A Blind Path Home, part 10

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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a little slice of heaven

Summary: Rose stumbles upon a bakery one morning when she’s out far too early for her liking. (Ten/Rose bakery AU)

Word Count: 705 words || Rating: All Ages

Notes: for the absolutely amazing @boobiedook who i love immensely and was in need of some fluff. hopefully this tooth-rottingly sweet thing has magical healing powers ♥


Rose stumbled into the shop still half asleep, lured in by the smell of cinnamon and vanilla and what she thought just might be heaven. A little bell above the blue door announced her arrival and she stopped in her tracks once she was inside. It was a warm bakery, bigger than she had expected from the storefront and suffused with soft gold light that lit up the treats stacked in glass cases around the room.

“Oh, hello! No one usually wanders in this early.”

Rose looked up to find a tall, lanky man walking out of the back room with a tray filled with mini loaves of some sort of bread in his hands. His brown hair was sticking up in every direction and there was a streak of flour highlighting one cheekbone.

“I didn’t even check to see if you were open, just kinda walked in,” Rose said, walking towards the counter, drawn in by the baker’s bright smile and twinkling chocolate-colored eyes.

“Ah, well there aren’t actually hours posted. I just unlock the door when I get here and close up when I’ve sold out or am ready to go.” He set the tray down and stuck his hands in the pockets of his brown pinstriped apron, still grinning like a loon. “I’m the Doctor, by the way.”

“Rose,” she answered, not able to resist smiling back. She could see the spray of freckles across his nose now that she was closer. It almost looked like he’d been dusted with cinnamon in addition to the wayward streak of flour.

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What The Overwatch Characters Smell Like.

I know this is probly a bit obscure, but I was talking about it with a friend and this is what we agreed on what the characters smell like.

Edit because of Sombra and Orisa:

Lucio- he probably smells like bananas or somethin fruity. A good smel

Reinhardt- Smells like roses, probably a bakery or some little old lady perfume. He smells nice. Like your favorite grampa

Zarya- probly smells either like bubble gums or that cheap generic floor cleaner that’s a bit too strong.

Genji- doesn’t really smell like anything. Probably a nice light cologne tho

McCree- okay, you know those little tourist attractions that are modeled like the old timey cowboy towns?? Like Bonnie Springs? Yeah he smells like that. In short he smells like those cheap rose scented bar soaps and whiskey and horse poop.

Pharah- smells just like home after a nice cooked meal

Reaper- smells like Fabuloso and the Mexican rose candles mixed with decaying flesh.

Soldier 76- smells like Freedom and corn dogs.

Ana- same as Reinhardt, she’s the little old lady perfume. Also smells like fresh baked cookies and soap.

Mercy- smells like antibiotics and heavy iron.

Zenyatta- a nice incense. He smells calm uvu

Roadhog- smells like dirt and heavy sweat mixed with oil.

Junkrat- smells like heavy sulfur and sewer. He’s a dirty little man.

Hanzo- even though he’s my favorite shimada, I gotta be honest with myself.
He smells like armpits and farts.

Mei- antifreeze.

Torbjorn- smells like an autoshop mixed with oil and fig newtons.

Widowmaker- also probably smells like farts.

Tracer- smells like biscuits and failure. Also known as not freedom and not corn dogs.

Symmetra- smells like some expensive perfume that would take me years to pay off. She’s too good. smells super dirty. A mixture of probably sweat and armpit with Dorito dust and sticky old Mountain Dew.

Winston- smells like peanut butter at the zoo.

Bastion- smells like a friend.

Sombra- smells like one of those generic Mexican metro pcs stores. The ones that are no longer actually metro pcs but they sell like phone cases and they fix your phone for you.

Orisa- smells like a bouncy house and multiple traffic cone plastics. Maybe tarp idek she smells like tarp there you go. Her shield and boost smell like berries.

