This looks…. actually really heartwarming (???)

For some reason I imagine David being a High School teacher once Camp Campbell is off for the summer??? Or closed???

Like Summer is 3 months David has to do SOMETHING in the mean time to pay the bills.

So David is a teacher who probs does PE because he loves outdoors but also can teach pretty much anything. He last-minute subs quite a bit for other teachers and runs a lot of extra curricular programs. He gets a new job offer one year and changes schools because the new school is a bigger school where he can help more kids.

As it turns out, though, three different middle schools all go here and, what is this? He suddenly has ALL his old campers in his class! (Because PE is mandatory and everyone signed up for the “easy” one or something).

So basically it’s a semester of Max trying to slip class constantly because David and all the antics but by the end of the semester everyone does admit they had a good time and end up signing up for classes David taught again.

(When the school therapist finally runs screaming quits, David gets the smooth idea of sending in Gwen’s CV from camp. She’s glad for any work, even if she wants to kill David for this hair brained idea of his, but the whole crew is back together for the following year)