Ros' Larry Fanart

Part 1 by me here:

Ros @rosketch @breath-for-fluff drew part 2 here:

And this is part 3! :) Hope you enjoy!

“What do you think, I just  went  down to the local ghost Top Shop?”

as he that sleeps here swim, Where harry is a ghost and louis is drama director. this is interesting, sweet and bitter at the same time. I love it…i love how the story flow and how lonely i feel when i read about Harry. i’m still not into ziam - but fully enjoying how sweet louis is. .

okay, painting is more fun than i expected… gotta do some more :D

“Louis doesn’t know who killed that man. But he’s sure it was happened In the narrow alley when he bumped into that slender, pale and beautiful man.”

Evil eye. where louis is a snappy football player (with glasses), Harry is a serial killer with seducing eye and sexy long leg. and lips, Liam and Niall are detectives who’s in charge on this case and Zayn is Louis’ room mate.

(nah, not really.. just a sketch dump before i go to sleep ahaha :D ).

A Million Roses (Bathed in Rock n’ Roll) by DeLilah

“I’ve just met you,” Louis says, “and I can already tell that you’re an absolute menace.”

au. harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home. they go to coney island in the morning. my current favorite favorite!

so fanfic appreciation is back~ (yay!) and also.. happy birthday Lila :)


PS. i made this as masterpost… start read the comic here :D

chapter 1 : motel 6

“classic tale of Louis’s struggle with a hippie boyfriend, a ginger cat and a lot of wool”

ff appreciation for Sweater paws by hattalove. well, just enjoying some fluff tonight. Loving louis, childish harold and a kitten mitten, and a cuddly sweater. what can be better? :)

“is it fun in hell? if you’re going to go back, take me with you.”


so this is where the curly demon wander around earth look for some dinner. He eats human’s fear and lust. but then meet this boy, with unsual taste of smell (which he falls in love instantly) and a broken soul.


concept sketch of demon!harry and punk!louis. Duh need to add tatoo to lou’s hand! and color thiss!!- yeaah.. i really wanna finish this but my PC is still blacked out *sigh*

“even as young as you are ”

first kid, based on this amazing fic and this. it’s a boy anyway (take his dad’s curly and his papa’s blue eyes… - really i still can’t get over the fic.) ’m using skaikat’s way to color this on SAI anyway, i hope i’m not losing my touch there xD

Not  that  Louis’ ever needed an excuse to manhandle guys like Harry. If there are guys like Harry.”

Fanfic appreciation for Put It All On Me by LoadedGunn where Louis’ a sassy short model, Harry’s a world-renowned fashion photographer (and super sexy model too), Liam’s a director, Niall’s a drunk cameraman (who eats a lot) and Zayn is actually Tyra Banks. No. I can’t even say too many words on this one. It’s short, but perfect. I can read it over and over again and laughing at the same part (uh i’m so weird i know). and the smut scene is also supersexyievenheldmybreathtoolongsometime. so, go read it…this one is in my top 5 list favorite.

Achievement! :D i draw zayn, niall and Liam!! wow. i just hope i can have time to color this later. Oh and credit if you use it ‘kay? :) (oh oh and my commission is still open, check them out if you’re interested hehe)

anonymous asked:

hey babe :) i really don't want to annoy you but could you make a little tutorial on which references you use or maybe post som eof the references you used to one picture? i'm kinda stuck bc i'm trying to make fanart for the first time and they really don't look like themselves :/ i try to use references but it's hard finding the right ones and i hoped you could help me..? :( xx

ok dear anon, i’d go with my favorite work lately (because this one took a lot of refference and i draww all the boy!! *yayachievementforme*  )

i only took the angle and their face-shape. but if you’re gonna make something that is exactly same with the refference like realism art (which looked like a real photo ) or so… errr.. i don’t know how to do that xD oh, and i ussually end up using same refferece for some picture :)

hope this help! good luck :)