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any specific benefits to joining team aqua? dental? cookies? Loot?

    Yeah, actually! 

     We provide room and board for those who need housing, and health insurance for any volunteer that works for twenty four hours over a five-day workweek. That includes access to therapy, specialized Pokecenters for your Water-type Pokemon, and a traditional Onsen that lets us come in at any time and whenever we want!

      In addition, we provide the ability to travel overseas, access to certain Pokemon for research purposes, and we work with a variety of other Organizations and Colleges to help you gain further experience for other careers while you work with us! 


Luna Lovegood

“Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am“

bruce “bitch you thought” wayne

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Anyways, Isak and Even are moving in together, which probably means they’ve said their “I love you”s already. I bet they say it every chance they get, and after every mundane thing. They probably have competitions to see who can say it the most every day.

even draws him random comics that always end with a cartoon version of himself saying ‘i love you’ and leaves them for isak to find around the apartment. isak tells him they don’t get to count towards the tally they have going because, by that logic, isak can leave sticky notes everywhere with an ‘i love you’ scribbled onto them and win in a minute. even invites him to try. eventually they end up with a dozen different sticky notes and a dozen different comics all over the apartment, so many that sometimes they don’t find some and one of their unsuspecting guests will accidentally find it two days later and think, this is the grossest, cheesiest shit y’all have ever pulled 


Slightly Grungy

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Steve shares a unique bond with one of the women in Sam's va class.


Steve looks up hearing Shauna’s voice.  She’s holding a small gift bag.

“What’s this?” 

“From the kids.  Open it.” She sits to watch him shift the tissue paper out of the way to reveal a phone case.

“I don’t-“ Steve turns the case over and understands. “Oh my –this is Nico’s drawing, from our last class.”  On the back of the phone case is an image of a boy with Cap’s shield, saving a blond-haired man from the top of a building.  The lines are confident, if wobbly.  

“There’s a shop on Etsy that puts whatever you want on a phone case. So.”

Steve reached to hug her and then stopped, holding out his hand instead. “Sorry.  Thank you.”

Shauna grinned, leaning forward to hug him.  “Today’s feeling like an okay day for a hug, actually. Thank you.”   

Shauna had introduced Steve to an art therapy class for children at the elementary school just down the street from the VA.  Every student was different but they all needed and outlet. So don’t we, Shauna had said.  She was right, and Steve loved it, finding the time no matter what to volunteer at least once a week.

A Series Of Unfortunate Aesthetics: Violet Baudelaire 

 "There’s always something…“


Pisces Sun,
Virgo Moon,
Scorpio Lilith

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A Series Of Unfortunate Aesthetics: Sunny Baudelaire

“The last safe place, is safe no more..”