JONATHAN CHERRY: What did you want to be growing up?

ROSALINE SHAHNAVAZ: For the vast majority of my childhood, I was certain that I wanted to be the 5th member of ‘No Doubt’. At school I was really into Maths. It was only when I was about fifteen that I really picked up the camera got into photography.

JC: Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?

RS: I generally find picking up the camera inspiring. The more I shoot, the more I want to make.

JC: What are you up to right now?

RS: I have a few projects under the wraps at the moment, and I’m working on a few fashion collaborations which should be coming out in the next few months. I’ve also started teaching photography part time which is going well. It’s great to work with and inspire the future generations of photographers.

JC: Have you had mentors along the way?

RS: I worked closely with Tom Hunter on my graduate work 'Far Near Distance’. The series is a personal documentary about my cousin Sahar in Iran, which comments on the Iranian government and representation of Iranian women. The piece won two awards and was featured on HotShoe International, so I guess we did something right there. He was my tutor at LCC and I was his assistant so we had a good working relationship.

JC: Where are you based right now and how is it shaping you?

RS: I’m still based in my hometown of South London. It works well for me. It’s where my boyfriend, friends, family, uni, work, clients, favourite galleries and everything are based. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love travelling and would maybe like to live elsewhere for a year or so but I’ll always come back home.

JC: One piece of advice to photography graduates?

RS: Keep working and keep shooting.

JC: If all else fails - what is your plan B?

RS: There’s no plan B.

JC: Is it important to you to be a part of a creative community?

RS: Definitely. I miss spending my life in the LCC darkrooms. We had such a good time working together. We’re still all in touch and always supporting each others work.