“We met when we were working on the Particle Accelerator. He was the Structural Engineer. He liked to joke that he was basically a very ‘high priced plumber’. We were very different. You might of noticed, I can be a bit…guarded. Ronnie knew how to make me laugh. He used to say we were like F i r e  a n d  I c e. He wasn’t supposed to be there that night. He was just there for me. If he hadn’t…”


He wants to go h o m e. To her. (x

#but can we talk about the fact #that it couldn’t be more crystal clear #that Stein wasn’t talking about his house #or his old life #or anything else #but he turned his head right at Caitlin #and referred to her as Ronnie’s home #even though it’s not Ronnie himself #but he knows very well #he knows what was drawing him to go to Caitlin in the first place #to search for her even in that state of mine #because these two people would have been effing MARRIED to each other by now #happily, I may add #and this gives me all the types of emotions #because that’s what marriage should be #home #and that’s caitlin for ronnie #and excuse me as I cry a puddle of tears because that’s some serious otp material we’re talking about right here