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Ever After High hasn’t been cancelled, stop spreading those horrible rumors!


Take The Lead In Your Story
↪Epic Winter: Ep. 3 | Ice Castle Quest


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Day 8: On wheels

So like legit I feel like eah missed a MASSIVE opportunity to have Meesh in a wheelchair. Like we have no canon disabled characters rn and I would have died on the spot if meeshell had rolled in on a wheelchair. C’mon Mattel 👏 give 👏 us 👏 the 👏 disabled 👏 princess 👏 we 👏 all 👏 deserve 👏

Ever After High - Once Upon a Twist 3: Rosabella and the Three Bears

Things have gone topsy-turvy at Ever After High! After Faybelle Thorn casts a spell on the midterm hexams, the students find themselves unhexpectedly inside the wrong storybooks!

When Rosabella Beauty and Cedar Wood find themselves in Goldilocks and the Three Bears instead of their own fairytale storybooks, they realize the trouble has only just started. Someone has been blowing down houses-and the whole forest is starting to panic. Now it’s up to Rosabella, Cedar, and the Three Bears to solve the mystery and get this storybook back on script!