachmarymaya sophie segerlundmegan irwinmelvninmimi elashiry, ming xi, moe adams, monicamurat şimşek, neelam gill, neels visser, nisrina sbia, normani kordei, nyané lebajoanyla lueeth, ola wiska, orion carloto, paulina singerpia mia perez, reece kingremi baker, rihanna, ryan potter, sahar luna, sandra donner, santiago segura, sarah rose, scarlett leithold, seryna veng, shamirshannon bubb, shereen cutkelvinsherlina nymsonia ben ammar, stephanie rose bertram, steven kelly, stevie boebitatiana dietemanteresa omanthalia crawfordtinashe, toni mahfudtroye sivanvanessa martinez, vanessa moe, val mercado, wes tucker, xavier serranoyanis serbout, youssef sawmah, zara larsson.

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Hey hey, HC about Florist!RFA+V+Saeran who fell in love with MC, their daily customer, and the gang will send her flowers to her workplace without telling her who send it?? And after 7 days, they will personally give her a big boquet and confess to her???

This request is taking a lot of time, so I’m dividing this into two parts.

You might be confused, but I used a combination of the Western and Japanese flower language meanings.

I changed the situation a bit, but I hope you like it!


Florist AU : Part 1

You always had a reason to buy flowers. Had a bad day at work? Buy flowers. Your crush noticed you? Buy flowers. Your elder brother was coming over for a visit? Buy flowers.

No matter how impractical it was on your budget, you insisted on getting them daily without fail.

The habit had first originated from your mother months before she passed away, and because you were so close, you decided to continue it to remember her by.

It also helped that the florists who ran the shop were all good looking, and people flocked to their shop on a daily basis. You always tried to steal secret glances while they worked, expertly arranging the flowers to form the perfect bouquet.

But were you really the only one who harbored a secret crush?

You found flowers on your gate one day, and upon looking at the card, you find the name of the flower and the message that it was supposed to send, but no indication as to who sent it; the only clue being the fact that it came from the same flower shop you frequented.

You find another flower the next day, with a promise of completing the message and meeting them on the seventh day. You were curious as to who it was, but you didn’t want to spoil the fun, so you eagerly waited for them, counting down until you could finally meet your secret admirer.

But who could it be?

The suspects :

Jihyun Kim / V
  • The florist who’s never without a smile.
  • Gentle, but there are times when his clumsiness shows.
  • Was happily married for a while, but his wife mysteriously disappeared.
  • Middle aged ladies love him, but he’s also popular with high schoolers.
  • But what’s strange is, delinquents hold him in a high regard for some reason?
What he would send you :
  • Yellow geranium : unexpected meeting
  • Scabiosa : I have lost everything
  • Ludovestian, Pink Rose : seeing you / happiness
  • Purple Lilac : budding of love
  • Pink Moth Orchid : I love you
  • Yellow Rose : declining love
  • Cactus flower, White Rose : patience / I am worthy of you
The message :

I met you unexpectedly When I lost everything. Seeing you makes me happy, And I find myself falling for you. I love you, But I cannot accept your love. Please wait for me until I deem myself worthy of you.

Jumin Han
  • The snobbish florist
  • He’s nice, but always all-business when it comes to interacting with customers.
  • Single office ladies pine for him.
  • You could see him unconsciously smile when grannies carrying their cats come by.
  • Is actually the son of a chaebol, but he prefers to hang out and help in the shop on his down time.
  • His upbringing shows whenever the topic of commoner-ish topics pop up.
What he would send you :
  • Carnation : I am fascinated with you
  • Petunia : Your presence soothes me
  • Bougainvilla : only you can see
  • Tritoma : My chest hurts when I see you
  • Purple Violet : You occupy my thoughts
  • Red Tulip : declaration of love
  • Four-leaf clover : be mine
The message :

I am fascinated with you. Your presence soothes me Since only you can see the real me. My chest hurts when I see you, And I think of you all the time. I think I’m in love with you. Please be mine.