Something Sweet

Chapter 1

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: swearing, food 

Prompt: Bakery AU

It was one of those days that you read about. The sky was bright and blue with the sun hanging obediently overhead, and not a cloud dared to pass in front of it. A stiff breeze blew through the city, but not so heavy to be a nuisance. Just light enough to blow your hair around and make the street signs flap, advertising all the local businesses to the wind.

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love notes

my saturday was busier than planned so it took me awhile to get my thoughts for this together. sorry if it’s really jumbled! @panda013 i hope you like it. :)

Marinette suddenly regretted telling Adrien she liked the note he put on her bag last week. As soon as she walked into the classroom and got a glimpse of her desk, she so wished she could take it back. That adorable idiot.

A full layer of green sticky notes decorated her side of the table, and when she got closer, she saw that each one had a small heart drawn on it. Wait—the middle one had a note.

You’re meow-verlous. Have a good day, Princess.

She covered her face and did a little scream into her hands. Their class would tease her mercilessly if they saw that! And with that thought, Marinette quickly started to pull off the sticky notes. Adrien would be absent today because of a photoshoot, which was probably why he pulled this stunt—she would have punched him the moment he walked through the door. (Softly and maybe with a kiss to follow-up but anger first dammit this was embarrassing.)

How had he even managed to do this? She tucked the note into her sketchbook and crumpled up the rest of them. When she looked up and saw two heads peeking in, Marinette realized exactly who had helped him.

“Nino! Alya!” She lifted up the hand that held the crumpled paper.

“Abort, abort!” Nino yelped and they both did a mad dash for the stairs, the paper wad just barely missing its target.

Before she knew it, Adrien had everyone in on it. Rose came into the bakery one weekend and pulled Marinette in for a hug. It wasn’t an usual greeting, so Marinette laughed and hugged her back. It was only after she left that Mama pointed out a note on her back.

During a group project meet-up she came back from the bathroom to find a note on her textbook. The mystery of why Mylene had been so giggly and secretive was solved.

Kim slapped one on her forehead as he jogged past. Juleka hid one in a book Marinette borrowed. Ivan simply came up to her before class and handed it to her.

It never seemed to end, and it always happened when Adrien wasn’t there to face her embarrassed wrath.

“He enjoys teasing me too much,” Marinette grumbled after Alix gave her a high-five and she suddenly had a note stuck to her hand. It had a puffy, lopsided bird draw on it.

I can’t tweet to see you in my dreams.

That one earned a nice head to the table smack. “He’s such a dorkkk,” Marinette whined.

Alya chuckled and patted her on the head. “But he’s your dork.”

Marinette sighed. That deformed bird was the cutest thing ever. “Yeah, he is.”

Bright, yellow cat-shaped sticky notes were saved especially for the Dupain-Cheng home, and they were everywhere. Her parents didn’t seem to mind at all and called her over if they found one before she did. The day she found one under the bottom of the kitchen chair there happened to be an akuma attack just fifteen minutes after. So it was on her mind a lot more than it should have, and she found herself teasing him as they hid behind a car.

“You kinda suck at drawing bees,” she whispered, shifting closer. Chat’s face was slack in confusion, trying to follow her, and then he grinned.

“You found the kitchen chair note.”

“I did and I have to say it’s one of your weaker ones,” she said and poked his nose. “Bees knees is so cliché.”

He winked. “Can’t be perfect all the time, bugaboo.”

“No, but you could lay off the teasing once in awhile. You’ve definitely won whatever game you’re playing, silly kitty.” She winked in return, but he seemed to deflate at her words.

“Game? But I—“ There was a crash behind them and they jumped up.

“We’ll talk after,” Marinette yelled and sprinted towards the akuma.

He was quiet throughout the rest of the fight, which made Ladybug panic a little, and she might have been a tad too aggressive in her attacks. But eventually the akuma was purified, their miraculous were running out, and Chat Noir was pouting in an alley.

