Community Post: What Your Favorite Rory Gilmore Love Interest Says About You
Daydreaming about Dean or longing for Logan? We know what that means.
By daydreamsandwhispers

Guys I wrote this awhile ago but was way too embarrassed/self-conscious to actually share it on here…but since it’s been like two months and I don’t think anyone’s actually read it I figured what the hell.


-She can finally go to Harvard like she’s always wanted and get the education that I never got and get to do all the things that I never got to do and then I can resent her for it and we can finally have a normal mother-daughter relationship. [1.01]

-Mom, You’ve given me everything I need. [7.22]


ladies meme ☆ (2/5) female family dynamics - lorelai and rory gilmore

my mother never gave me any idea that i couldn’t do whatever i wanted to do or be whomever i wanted to be. she filled our house with love and fun and books and music unflagging in her efforts to give me role models from jane austen to eudora welty to patti smith. as she guided me through these incredible eighteen years, i don’t know if she ever realized that the person i most wanted to be was her. thank you mom, you are my guidepost for everything.