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Though a few people have already guessed this, I’m pleased to announce that I wrote Aurora James’ route in Gangsters in Love.

Get it, MC.

Anyway, on a more serious note, it was nerve-wracking to write another f/f route for Voltage. I worried near constantly and I’m sure I drove a few people crazy with it, but I really wanted to make sure Aurora’s route was as good as it could possibly be! 

I’m so excited and relieved to know you all enjoyed her so much, and it was such an honor and a pleasure to write Chance Valentine and Aurora James as the first and last routes to be released for season one! 

I know the overlap between “people who want to romance Chance” and “people who want to romance Aurora” might not be very large, but if you enjoyed Aurora at all I really recommend you also give Chance a chance! (No, I’ll never stop making that joke.) There are a lot of intentional parallels between the routes, and I really did view them as “bookends” for season one. 

Likewise if you loved Chance, you should definitely play Aurora’s route– she comes on strong, but she’s actually very sweet, sincere, and secretly, just a little nerdy. She’ll treat you right– you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

As always, Thanks Voltage for this incredible opportunity!




basically the scenario is  that Len accidentally got really good OWL scores in arithmancy and transfiguration and was pretty much forced by the teachers to take the NEWTs for them and he’s in 7th year and does not want to study.

 The profs know about his and lisa’s precarious home situation and want him to do well in school.

Lisa and team Flash are 3rd years and the professors asked Lisa to encourage her big brother who is very bright, he just needs to care more.

so obviously Lisa enlists the help of all her friends. Barry is easy to convince because he has a boy crush on the tall and handsome “Captain Cold”. Iris will tease him nonstop about this. Caitlin is probably the only one that is really making the effort to force Len to study instead of bothering him.

 Cisco tags along because he likes Lisa and also her brother is kinda cool no i don’t have a crush what are you talking about. and len always has a candy stash.

Mick is not sympathetic.

House headcanons:

Snakies: Lisa, Len

Ravenclaw: Caitlin, Cisco

Gryffin: Barry, Iris

Huffle: Mick

this is so self indulgent, i’m gonna draw more of this shit

Hello tumblr friends I am showing to you my Matt Smith tribute only it’s with a low quality phone picture. I’m scanning it tomorrow but my pride is too strong to avoid showing it now. So bear with me please.
(I’ve spent about three hours on this, please don’t ignore me I’m almost crying right now haha)


SOMEONE on my dash during my backread was talkin shit about matt rorie so i have to post this classic again