ZEN / Hyun Ryu
  • The flirty florist™
  • Part-timer, works as a budding model and actor
  • Often gets into fights with Jumin
  • Was a former delinquent, but V took him in his care and helped him turn a new leaf over
  • See those screaming teenage girls from afar? Those’re his groupies.
  • The scary uncle from the bakeshop next door likes him so much that he randomly gets bread and pastries during closing time.
What he would send you :
  • Gladiolus : Love at first sight
  • Fringed Orchid : I think about you even in a dream
  • Margaret : trust
  • Pink tulip : sincere love
  • White Clover : promise
  • Sunflower : I will only look at you
  • Dogwood flower : Please accept my feelings
The message :

I fell in love at first sight with you So much that I see you even in my dreams. Believe me, my love is true. I promise to only look at you, If only you’d accept my feelings.

707 / Saeyoung Choi
  • The florist who loves to good naturedly joke around with customers
  • Extremely jolly But he’s awfully concentrated when he works on orders.
  • One of the workers in charge of complicated arrangements.
  • As in nobody could distract him from it whenever he enters the zone™
  • The neighborhood kids follow him around, calling him “big brother“
  • Has a set nickname for you and pops up in the most unexpected of places
What he would send you :
  • Lupine : You are my peace
  • Pink Rose : Gratitude
  • Yellow Statice : Joy of love
  • Yellow Pansy : Amazing Happiness
  • Sacred Bamboo : My love just increases
  • Anthurium : Happiness, abundance
  • Red Tulip : Eternal Love
The message :

You give me peace. Thank you for introducing me to the joys of love. You make me extremely happy, That my love for you increases day by day, To the point of bursting. My love for you is eternal.

Hidden namjin element in the boy meets evil + WINGS concept?

Theory time!

Thanks to the new teaser pictures, I have gotten 4 hours of sleep last night writing a colored tears and yoonminkook theory. Now, I’m gonna share with you a namjin thing I noticed.

First things first, the above photograph is so pretty, right? And in Singlish (I’m Singaporean), we call those ice creams atas, which means high class. Prop or not, an ice cream that has flowers in it like that kailijumei lipstick is cool.

Then I (not so calmly) moved on to Jin’s picture, and I noticed one obvious thing: his ice cream is the same type as Namjoon’s.

That was when I questioned: Why give Jin the same ice cream when Taehyung should be the one twinning with Namjoon? Instead, Taehyung has a different ice cream.

We all know, and Bighit has put it across very clearly in INU, Run and Boy meets evil films that taejoon are linked in a way that hasn’t been explained why. It makes more sense for Tae to twin with Nams in this case, so why Jin?

With this, the scientific researcher for Kpop in me began on a hunt. It soon dawned on me that namjin is more prominent than it appears to be. Let’s start with Namjoon’s song in the Boy meets evil album, Reflection.

A part goes like this: I wish I could love myself.

Reflection in the water, Jin kissing his reflection. I wish I could love myself.

Now, Reflection is a lovely song and I do not wish to overly read into the lyrics but don’t you think that a namjin link explains Jin’s seeming obsession of himself? Jin also kissed the statue in BS&T and I can gurantee you that the statue is a symbolism of him, judging from all his skin cracking scenes.

That’s a total of two times he’s kissed himself. There was also a scene in his film showing him opening the curtains, only to see a reflection of himself. This means that all he is able to see in the outside world is himself. I think that Jin’s character in the script isn’t able to truly accept himself, thus resorting to physical touches to change that. Obviously that doesn’t work.

Reflection and Jin’s reflection of himself. I wouldn’t have noticed the parallels if not for the new teaser pictures. This brings me back to the ice creams and Tae.

