Being A Hufflepuff Would Include...

Slytherin | Gryffindor | Ravenclaw 

* * *

  • Feeling refreshed every time you woke up because the common room is so fresh and earthly
  • “Why do you look so good at this time in the morning?”
  • Being friends with people from each house
  • Being great at geography because of the globes and maps that are dotted around the common room
  • Loving Professor Sprout so much
  • P. Sprout always coming into the common room to play board games and karaoke
  • Dance parties 
  • Everyone being surprised every time you get sassy
  • Being really over protective of all of your friends and not being afraid to get mad at people who hurt them
  • Sneaking into the kitchens at midnight for snacks
  • Not even caring about house points because you’d rather have fun then play by rules to get points
  • muggle Polaroid cameras dotted around the common room with self refilling polaroids 
  • loud music in the common room on saturday nights
  • Creating tight friendships with the other puffs in your year and staying up late talking about everything
  • ultimate squad goals
  • Giving the best presents 
  • Other houses always confused as to how you get into your common room
  • “What do you mean you don’t have a password?”
  • Always helping people who drop their books or anything even if it means being left behind 
  • smol badass cinnamon buns 
  • Hufflepuff PRIDE

I colored that thing I drew of Daxter being a seriously cute ball of anxiety in the new clothes Robin gave him in her sneak peek of the upcoming Frat party chapter.

It’s because of the skinny jeans, I needed to draw them. *3*

Also please ignore the shoddy quality, I’m tired as hell, got hit in the forehead with a baseball while playing(probably a factor in the tiredness), but this is the first home alone time I’ve gotten to invest in little ventures like this so I’m taking a little advantage of it.

Or rather, taken advantage of, and now going to bed. :3

…That plastic cup is god-awful. lolol



(Right-click; View Image recommended for full photo!)

One more commission done for sillynekorobin, who conspired with me to make a cool little Rule 39 piece of grimreaperchibi‘s Phoenix and Razer doing completely legal things such as drag racing(and apparently not wearing seatbelts woops)

Robin commissioned this to me as a secret commission for Grim’s Birthday! So happy birthday! 

Part of her request being along the lines of “Phoenix looking far more gung ho about Razer’s driving vice than any normal person should.” XD

And a part that I concocted myself was an idea for that little Sootball; The way I see this is that, given that Phoenix is a proven Miyazaki fan, I bet he’s introducing Razer to all of the movies in part of their shared downtime. One day, being the dork he is, he turns up and presents Razer with a little Sootball keychain! Because “hey look, it’s cute and you seemed to really like Spirited Away the other night! And look, I got a Totoro!“, etc.

Obviously Razer is a little befuddled at the gesture and poo-poo’s the sentiment as he slides the thing onto his key ring.

(fun fact, tried doing a Kodama keychain, but at that size was having tons of trouble making it look recognizably like a Kodama. So Sootball it was!)

Anyway, For Robin and her awesome ideas for Commissions, and For Grim for her birthday and being an awesome person and author! :D <3


(omg tumblr u terrible; Right-click-View image for best/readable version)

RA Torn is fine with romantic gestures but just keep the PDA out of his hallways. (PSA)

SO UM in the cute, semi-awkward pre-Valentine’s day discussions in chapter 26, Jak mentioned lilies as opposed to roses being his preferred method of flower wooing.

Naturally, my thoughts did a thing.

And Daxter, being the romantic, big gesture kinda guy he is, takes the little comment to heart, filing it away for later. And maybe not the upcoming Valentine’s day, but maybe in their sophomore Valentine’s day, or maybe even some random day, just because, decides to DO IT.

Even though he’s at the same time a nervous little thing who is still getting used to this whole “dating a big tough football-player” thing.

Blushy and smoochy Jaxter for sillynekorobin, since I can’t give her hugs because cars are terrible machines! :3 *ferret bounces*

Room and Board

  • Aged Jamaican Rum - 2 oz
  • Falernum - ½ oz
  • Stir everything with ice and strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with orange slice and lemon peel.

From Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up, invented by Gene Ahern (1895 - 1960), the renowned American cartoonist. The drink is of course named after his cartoon strip of the same name.

I found this to be a great way to enjoy a fine Jamaican rum. It’s made in a similar way to the Old Fashioned cocktail, with rum as base, sweetened with falernum, but no bitters; built in an old-fashioned glass (I stirred and strained).

Room and Board - Ch. 2

I don’t even know, with this story.  If there are any problems with it, kindly complain to tatarrific on tumblr.  ;)

P.S.: If you think I’m paying homage to any other cophine writers at any point in this, I probably am.

Also on AO3 and

“So, I haven’t seen you around,” the trim brunette with large glasses noted, as I sipped my water. “Are you here to watch the competition, or on vacation?”

