Rose City Rollers


LK_20160911_2091 by Louis Keiner
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Game 17 of the WFTDA D1 Playoffs in Columbia, SC: Denver vs Rose City

Loren Mutch’s footwork breakdown. 

Note how she transitions: not completely, but until she is able to set her fore toestop down. 

Then she hops on her toe stops just to get out of the initial proximity of the Gotham blocker, only to scooter push around the turn. 

Gotham is quick to recycle, so no time to exhale! She gets low into an aggressive counter blocking stance so that she won’t be easily tipped into turn 2 and out of bounds. 


This video is so SO important for all levels at this sport. 

For me… this is Roller Derby! 

A couple of things are going on here:

The front of the pack has some great footwork to watch for the blockers. Very in control of their speed, despite Bonnie Thunders PUSHING between them. Chopstop. Chopstop. All assisted by the bracing blocker in the front.

The back of the pack shows Licker N Split in a similar situation against the Gotham blockers. The difference is that she attempts to create space between herself and the blockers. Once a blocker commits to a block, it is very hard for them to come back from. Since she is more of an evasive jammer type than an aggressive one, this would be to her advantage.

Also, note that the bracing blocker for the Gotham half of this scenario is not only aware of the jammer, but glances back to make sure that they are not going to cause a No Pack situation. She would need to release some of that braking power to allow the pack to reform. Very good pack awareness, Violet Knockout!


It’s here…

Our Game of the Year!

Rose City v Gotham

Credit goes to WFTDA.TV - You can now see all the archived games from this years Champs! 


Rose City’s offensive strategy is intricate, well executed and difficult to see. It’s why it is so effective. I’ll try to break it down even though I can’t do it justice.

1/ The very beginning of this clip shows two important things, #4 from Gotham (Violet Knockout) coming back in bounds at the apex and two rose blockers (Elicia Nisbet-Smith and Sarah Gaither) knocking a gotham skater out of bounds.

2/ Sarah Gaither begins to bridge the Gotham blocker (Fisher Twice) back while Nisbet-Smith stays to maintain an established pack. At the same time, Griffin escorts Violent Knockout out of bounds and starts to bridge her back. 

3/ Shaina Serelson of Rose City approaches the remaining two wall to get another blocker. 

Here is what is going on and why it is so genius. Rose city is effectively controlling the speed of the pack and pack definition while also limiting Gotham’s ability to form a wall.