Pittsburgh-based candy maker Janet Best of Sugar Bakers Bakery creates exquisite lollipops that combine the beauty of a flower garden with the sweetness of gourmet candy.

Best jokes, “It looks as though I’ll be growing lollipops this year!”

Each of these delectable Flower Lollipops contains a whole edible flower or flowers, such as a violas, daisies, lavender, roses, pansies, or bachelor’s buttons. Best prides herself on using high quality, natural ingredients, including a wide variety of flavorings, and only flowers grown indoors, so as to avoid insects and toxins.

These lovely flower lollies and many other creative sweets are available via the Sugar Bakers Bakery on Etsy.

[via My Modern Met]

After seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the Third Time. . .

After seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for the third time, I realized several (Okay, more than several.) Things about Mr. Newt Scamander.


• He’s legitimately like a father to all of his creatures, and treats his as though they are his own children, and possibly more.

• He had to wipe his face after giving Pickett to Gnarlack, because he was crying over giving one of his best friends / children over to a man who would probably lock him away in a cage.

• When Tina and Newt were being sentenced to death, Newt immediately said that Tine had done nothing wrong, showing how much he cared about humans, especially Tina, as well.

• He didn’t go for the sexy, well-dressed, makeup-clad man magnet, but instead went for the said ‘career girl’ who always shows up when she’s least wanted.

• I think the saddest thing I’ve ever heard in my life is Newt screaming, “Please! Don’t hurt my creatures! They’re not dangerous! They’re not dangerous!”

• He cared for the Obscurial, even though people thought they were insane monsters.

• He picks at his fingers when he’s nervous, or anxious.

• He literally just wanted to go to America, free Frank, and maybe have a little vacation while he was at it. That’s it.

• He appears to be in a constant state of comfusion; blinking, staring, stuttering, and generally getting himself into trouble.

• Held up an entire boat full of people just so that he could say a proper goodbye to Tina.

• Literally never interacts with Queenie the entire movie, except for talking about ANOTHER girl. Dang, boy, resist game strong.

• Kept an illegal No-Maj around because he liked him, and wanted a friend.

• Literally lives in a suitcase.

• Has seriously only had about four friends in his entire life, which is just sad.

• Is the little brother of a famous war hero, yet chooses to run around the world to help magical creatures.

• Despite all of his klutziness, he defeated one of the most terrifying dark wizards of all time, Gellert Grindelwald.