Day: 561

Shirt: Bad Religion - Ronald Regan

Color: Black

Brand: Allstyle Apparel

Source: Today Bad Religion is putting out a new record called True North.  Im sure you can find it easily and stream it everywhere i will make it easy for you, embed it at the bottom. Why am i posting this you ask?  cause i think this is one of the best albums this band has made in a decade. maybe more.  Something rings different about this album, i cant put my finger on it but it has for lack of a better term, more heart.  Maybe they approached this record in a slightly different way then previously done.  perhaps the times have just called for this, the stars have aligned and there was more to write about.

Who cares…Its just really nice to hear a great record from such a good, influential band.  especially when it is close to you and your past.  I guess more so i appreciate it.  I know they don’t have to make music anymore.  they certainly don’t need the money so it is good to know it comes form a good place.  a place of WANT rather than NEED.   

Bad Religion is playing a very exciting show tomorrow in LA @ the Echo which should be packed and sweaty but i look forward to every elbow, sweat bead in my eye and smelly armpit that waffs past my nose.   Its good to know that there will be a room filled with people that want to congratulate this band as much as i do.  thank them for all they have given and for all that they continue to give.  so having said that… Congrats Bad Religion its a really great record..can’t wait to hear it live.  

Whenever Ronald Regan is speaking on television, turn it on, turn the sound, and put you child in front of the set and say, “If he asks you to get into a car, offers you candy, or tells you to go fight in nicaragua, tell him no.”
—  Frank Zappa,
I Won't Go Silent Into The Night

I won’t agree with your hollow small-talk just to see you smile
I won’t ever understand your incessant need to define everything in six words or less
I won’t pretend I didn’t see what I saw
I won’t laugh at your sexist xenophobic jokes
I won’t become another zombie drooling over his designer shoes down Main Street

With your classic rock
Old time values
Hemingway novels
Father’s Day tool sets
Luxury vehicles
Everything designer

With your casual racism
Relaxed-fit khakis
Ronald Regan
Richard Nixon
Opinion columns
Corinthian columns
Artisan grocers
Artisan vomit

With your banana peels
German Shepards
Semi-automatic pistols
Bad breath
Gym membership
Gluten allergy
Superiority complex
Making light of everything
Walking blindfolded with your hand on the rail

I won’t go silent into the night
And I won’t ever understand why you did

Reagan was Racist?

Ronald Regan opposed the Anti-Apartheid Act that was instrumental  in ending Apartheid in South Africa. Before it passed, he went on TV calling it "immoral" and “utterly repugnant.” After it passed, Regan vetoed it. The Republican-controlled congress had a less racist sense of morality. They got a two-thirds majority and overrode Regan’s veto.

The act, officially the “Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act,” enacted strict new measures against the racist government in South Africa. Specifics included a ban on bank loans and new investments in South Africa, a sharp reduction of imports, and preventing most South African officials from traveling to the United States. The law also made clear what it would take to end the tough sanctions. It called for a repeal of apartheid laws and the release of political prisoners like African National Congress (ANC) leader Nelson Mandela, who had spent the last 23 years in prison.


If this doesn’t get you pumped nothing will.

Everytime someone tries to tell me I’m not *really* queer, my queer powers just grow stronger

Soon, I will be stroung enough to break the spacetime continum and fight the embodiment of all LGBTQIA+-Phobias on the astral plane (it’s in the embodiment of Ronald Regan but with three extra arms and a water gun).

honestly ace tumblr: do 👏 you 👏 hear 👏 yourselves???????

lgbt people cracking jokes about cishet aces handwringing about conversion therapy is not making light of conversion therapy! it is blatantly and obviously dark humor directed at your dumb asses bc YOU don’t face this threat! likewise asexual ronald regan jokes made by HIV+ people or the people close to them are blatantly and obviously directed at y'all’s dumb asses for repeatedly treating the AIDS epidemic as 1) over and 2) something the nasty allogays deserved!

how do you sleep at night!

anonymous asked:

You know that Pope who dug up his predecessor's corpse and put it on trial? We should do that with Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher. Actually, throw in Donald Trump and Theresa May too, make it a quadruple feature.

I like the way you think, anon.