• Harry: Ron... be honest with me, okay?
  • Ron: Sure, mate- fire away.
  • Harry: Okay...I might be jumping the gun here, but...are you and Hermione now a couple?
  • Ron: Harry, you were the best man at our wedding...
  • Ron: Hermione, what are you doing?
  • Hermione: What do you mean?
  • Ron: You just grabbed my hand
  • Hermione: Oh no....
  • Ron: Are you okay?
  • Hermione: Oh no...oh no...did I do it too soon? Oh fudge, I did it too soon! Oh fudge, I fudged it up!
  • Ron: Hermione...
  • Hermione: Oh Ron, I'm so sorry- I got too worked up and I just...
  • Ron: (grinning) Hermione, do I look like I'm complaining?

Whenever Hermione tries to kiss Ron out of nowhere on the cheek,  she jumps up, grabs hold of him, and pulls his head down-wards and side-wards for a kiss. This is so adorable that Ron got light-headed and passed out the first time she did it.

I disagree when people say Ron was horrible to Hermione because he would argue or tease and mock her. He was treating her like a human being, he was caring and supporting for her, but not all the time, and sometimes for good reasons. It is not a real or healthy relationship if someone just worships you and agrees with everything you say. Ron could stand up for himself and could make a joke at her expence, but it does not mean he was a horrible guy in the situation, it makes him a 3 dimensional character.


 (I love George Weasley and I love you very much and have a wonderful day)

“Shut up and watch.” Fred elbowed his brother, who was snickering at you and George as you drank from your cups, which were spiked with love potions. 

“Shut up, George.” you snapped

“Are you going to make me?” he asked. 

“I just might.” 

“Be careful, I might like it.” he sneered. 

“Is it going to work?” Ron asked Fred. 

“It has to, I did exactly as the book said.” Fred answered, looking warily around as Hermione sat down. 

“What are you doing?” she asked when she was settled in her seat. 

“We’ve given Y/N and Gerogie a love potion.” Fred answered absently, watching as the two of you continued to fight. Hermione rolled her eyes as she stared at Ron and Harry.

“Nothing is going to change.” she rolled her eyes, earning the attention of everyone in on the joke. “They’re already head over heels. A love potion won’t change anything.” 


“Sure, they fight all the time, but haven’t you seen the way they look at one another?” she asked like it was obvious. She was right, nothing had changed, you still shot insults back and forth, George had a ghost of a smile on his lips and your eyes were on fire, as you both leaned over the table and got close to one another, noses almost touching. 

“Be careful, Y/N, if you keep looking at me like that, I might kiss you.” 

“Is that a promise or a threat?” 

“It’s definitely a promise.” he growled.