If you look closely, you’ll notice flowers in all three of their ice creams. Pretty peculiar choices for flavour if you ask me. This is the white one Tae has:

A close up on Joon’s one:

And holy fuck do you see that yellow rose along with the same small white flowers in Tae’s ice cream? It’s a very beautful piece of ice cream/art but yellow roses symbolise joy and friendship, which makes me assume that namjin have a platonic relationship if they aren’t alter egos of each other (namjin shippers you’re welcome to think otherwise).

Do you guys also remember Jin owning lilies in pretty much everywhere except BS&T? I’m thinking that flowers also represents him and the fact that all three ice creams have flowers means that the three of them are linked.

I also propose that Tae is Jin’s inner demon given that the statue Jin kissed has Tae’s wings and the statue is Jin. It’s a way to show Jin embracing his inner demon. Perhaps Tae has led Jin astray, covering his eyes whatnot, making Jin unable to connect with himself.

I’m putting my money on a hypothesis that something happened between Tae and Joon and it made him ‘become a demon’. Also, his abusive childhood experiences could have contributed. As a result, he is seeking revenge on others (Jin).

Again, this is only my theory and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

All in all, what do you think of this?


the yoonminkook theory I was talking about and wrote

Today Will be a Good Day Bath Spell

A morning bath spell to bring on a good positive day.

You will Need:

  • Lavender (happiness)
  • Rose Petals (happiness, joy)
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil (happiness, empowerment, positivity)
  • Rosemary (energy, positivity, self love, happiness)
  • Rose Quartz (happiness, self love, general positivity)
  • Clear Quartz (increasing energy)
  • Tiger’s Eye (peace of mind)
  • Lavender Incense
  • Sachet or coffee filters (with string or rubber band to tie)


  • fill your sachet(s) with your lavender, rosemary and rose petals. If you do not have a sachet that works in a bath coffee filters work just as good
  • Begin filling your bath with warm water and place your herbs into it in their bag
  • Drop a few drops of sweet orange essential oil into bath, not too much.
  • Along the rim place your rose quartz, clear quartz, and tiger’s eye
  • light your lavender incense and get into the bath
  • While in the bath visualize all of the negativity in and on you fading away like steam as the water glows with a soft light and mixes around you, so you too are glowing. Breath in and out slowly and let your body relax, meditate if possible.
  • “Today will be a good day, today will be a nice day.” repeat this three times then return to visualization.
  • Once you are ready to get out: “Let today begin.” 

Notes: this spell is to be done in the morning before the day has really started. If you cannot access a bath you can soak the bag of herbs in a large basin of water and use it to wash your face. Or if you have a shower, tie your coffee filter to the head of the shower.


“God, I’ve been so fortunate. Because [‘Thrones’ and ‘Downton’] were hits and so universally loved that I’ve only ever been on the receiving end of pure joy, when people are expressing the pleasure they derive from something like ‘Thrones’ or ‘Downton Abbey.’ You’re so energized by the story lines and by the worlds that you know that it’s real escapism for some of the fans. And, that’s an incredible, extraordinary feeling — to know you’re a part of something that gives people joy.”


             from the Victorian Fairy Companion

Anise   /   Dreams

Beech Tree   /   Prosperity

Belladonna   /   Silence

Birch   /   Renewal & Purification

Blackthorn   /   “I bring difficulty”

Bluebell   /   Enchantment

Bridal Roses   /   Happy Love

Celandine   /   Joys to Come

Eglantine   /   Poetry

Enchanter’s Nightshade   /   Sorcery

Fennel   /   Strength

Forget-me-not   /   True Love

Hawthorn   /   Hope

Hazel   /   Wisdom

Holly   /   Immortality, Rebith, Foresight

Honeysuckle   /   “The color of my fate”

Larkspur   /   Lightness, Levity

Lily of the Valley   /   A Return to Happiness

Mistletoe   /   “I surmount difficulties”

Moonflower   /   “I dream only of love”

Musk Rose   /   Capricious Beauty

Myrtle   /   Abiding Love

Oak   /   Stablitiy, Wisdom

Opium Poppy   /   “Sleep is my bane”