“Adrien. What did I say wrong?”

Ladybug hovered just far enough away that she wouldn’t invade his space, but she feared moving back anymore would give him an opening to escape.

“Can we go to the bakery?”

There was a flash of green light, and Adrien held out his hand. Marinette followed his lead and let Tikki out of the earrings. They walked in silence the entire way, and he looked back at her for the first time as they climbed the stairs to her room. Her hand was sweaty, but he refused to let go. Adrien pulled her over to the desk and they sat in her chairs, facing each other. Tikki and Plagg zipped out of their hiding places and disappeared in the direction of her loft.

“When do you get the notes?” Adrien said, playing with the pads of her fingers.

“Um, at school? When I find them at home?”

“Okay, well when you get them at school. Where am I?”

She huffed. “Never there.”

Her hand was lifted to his lips, where he pressed a light kiss on her knuckle. “I’ve been busy a lot this month, so I thought they’d be a nice reminder that I, uh, that I’m always thinking about you. That I love you.” He peeked up at her. “I can stop if you don’t like it.”

“No!” she cried and winced at her own loud voice. “No, I…it can be embarrassing but it’s sweet and I like knowing you do so much just for some little notes. For me.” She fidgeted in her chair for a moment before using her free hand to yank open the drawer between them. “Here.”

Adrien looked confused at her move, but scooted closer to look. The grin that split across his face made her huddle in her chair, taking back her hand. She burrowed her face into her knees.

“You like them,” he crooned. “Do you look at them every day? Do you want me to get them laminated? Put on some posters?”

“Adrien,” she whined and flung out a hand, hoping to hit him. He caught it and pressed another kiss to her knuckle. The kisses continued up her arm.


Adrien brushed his lips over the top of her head, and she looked up. Moving closer, he kissed her cheek and gave her chin the same treatment. Her fingers clenched the lapels of his jacket, drawing him in. But before she could kiss him, show him just how much she did appreciate his sweet notes even if they made her blush like no other, he placed something over her mouth. She jerked back as Adrien laughed, jumping out of his seat.

Ripping off the sticky note, she turned it over to see a badly drawn Chat Noir, winking.

“How did you even do that?” she cried and threw it at his face. Adrien puckered his lips and blew a kiss as she tackled him to the floor.

Something Sweet

Chapter 2

(Chapter 1)

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: swearing, food mention

It was cold, but not uncomfortable yet, more like the kind of cold that makes you want a soft scarf around your neck and something hot in your hands. It was precisely the kind of cold that made Natalie sell hot chocolate at an alarmingly fast rate. The kettle never cooled so it was no wonder she burnt herself. It was bound to happen among all the bustle of single-handedly running the bakery, but following her mother’s echoing advice, she ran water over her hand until the sting faded and bandaged it. Then she went back to work.

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kelsey’s valentine’s day fic masterlist

Thank you all for sending in prompts and I hope you enjoyed the large quantities of ficlets that came out of this lovely holiday celebration! If you’d like to visit the tag where all the fics live, it’s here. ♥

Total count: 30 ficlets (15 SFW and 15 NSFW)



Something Sweet

Chapter 3

(Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Pairing: Natan

Word Count: 2200

Warnings: swearing, food mention

Pumpkin pie filled the shelves of Natalie’s bakery, ushering in the urgency of the approaching Thanksgiving Day. The coat rack Natalie hung in the corner of the bakery never got a rest this time of year, and colorful coats and scarves belonging to colorful people filled the bakery with warmth. Of course in the bustle of the busy season, people often forgot small things, so next to the coat rack was a lost and found basket, filled with hats, scarves, and single gloves of all sizes that eagerly awaited the return of their match.  

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“I’m just passing these flyers around, it’s from my shop, mine and my mother’s, we just opened up in the North. Little Roses Bakery, you go there and take this flyer and we will give you a box with three cupcakes of your liking for free.”