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What kind of favors did Percy have to pull to keep his family off the watch list...?

Percy had to work his ass off to keep his family safe during the war. 

His days at the Ministry were long and tiring, thankless and endless. He gleans as much information as possible from everyone as a fly on the wall that no one explicitly trusts or distrusts. He listens to everybody and everything, and trades intel, files, safe passage, Aunt Muriel’s goblin-made heirlooms, time off, sometimes his body - whatever he has, or can conceivably get, to keep his family safe.  He comes in early, stays late, takes the messiest projects, the longest paperwork, and the dirtiest jobs.

He does a fair bit of bluffing, too - politicking and lying and disgusting himself by exploiting everything his father had taught him was wrong with the system, justifying with gruesome images of what would happen if he stopped. (His mother, crying in an empty shell of a childhood home. His father, on trial by the Wizangamont, no one letting him speak. Bill accused of fraternization with goblin revolutions. Charlie never permitted to come back to Wizarding England. Ron, unceremoniously slain. Fred and George being pulled out of their shop, tortured on the Diagon Alley cobblestones - Ginny never returning home from Hogwarts –

Death Eaters, Order members, and those who aren’t aligned with either side become not people, but opportunities for Percy. He feels like a Slytherin the whole time, but he knows that the burning fear in his temples and the fact that he’s abandoning his own safety on the slightest chances for his familys’ - he’s still a Gryffindor.

It’s a stressful two years, but he does it sucessfully. And it makes all his years at the Ministry after the war seem easy by comparison - he’s no longer bargaining for anyone’s life. Just for tax reform. And funding for projects. And a new intern program. It’s easy. 

19 Years Later

The Battle of Hogwarts was fought the summer of 1998. That means that the day the trio wave off their own children from Platform 9 ¾ is the 1st September 2017. That will be the fourth ending the Harry Potter fandom has suffered; this is the finale. We have to go out with a bang. On that day, 1st September 2017, we should all gather at King’s Cross Station to celebrate the magic of Harry Potter and what the queen of the Magical World, J.K. Rowling, gave us. We should dress up, meet the fandom, light Chinese lanterns and release them into the sky, as a final celebration of our era.

R/Hr Masterlist Finds: 3 March 2016

So, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I have been basically smacked down by a small collection of illnesses. When your doctor barely glances at you and says the words “oh, you’re a mess,” I guess you are allowed to commit to sitting in one spot and staring at the television for several days, am I right?

But hey, so much fic has been bouncing around, and I am having a moment of mental clarity right now, so what the hell. Here’s all this! Thinking it’ll tide everyone over until I can KO a few of these sicknesses and get back on top of life!

FYI - I’m posting in backwards chronological order, because I’ll soon be pasting these into the big masterlist, which is here. If you are trying to be OCD and go through reading everything on one of these “daily” recap posts, the easiest option is to go to the bottom of the post and work up. That way, if someone published multiple chapters of a story since my last recap, you will see the links to each chapter in the correct order. Godspeed!