Oxlips   /   Pensiveness

Pansy   /   Thoughts

Pear Tree   /   Affection, Comfort

Primrose   /   Youth

Fairy Fire   /   Temptation

Red Clover   /   Industry

Rowan   /   Protection

Rudbeckia   /   Justice

Rue   /   Disdain

Spearmint   /   Virtue

Sunflower   /   Adoration

Sweet Violet   /   Modesty

Violet   /   Faithfulness

Water Lily   /   Purity of Heart

Wheat   /   Riches

Wild Daisy   /   “I will think of it”

Wild Plum   /   Independence

Wild Rose   /   Ambassador of Love

Wild Thyme   /   Activity

Willow   /   Mourning

Woodbine   /   Loving Friendship

Wormwood   /   Bitterness

Photo is mine, please do not claim as your own or remove the caption! All information is copied from the Victorian Fairy Companion by Lunaea Weatherstone!

the thing that really gets me about pearl, on top of EVERYTHING ELSE, is that she’s not allowed by the narrative to be happy. she’s stuck and can’t move on.

her sexuality never makes her do GOOD things. it makes her mistreat steven and resent him. it makes her manipulate garnet and others. it makes her emotionally abuse connie. it makes her cruel to greg. it makes her bitter, and sad, and angry, and manipulative.

i’d say there’s one instance - ONE - of pearl having a positive reaction to her feelings for rose and that’s when she says that “rose made me feel like i was everything”… but at no other point are her feelings positive in the narrative. they are always twisted up with bitterness and anger and sadness. even in we need to talk! even in story for steven! even when rose was ALIVE!

and the episode that’s meant to be her “moving on”? yeah, she goes for someone who looks exactly like rose.

pearl wouldn’t be half as obnoxious if a) her love and sexuality made her do MUCH more good than they do bad, and if b) she was allowed to develop as a character beyond “sad salty lesbian”. the narrative just… doesn’t let her move on, or be happy about her love for rose, or anything!

like… give me a flashback episode of them falling in love and being HAPPY. give me a sworn to the sword where pearl doesn’t take her feelings of only being good for her love interest out on connie. give me a week of sardonyx where pearl doesn’t manipulate garnet into being affectionate with her. give me a pearl who speaks about rose with true joy, not just in bitter tears. give me a pearl who chooses to work to love steven even if it’s hard because he mattered to rose - and then who comes to love him as his own being, separate from his mother.

give me ONE INSTANCE of pearl being a HAPPY GAY. maybe do that for the other characters as well, amethyst i’m looking at you, but PLEASE. GOD. let pearl be happy about her sexuality!!!

Florist!AU (Park Jihoon)

-Growing up Jihoon was always surrounded by flowers

-His mom used to garden a lot

-He was always out in the back watching his mom plant and grow different things

-So needless to say he knew a lot about flowers and plants

-Other people might have said it was girly but Jihoon truly enjoyed it

-When he got older his parents decided to open up a flower shop

-Jihoon obviously worked there but he enjoyed it

-He had even hoped that he could take over the business one day

-Almost everyday after school he would head over to the shop, do his homework, then do whatever his mom needed him to do

-One day on a Saturday his parents asked if he could watch the shop while they went to run errands

-Jihoon said yes he could because he wanted to show them he was responsible enough

-He’s so cute oml

-As Jihoon went to the back for a second to get a book from his backpack he heard a ding from the bell that hung above the door to let him know when someone walks in

-”Hello, welcome” he greeted as he walked back up to the counter, with his book in hand

-You walked in and greeted him back with a smile


-Was there a lavender rose nearby or something???

-(A lavender rose means love at first sight)

-”C-can i help you?”

-he managed to spit out

-”Yeah, my sister is-”

-You froze as you looked up at him

-The boy was so cute

-You let an awkward cough then continued

-”My sister is getting married and they sent me down here to look at flowers”

-You avoided eye contact with him

-Jihoon knew exactly what flowers would be good for a wedding but he didn’t want you to leave yet

-He walked from around the counter

-”Want to take a look around and I’ll help you decided?” he suggested

-You nodded your head and he motioned for you to follow him

-”When’s the wedding?”

