• Harry: C'mon then, we don't stop till nightfall.
  • Ron: What about breakfast?
  • Harry: You've already had it.
  • Ron: We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?
  • Hermione: I don't think he knows about second breakfast.
  • Ron: What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he?
  • Hermione: I wouldn't count on it.
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i was tagged by no one but here i am nonetheless !!!!! (i copied from @dawniel
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Name: riley
Nicknames: ri, rill, rilbot
Zodiac Sign: taurus
Height: 5'7or8
Orientation: :)
Ethnicity: irish
Favorite Fruit: strawbz
Favourite Season: autumn
Favorite Book: the entire hp series :/
Favorite Flowers: cherry blossoms, bluebells, and the big circle floofy ones idk what theyre called but theyre in front of my grans house
Favourite Scent: lavender
Favorite Color: purple and green
Favorite Animal: BIG CATS
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: im a tea ho
Average Sleep Hours: ?? sometimes 2 sometimes 12 who knows
Cat or Dog Person: cats cats cats cats
Favorite Fictional Character: uh ron weasley, merry & pippin, mercutio, jughead jones (from the original comics not this emo ass cole sprouse nonesense) (i still love new jughead tho just differently)
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1
Ideal Trip: japan, ireland, brighton
i tag: @theylikeboys @starboydan and everyone in the gc @multiphannet