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Losing your virginity to Roose Bolton would include :

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-Him lifting your chin to make you look at him in the eyes as he reassures you that the process will only hurt you this one time and that you’ll learn to enjoy it

-Him pressing a soft kiss to your lips and slowly taking his time to deepen it, knowing that you’ll love it

-Him pulling back to undress you carefully and admire your body with his eyes, only smirking to indicate you how pleased he is to have you

-Him leading you towards the bed and carefully laying you down before undressing himself and climbing on top of you

-Him grazing your cheek with one hand as he takes his time to kisses down your other cheek to your neck

-Him touching your body just as he believes you might like, groping your chest, waist and leaving hickeys all over

-Him fingering you and slowly adding a few more in, in hopes you’ll get used to the feeling of being filled up, making you moan

-Him setting himself in between your legs and holding onto you before carefully easing into you

-Him thrusting at a steady pace and oddly enjoying to see you wince, only to whisper his apology in your ear

-Him laying next to you and telling you how good you were to be able to handle all of it before tucking you back in bed


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1/10 Scenes: Serving Roose Bolton in Harrenhal

She placed the food at his elbow and did as he bid her, filling the room with flickering light and the scent of cloves. Bolton turned a few more pages with his finger, then closed the book and placed it carefully in the fire. He watched the flames consume it, pale eyes shining with reflected light. The old dry leather went up with a whoosh, and the yellow pages stirred as they burned, as if some ghost were reading them.