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Weasley/Potter Careers

Together, James and Fred travel internationally for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. In the years following the war, George had continued to run the shop on his own, and it wasn’t long before he had to open a second one to deal with the large influx of customers. Then, he opened a store in France, followed by one in Germany and them Bulgaria. The franchise is ever growing, and it is James and Fred’s job to open up the new stores and get them on their feet. They also help develop new products.
Albus was signed to play professional quidditch. He was scouted during his sixth year, but his mother absolutely refused to let him play during the school year. Luckily, the international season took place mostly during summer break, so his mother allowed him to sign on to the English team. He played as seeker, and led the team to victory in the 2022 Quidditch World Cup. After graduating Hogwarts, Al had opportunities all over the world to play, but decided he wanted to play for a club close to home, and signed with the Montrose Magpies, the best team in England. Ron had been holding out hope for the Chudley Canons, and lost ten galleons in a bet with George when Al signed with Montrose.
Lily went on to become a Magizoologist. She’d scored nearly all of her NEWTs, and had been expected to take up a ministry position, as she would have gone far, but despite the amount of time she spent in the library, Lily didn’t have a passion for any sort of ministry job. She wanted to be out doing the dirty work. Right after graduating Hogwarts, she lived in Ireland for a while, helping Newt Scamander on a Unicorn reserve. Unicorn numbers had been dropping considerably due to illegal poaching, but in her five years on the reserve, Lily thrived, and helped the unicorns to as well. After her work with the unicorns, she returned to London where she conducted research on a new fairy species that had supposedly been spotted in South America. It wasn’t long before she travelled there to investigate. Her journeys continued like this, and she never tired of the work.
Rose was extremely gifted. Even from birth, her father was certain she would be the brightest mind of her generation. She sailed through school without having to do much extra studying. In fact, most of her time in the library was spent either helping her cousins with their owns studies or checking out stacks of books for light reading. After school, she could have very well gone down any avenue, but chose instead to jump on the opportunity presented by the great beauty guru Helen Burke. She was looking to retire from the business, and was looking for someone who was both intelligent and beautiful to take over her beauty empire, and Rose fit the bill. Rose put her incredible mind to work and created an assortment of beauty potions and charms. Some of her best selling ones were her wrinkle correcting charms and her lush lip potion.
Hugo was approached by a talent agent, the same one who had signed legendary band the Weird Sisters, and was offered a musical contract. Hugo, along with Rory Scamander and their other two band members, Perer Davies and Kade Nott. They hadn’t planned to pursue music professionally, but ended up touring the world. Their band, the Original Defectors, went down in history as one of the greatest.
Roxanne followed a much more “serious” career path than her brother, becoming a litigator. She defended some serious clients, and testified before the Wizengamot on multiple occasions.
Victoire became a fashion designer. With robes starting to go out of style with the newer generations, a doorway had been opened that brought endless possibilities. Victoire built her own empire, just as Rose had. While Rose calmed their hair and made their eyes look brighter, Victoire dressed them in incredible clothes. Her brand soon became one of the most sought after in the wizarding world.
Dominique became a curse breaker. She needed the constant thrill and sense of danger. She exploded pyramids and ruins, raking in mountains of gold for the goblins at Gringotts.
Louis followed in Al’s footsteps, and was signed as a professional quidditch team. He played as a beater for Puddlemere United, and after a few years, one of the legendary English beaters stepped down, allowing Louis to fill his shoes.
Molly decided to become a dragonologist. Unlike Lily, who worked with any and every magical creature, Molly decided to narrow it down and focus solely on dragons. She even discovered an island in the south Atlantic that had been made unplottable in the 19th century that hosted a completely new species of dragon.
Lucy followed her passion for writing and photography. In her seventh year, she began writing for the Daily Prophet under the false name of Fiona Fawlty. The column was a massive hit, and Lucy took it on full time after she graduated. Years later, she went on to write for Abraxan magazine, the Vogue of the wizarding world.
Teddy decided to pursue a career in dark wizard catching. He became an auror, and after both Ron and Harry had decided that it was time to retire, Teddy took over the department.

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Why don't you think your love will be in the UK? (different anon btw)

You know when Ron Swanson went to England and was disinterested by everything there? That would be me. Honestly yo, The United Kingdom seems so ocky to me. It looks depressing and shit. Why would I volunteer to be with someone who has known nothing but doom, gloom and terrible weather? 

That said….I would love to attend a Chelsea game.


Après les fausses couvertures de magazine déposées dans les kiosques par le collectif Trustocorp, Ron England, spécialiste de la «popagande», a  décidé de s'attaquer aux céréales. L'artiste a posé plusieurs parodies de boîtes dans une épicerie de Venice, un quartier de Los Angeles.  Avec pour titres «Cereal Killer», «Du sucré doré à la graisse», «capitaine amidon de maïs», «le charmeur d'enfant dégueu», «l’ourson diabétique».