If any of you are still alive and breathing out there come to me. I need someone to have in depth conversations with about wraith, the ancients, tok'ra and all that. Like this. Follow me. Ill follow you. Pls friends ♡

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draw the squad thing (original by @mugges ) Atlantis dorks edition

okay this might be a bit ooc but I wanted to draw something fun because they deserve fun (and honestly they are sometimes just like a bunch of children, especially Rodney and John, shenanigans are bound to happen)

Rodney probably lost a bet or something, Teyla wishes she didn’t ask what John was so smug about, and John is enjoying himself a little too much :D in the end Rodney could hold on for like three seconds before dropping everyone on himself, pulling his back and ending up in the infirmary for days

bonus smol Ronon laughing his butt off (ref here)

Comission info :)


“Let me ask you a question. Say there’s a runaway train. It’s hurtling out of control towards ten people standing in the middle of the tracks. Only way to save those people is to flip a switch, send the train down another set of tracks. The only problem is—there is a baby in the middle of those tracks.”