“Em, niether,” I answered, letting my straw go with my lips too quickly so that it snapped upwards and spattered droplets on my lower lip and chin. I blushed, hoping she hadn’t been paying attention to my clumsiness. Unfortunately, from the grin that crossed her face and her small laugh, she must have seen it. Before I gathered myself, she reached up with a cocktail napkin and dabbed my lip and chin. I must have looked deflated, because her voice was warm when she said:

“Hey, don’t sweat it. That was kinda cute.” I didn’t know why, but I found myself grinning back.

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Robin posted this and I imagine maybe it leads to this, with Jak finally inducting the awkward and nervy Daxter into the world of kissing and make outs? Unless they DID spend the entire Thanksgiving break making out like Jak was hoping? lol :D

Anyway definitely what I had in mind while drawing(and invading my head space before the drawing)

I feel bleh about the quality(also screw hands, on that note, they are ugly and stupid and hard to draw lol) but I just needed to draw SOMETHING on my tablet to get back into the groove. And I’m half tired so?

And sometimes a girl just needs to draw her OTP doing something cute. uwu

Room and Board, - Ch. 4

Surprise!  An update.

Also on and AO3, Of course.

I stayed in the bathroom much longer than I had planned.

For a while, I just sat in the stall, in some sort of stasis of confusion. Cosima liked me? Cosima liked me? Cosima liked me? Had she been flirting with me? Had I been flirting with her? I didn’t know what to feel. Should I feel stupid? I definitely felt stupid, and embarrassed, and mortified that at least one, if not more, of my friends saw that I was clueless and seemed to be leading the charming athlete on. Mon dieu, was I the only one not to know?

Of course, it shouldn’t be a big deal, I told myself. I’m not prejudiced. I had been taught better than that by my family. It could, of course, be a little awkward, but I should be able to tell her… to indicate to her, somehow, without being… rude or stupid, that I’m not… that way. Then we could be friends, right? That wouldn’t make her walk away and end any chance of us being friends, would it? Because I liked her. I really, really, liked her… she was so, well, cool, and quirky and different. She lived in a world of daring international competition, and still knew so much about science, could talk with me at length about it, really make me feel understood, and then make me laugh. Surely she could also like me just as a person? After all, what would she see in me…?

Oh. Would she… would she see the same things that boys do, have seemed to have started… liking? I bit my lip, wondering. Did she think I was attractive? Did she think I was… beautiful?

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President Dougherty got it wrong about off-campus living
By Duke Staff According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “libertine” means “a person … who leads an immoral life and is mainly interested in sexual pleasure.” It is an ugly, unflattering wo…

So the president at my college literally called everyone who chooses to live off-campus immoral, drunken, sex-driven partiers.

“We know why they move off campus…[to] flaunt the liquor laws….”

“We know…mardi gras [goes on off campus] every weekend.”

I, for one, don’t drink or party or whatever. But ask me, ask almost ANYONE I know who chose to live off campus, and it won’t be because they can drink whenever they like (plus, it’s so easy to sneak in alcohol like what’s the point. Oh, and members of the opposite sex are forbidden in dorms). #1, living on campus, in a dorm, costs upward of $7,500 A SEMESTER. In our “on-campus dorms, it’s–and I’m taking this straight from my college’s Room&Board page (scroll to Brottier Hall near the bottom)–$18,670/year for a single room apartment (roughly $9,000/year/person). And that doesn’t even include FOOD, people.

Compare that to a $1,400/month apartment in the Southside, which you’re usually sharing with friends. Last year I paid $450/month (me and 2 roommates), which came to be $5,400/year/person, making it NEARLY HALF the cost of living on-campus.

You see, “Mr. President,” students already attend this university, which has a $33,778 tuition (source) and $4,000 of fees (same source), so adding $7,000–$10,000 for a bedroom isn’t exactly anyone’s dream deal.

Big Room and Board Commission for Robin! (remember, right-click; “View Image” saves lives!)

I also saved a version without a title-thing on there, but since we were talking a kind of Book cover type deal…

There are many things I tweaked and moved around in Photoshop, but I got everyone in! All our favorite students of Haven University(and some friends)! Also something that I hope resembles a College Dorm front. :D

Perspective is also still a thing I am not very well acquainted with, but I think I did okay Just don’t look too hard at it or your eyes will bleed lol

I’ll have this up on DA soon as well, I think it might be better quality over there.

ANYWAY This was fun (and challenging!) to do and I hope you love it, Robin!

Room and Board College AU by Robin

Deviantart page

Also basically:

-Ashelin is teasing the shit out of Torn, I think she may have won a bet on when the two idiots in room 317 would finally hook up

-Torn is done with the world and everyone in it <3


-There is a bit of nostalgia on Ximon’s Skateboard…;)

-Jak, Daxter, stop being so freaking adorable.