Jeremy: aw there’s dried soda all over my desk!

Jack: why is there dried soda on your desk?

Jeremy: cus Geoff stabbed a can of it with a sword

Ryan, Gavin and Jack: *mumbles of indifferent understanding, as if Jeremy had simply spilled soda*

Camp Camp x Nomad of Nowhere AU Idea:

An AU in which Harrison lives in the world of Nomad of Nowhere and is a magician who is always on the run due to the fact that he does magic. For an extra side of angst, Harrison own parents could have tried turning him in since, in Camp Camp, they are terrified of his magic. Plus, it seems like Harrison does know how to do actual magic based on what we’ve seen in Camp Camp.

Alfredo is the fucking hero i need!!! I’m watching the off topic panel in london. And they get on the subject of the fucking achivment ghost hunter thing.

And he just flat out says- “I wouldn’t go! First off i’m around way to many white peope so all the fatality lands on me-”

Oh fuck im so glade alferdo ghetto ass is with Achivement hunter. Fuck- i’m so glade he said it. Sure no else gets it but me and the 5 other black members of achivment hunter get it!

  • Jen: In that moment, I swear we are-
  • (Voice Inside Her Head): Insane.
  • Jen: Well, I was going to quote The Perks of being a Wallflower and say we are infident but that works too.

As much as I loved the Adam trailer bc it brought back a lot of creativity we saw in Montyโ€™s fights, Iโ€™m still kind of sad that something ridiculous as โ€œblocking bullets with a swordโ€ went from


โ€ฆ.a red wall I guess