-Jihoon asked wanting to hear your voice again

-You told him when it was and how the venue looked liked to help him get an idea

-”My name is Jihoon by the way” he introduced himself

-”I’m (Y/N)”

-Jihoon’s heart fluttered, it was a pretty name

-”This is a really beautiful shop” you complimented

-”It’s actually my parents but they stepped out for a while”

-As much as Jihoon wanted to say something cheesy like “Not as beautiful as you” he couldn’t flirt even if he tried

-But what was the one thing he did know a lot about?!!


-So why not try to combine flirting with flowers

-He stopped in front of a flower:

-“You know,this flower is an Amaryllis and it symbolizes of splendid beauty”

-Now it was your heart’s turn to flutter, you looked down with a blush on your face

-Jihoon smiled at his success of making you blush

-”So what type of flowers does she want?”

-”I think she wanted roses”

-Jihoon led you towards the section of the store with the roses

-”Most people think roses symbolize love but in fact there isn’t an actual rose color that does mean love. A red tulip however means declaration of love”

-He proudly showed off his knowledge

-”Did you remember that straight out of the book?” you joked

-In reality you were very surprised at the information you just found out

-Jihoon smiled sheepishly

-”But if she does want roses a yellow rose means joy, friendship, and the promise of a new beginning”

-’This boy is amazing in every way!!!!’ you thought to yourself

-Instead you said:

-”I think it’s cool that you know so much about flowers”

-Jihoon shrugged

-”I just grew up with them” he said as he picked up some flower petals from the ground

-The last flower he showed you was a Hydrangea “That symbolizes heartfelt emotions”

-As you were about to leave Jihoon asked you to wait

-He quickly ran to the counter and picked up a single dark red rose

-He also found a sticky note to write down his phone number

-Jihoon wrapped the sticky not around the rose’s stem

-He walked back up to you shyly and stuck out his hand for you to take

-“What does this flower mean?” you asked as you took it

-“Unconscious beauty” he quickly said as his face turned a bright shade of red


-As you bid goodbye to him, Jihoon waited for a text message from you all day

-He already had an idea of where he wanted to take you

-A botanic garden

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Zelda’s Log #1: The Green Light

A/N: Lorde’s new single Green Light insprired me not only for this particular piece, but also for the whole concept of this story, which is basically about having a fresh start, feeling hope and moving on from the past.

I was going to post this during the Easter weekend, but I think it’s better to post it now as a thank you gift for the 300 followers milestone. 

Happy reading!


Dawn. She always gets up at dawn. Or even before it, as if the hundred years containing the Calamity had been more than enough slumber for her.

Zelda is trying to absorb all: landscapes, names of plants and living beings, their characteristics and properties, rare natural phenomena, and types of stones.

Taking advantage of the freedom she has gained, she has dived head on into the vast sea of knowledge at her feet.

Ever since she heard about it from a traveler at the gate of Hateno Village, her efforts have been focused in seeing a phenomenon called green light, which occurs in a moment between the darkest hour of night and the very first light of the day. It can occur at dusk too.

It is said it is a sign of good omens, and brings good fortune to whoever sees it.

Some other people say you can ask for a wish, and it will surely come true.

4:45 a.m., clear skies. Last quarter of the fifth moon.

Already sitting on the hill, waiting for the sunrise. Atmospheric conditions are excellent at the moment. According to my observations, the sunrise should occur in about 30 to 45 minutes.

‘You’re not going to see it today’, a raspy, familiar voice said, throwing a blanket over her shoulders.

‘Link’. Her eyes followed him as he sat on the grass next to her.

'It’s too clear’, he pointed out, trying to contain a yawn, ‘and it’s not cold enough’.

'Not cold enough?’, she repeated, not believing his words. 'My hands are a little numb, for your information’.

