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Hello! I love your blog so much. Could you rec some Romiones with Auror!Ron? Complete ones would be great but I don't mind WIPs as long as they are not abandoned. Thank you!

I haven’t read a ton of auror Ron… there was a brilliant one by CheekyB but after 80 chapters she abandoned it and I may have sobbed… 

One Punch: A History by @holly1492
Thayer’s words — “Came running to you, did she?” — struck a nerve because, well, she actually hadn’t, but Ron wished like hell she had. And they revealed that Thayer knew what probably everybody knew. Ron was at Hermione’s command. Even now, despite trying to forget, this amazing firework of a girl still ruled his heart.

The Other Side of Life by kjc1123
Hermione Granger grew up in the Muggle World hiding her magical ability from those around her. That all changes when Ron Weasley, Auror, makes an interesting discovery while on a case. AU but keeping with the books.

The Second Prophesy by Zalini 
New Graduate Auror Ronald Wesley is sent on an impossible mission into the muggle world. To find and protect a witch who could be the key to saving the magical world from a new and dangerous threat. He’s not entirely sure if she really is the one and to make his mission even harder is the fact that …well she doesn’t exactly know she is a witch. An AU HP story (This is a WIP that I haven’t read but comes highly recommended by @azaleablueme)

Coming to Term by KarriAnn1222
Ron Weasley knew when he decided to become an Auror that it was a dangerous career choice, but he never imagined that his job would propel a serial killer to target his pregnant wife. Meanwhile, Hermione comes into contact and forms an unlikely friendship with a man widely believed to have died in the war. (I haven’t read this one either but @idearlylovealaugh and @jenn582 both spoke highly of it ~ and I’ve totally put it on my reading list now because I love KarriAnn’s work.)

The Ron Weasley Chronicle(s) by @diva-gonzo
Auror Ron Weasley wakes up in St. Mungo’s with a terrible headache. Hermione wasn’t the one who put him there either. While on desk duty he offered an opportunity: teaching at the Auror Academy. He gets way more than he expected from teaching. Rated T for language, flashbacks, violence, innuendo in later chapters and cracked emotional cup. (Another I haven’t read yet but recommend if you’re a fan of ‘Bad Ass Ron’)

Riches by @trademarkblue
Ron has taken a position with a top secret team of Aurors, traveling abroad. Hermione plots ways to see him, while he’s not allowed to reveal his location, meeting at inns around the world to spend the night together.

It’s Not Easy Being Green by @mugglemama
Ron struggles to maintain respect of his fellow Aurors, Hermione doesn’t make it easy for him.

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23 and Ronald Wesley for the kiss prompt. Ily!

23. Kiss on a dare

As the clock had past midnight, the common room had quite quickly emptied of students. It was just you and your friends who were still awake - none of you wanted to go to bed even though the classes would start early tomorrow. Just as your eyelids had started getting heavier for each second, one of the Weasley twins suggests you would play a round of a muggle game called Truth or Dare. And who were you to say no to have an excuse to stay up later? With Hermione’s complaints had the dark red couches and armchairs been moved to the sides of the room so you all would fit in a circle in the middle. 

The time had passed without anyone noticing. The sleepiness you had felt before was now gone. It had started off soft, with just some funny truths and unserious dares. But by each question did the truths and dares get more exciting and thrilling. Fred turned to his younger brother Ron, a devil-liked smirk on his face. 

“Ron, I dare you to kiss (y/n)”. The room fell out in a low “ohhh”, but you and Ron stayed quiet. You looked over at your friend and long-time crush, who’s face had turned red as he watched you.

“I mean, are you okay with it?”, he asked, his whisper of a question almost getting drowned by the other’s laughter. You gave Ron a short but firmly nod before Ron leaned in and closed the space between the two of you. As your lips, the laughter around you disappeared and the only people in the room was just the two of you. 

The kiss wasn’t much more than a brush of the lips, but you knew that this wouldn’t be the last kiss for you two.