My Van Gogh-inspired Doctor Who painting. It’s all New Who, with Nine to Twelve and their major companions and various titles they’ve been given, either in the show or by the fandom. Rose Tyler (Bad Wolf) Martha Jones (The Woman Who Walked The Earth) Mickey Smith (Defender of Earth) Captain Jack Harkness (Face of Boe) Amy Pond (The Girl Who Waited) Rory Williams (The Last Centurion) River Song (The Doctor’s Wife) Clara Oswald (The Impossible Girl) Doctor Who belongs to BBC; art created by me, with acrylic paint and canvas.


Apart from being absolutely visually stunning, The Impossible Astronaut is possibly the best series opener ever, it’s just so solid, and introduces us to the wonderful Canton, who really should have returned at some point in Matt’s tenure as the Doctor. The Doctor’s death scene is one of the most shocking and beautiful scenes the show has produced, I just love it!!