As a man of few words, he just shrugged, and remained silently to her side.

5:36 a.m.

Link informed me that according to his experience, the existing weather conditions do not meet the criteria to produce the green light.

Despite my opposition to his affirmation, he was right.

Zelda spent the rest of the morning certainly frustrated, for she had been trying every morning and evening for days, without results.

After lunch, she went outside to water the planters with Silent Princess seedlings - to her surprise, she started succeeding at growing them. This sort of domesticity suited them just as it did to her.

The clopping and whinny of horses nearby made her turn to see who it was.

Epona and Storm were being carried by Link, who looked pretty much ready to go adventuring.

'Get ready quick, please’, he requested, trying his best not to sound imposing, 'we need to arrive near Lurlin Village before sunset if we want to find a good spot to see the sunrise’.

Zelda’s answer to his instructions was a beaming smile, and a rushed stride to the house to pick her current most important belongings: her Sheikah slate and her log.

After their arrival, Link looked for a good spot to set camp and watch the sunrise. Once they settled, Zelda observed the wildlife while Link grabbed some​ fish and shellfish for dinner.

8:55 p.m.

Link and I settled camp on the beach to see the sunrise. I have to urge him to write a cookbook, or at least I could record the recipes for him. I could roll down the beach from all the food I’ve eaten, and not only today. Every day is a feast for him.

'Why do you want to see that so much?’, he asked her, while he poked the fire.

'It is mainly curiosity’, she confessed, resting her head on his shoulder, 'I’ve never seen anything like that!’

Link was not convinced by her answer. There was an underlying motivation for her to be so intrigued by something he saw more than once on his journey, which was, in fact, a mirage. Nothing else, nothing more.

Zelda dozed off, still resting by his side. Soon, the warmth from the fire, and her very own, dragged him to sleep too.

His eyes shot open quite some time later, realizing he had let his guard down. And Zelda was not at his side. It was about to be daybreak.

His eyes scanned the surroundings, and suddenly found her silhouette, walking barefoot down the beach, the small waves covering her feet. She was lost in her own thoughts: the true image of a Silent Princess.

He approached her discreetly, but keeping a distance,to avoid startling her - he loved these moments of introspection of hers, for her silence gave away so much more than she showed.

‘You found me’, she noticed, not turning to him, eyes fixated on the first rays of sunlight, ‘A long time ago I would have been so pissed off… Now I couldn’t get any happier that you did’.

He chuckled, remembering the images in his head from those times.

Suddenly, the sky went from a hazy blue to a bright pale green. The horizon was dyed in the same hues, making a rim around the rising sun. The sea reflected the light, turning the beach in a surreal landscape. Zelda audibly gasped in awe.

‘It’s happening’, she gleefully murmured.

She immediately changed her demeanor, as remembering something, and closed her eyes and joined her hands, putting herself in a very solemn mood. Link had only seen her like that during her trials.

Zelda opened her eyes as the green light faded into a golden flash of sunlight.

‘So what did you ask for?’, he asked her, coming closer.

‘You never bought it, didn’t you?’, she looked at him, kicking the water.

He just shook his head.

‘I wished for many things: closure, forgiveness, for the energy and patience that requires to rebuild a kingdom’ - she sighed - ‘and for you, to remember all your life before the Calamity. Your life is as in ruins as mine’.

Link gave her a timid smile.

‘I have a incomplete idea of who I was’, he recognized, ‘but I have someone who remembers me, and that’s all I need’ - he held her hand - ‘as long as I have you, everything will be alright’.

She held him tight at these words. Their embrace was warmer as the sun rose, bringing joy to her heart.

6:05 a.m. First day of waning crescent.

I saw the green light. It is amazing indeed, but it clearly depends on the position of the viewer. I still made my wish though. For although it may be a mirage, it is certainly magical.

We plan on returning home quickly, have some rest and then set course to Zora’s Domain. I think it must be our first destination. It has been on my head for several days.