RORY if you haven’t gone to bed yet Rory is in fact a irish name it comes from ruarí meaning ‘red king’


Rory Wins, Tiger and Lindsey Break Up, and More

They say we just had the biggest weekend in sports. The Kentucky Derby, Mayweather-Pacquiao, NBA & NHL Playoffs, Baseball, and of course, the World Golf Challenge.

With so much going on, there is a chance you missed a few things. Like, the fact that Rory became the third player in history to win 10 PGA tournaments before 26 years old. Or, that the power couple of Woods-Vonn called it quits. Or that two famous golfers got in a heated fight of their own during the WGC in San Francisco.

Check out the video above - it will fill you in on everything.

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Send me a ✘ for my muse’s reaction to finding yours asleep on their couch.

          Rory walked into his living room and his tea mug stilled against his lips. A sigh crossed his lips as his eyes caught the cracked window in the living room. Mr. Smith had passed out on his couch…again. He’d long since gotten over wondering why and how the eccentric Mr. Smith broke into his apartment and hassled him on the daily. In fact, Rory had become quite fond of the man. He quickly hastened to make two mugs of tea (pouring a bit of milk into his own), before heading to rouse the sleeping man. “Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith, it’s morning time. I’ve made you some tea before you head back to your own flat. Is everything all right, mate?”

Random AU fact

Rory is not just author but she has a job at a club. A fight club to be exact. For someone who tries to be against violence in everyday scenarios, at her work place she’s both one of the bouncers and one of the fighters.
She goes by a different name because she was told it would be easier. Pepper Jones is her alias at work, it’s also a character from one of her books.


S3 E8 “Let the Games Begin” 19 November 2002

The day after the dance-a-thon the girls are having trouble walking to Luke’s. It’s like a supernatural version of jet lag has come into play. Something about being up for twenty-four-hours or…Our girls do not function on wacky sleeping patterns! By the time they get to the diner their half hour for breakfast has come and gone.
When Jess comes downstairs we learn for sure that Jess and Rory are in fact together now – from Lorelai’s mouth to Luke’s ear! Now that the two of them have decided to be together, the awkward has increased times like a billion. They can’t even talk or relax like they used too. By the end of the episode, Jess and Rory manage to meet up without the parentals around. After a short make-out session with Jess, Rory climbs a tree to talk to Dean. She apologizes for treating him so poorly and tells him that she hopes that someday he won’t hate her so much, that she really did love him.

At dinner with Emily and Richard, Richard tells Rory that he’s going to Yale next week to meet up with some of his old friends. Rory doesn’t want to disappoint her grandfather so she agrees. When she tells Lorelai it is clear that she doesn’t want to let Rory get manipulated by Richard.

Their day trip requires more clothes then humanly necessary but starts well enough. Emily and Richard start to tell stories from when they first starting to date. Turns out that Emily was the other woman! Who would have guesses?! Richard is having a great time, sharing his Yale experience with Rory and Lorelai.

The Gilmores are walking through the registrations office and Richard get’s excited…too excited. Richard doesn’t tell Rory that he set up an appointment for Rory with the Dean of Admissions. She reluctantly agrees to meet with the Dean. Lorelai lays into Richard and tells him that he had no right to do this behind their back.  While the interview went seemingly well, Rory was just as pissed off at Richard for his actions. She would have went simply if Richard had asked, but she would have been prepared. The girls cab it home, but at the end of the episode we see each of them looking over the pamphlets for Yale. Rory contemplating what it could mean to live close, her mother, Jess. Lorelai realizing that maybe Yale wouldn’t be so bad, it would mean Rory could come home all the time, maybe even go to school from home.

Luke walks in on Rory and Jess right at their moment of their first official “we are dating” kiss.

Luke: What was going on up here?
Jess: Nothing.

Luke: Nothing? I walk in here and the two of you are like shrapnel.

Jess: Your timing is perfect by the way, next time I’ll hang a sock on the door.

Luke: Hey! There will be no hanging of socks on the door of my house! Do you here me?!

Jess: Relax, I was kidding.

Luke: Oh really? Hanging socks on doors, that’s your idea of funny?

Jess: Depending on the sock design, it could be hilarious.

Luke: Okay that’s it, sit down.

Jess: Why?
Luke: It’s time to lay down a few ground rules. Sit! First off, when she is up here, that door stays open. You are not aloud on either end of this apartment. You are aloud to stay here in the middle portion of the room. You may sit on the couch or the chair, as long as you two are sitting on separate seats. I.E. When you’re on the couch then she’s on the chair. When you’re on the chair then she’s on the couch.

Jess: I get it, thank you.

Luke: On weekdays you will have her home by 9. On weekends you will have her home by 9. Any evidence of alcohol or cigarette smoke or any evidence of anything else that Nancy Regain would find unacceptable, then you will not be aloud near her without an adult present. Are these rules clear???

Jess: Yes.

Luke: Good!
Jess: May I speak?
Luke: If you must.

Jess: Do you want me to have you committed or would you prefer to check yourself in?

Luke: I’m not joking here Mr.


I feel like this scene ^ in Dr Who parallels SQ, especially after seeing posts comparing gifs of Regina listening to Emma in Neverland with Emma listening to Regina instead of killing Lily.

Rory: “Amy, the basic fact of our relationship is that I love you more than you love me.”

This could easily be how Regina feels about Emma, and I think it makes a lot of sense given that the SQ-PotentialPDA-Ratio is pretty much 30% Emma, 70% Regina. I have a feeling that Regina’s been questioning her feelings towards the Savior since they first met; similarly, Rory has known he loves Amy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than she knew.

And then there’s Amy/Emma parallels, like being the first one to defend Rory/Gina, always believing in the other person, giving the other person the chance to find happiness and not judging them for it.

Amy: “I didn’t kick you out, I gave you up”

Also, you can’t deny the deep deep caring in the looks Gina gives Emma all the time.