It’s going to take this man weeks to cut up his entire plant. It took him a good 2 hours to cut up this branch alone. I don’t know what he plans to do with it all since he doesn’t smoke and I don’t plan on smoking anytime soon since all marijuana really does for me is make me anxious and unmotivated. He told me that last year someone had broken into his backyard and stole his plant that was worth around $10,000, so he set up an infrared camera with other security features to guard his stash.

If I stay long enough, I’ll probably grow a few of my own to make some money from it ;D


Chanyeol trying to reassure a hen by yelling at it…

Q. Who's the messiest member?
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Rapmonster :</b> It's me. Haha. I trash everything that I don't need but I just throw them away near me... Not caring much about tidying my surroundings made me (the messiest member)...<p/><b>Jungkook :</b> Right. I have something to say. Rapmonster hyung wears contact lenses, and when he takes them off he throws them on the floor. Last time when Rapmonster hyung was out I went "I'm gonna clean the dust on the floor and vacuum it~" and started cleaning the room when stuff started to stick on my foot. I was like "What is it?" and looked and there were about eight lenses stuck on my feet. Please write this (on the interview).<p/><b>Rapmonster :</b> Hahaha. It's an exaggeration.<p/><b></b> (©kukinews.com)<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Seeking Roommate, no, Really

Okay here’s the deal friends, our current roommate just sin’t cutting it anymore and is making it so that Faun, Aro, and myself feel incredibly uncomfortable living in our own home. The home that Faun and Aro mostly pay for lmao. 

This guy asked us to move in with him so we could get a bigger place and because he was living with his dad, who was then moving out of state. So Max (the roommate) wanted to continue living in this apartment because his options are move out of state with his dad or move in with his mother like five hours away. Yes, no one else in our entire friend group of over thirty people was willing to live with this guy, and we were kind of desperate because we had three people jammed into a studio apartment including three cats. 

So we move in with this guy, his dad pays our deposit and our first months rent but it still takes like $800 of our money to move into this place. Including the fact that we cleaned up after his fucking father and him. These assholes didn’t clean the apartment for ten years. The oven alone went from black to light tan after I was done cleaning it with nothing but vinegar. 

OKAY BUT SO TO THE POINT. Max has proven to be sexist, transphobic, ablest… all around just uncomfortable and terrible to live with. One of my roommates is trans and Max still stares at his chest all the time because god forbid you want to walk around your own apartment without binding or putting on a bra. He’s made several comments about how my disability isn’t as bad as I make it out to be, even though even my own therapist that I’ve been seeing since I was nine says that I cannot be working even while medicated because it causes me too much emotional and mental distress, which of course then effects me physically. He tries to mansplain literally everything that me and my roommates do, including trying to offer ‘help’ with my computer resolution problem i was having after he watched Aro put a computer together in six hours… it’s like a load of micro aggressions all growing into this terrible uncomfortable situation.

He refuses to do chores, even when the three of us also do them, and try to switch off with him. He leaves all his dishes in the sink for weeks, he leaves his clothes everywhere, he’s come home drunk before even though one of my other roommates has a crippling PTSD-like reaction to even smelling alcohol. He refuses to even apply to another job until we got an electric bill that was nearly $400 and he still hasn’t gotten a new job, a month later. He’s been telling us he’s going to be ‘getting more hours’ at the thrift store he works at but hey now he has two more hours a week that’s helpful, right? God.

BUT ACTUALLY TO THE POINT: Do you live in or want to live in the central California area? Do you like cats? We have cats you can keep your cat. Our internet connection is fucking amazing and there are a load of places hiring here. You can HAVE YOUR OWN BEDROOM. We’ll fucking work out the process of getting you here if you need that too. Our rent is $650 a month and then we have propane and water every other month an electric monthly. We are a chemical free house but we will provide you with the soap, shampoo and deodorant you can use which works just as well as any scented stuff. You don’t even have to have a job currently, if you think you can reasonable get a part time one once you get here then cool, awesome. If you do currently have a job you can always get a job transfer if it’s at a place like a franchise. We are seriously desperate guys. So if you’re trying to get out of a shit situation, wanna start over somewhere safe, or fuck just want to live in a mountain town out of the city or something… we have deer. Do you like deer? We have hella deer. 

Really though drop me a message, fanmail whatever. I will provide my skype or even phone number to those interested. 

Roommate Needed ASAP in Orlando, FL

We are in a 3 bedroom 2 bath and our lease is up on September 30th. We desperately need a 4th roommate to help with the rent.

I work for Disney, my sister works for SeaWorld, and my roommate works for Universal so we are all theme park people. We are all also giant nerds, do not smoke, drink socially, and have one dog. We were hoping for another girl or NB or any non-male gender.

Please email me (or message me on tumblr) for more info or if you want to see the room. Rent would only be $430 a month!