last four requests, all the requests were such a fun to draw! thank you a lot, guys! :3

Sam and Sam for mrblanchett (who wanted Sam Vimes but did not specify, so here are both because I love them so much ♥)
Ran and Hibi for iracher (sorry I don’t know anime Slayers, but I couldn’t refuse request for drawing my favorite manga, there is lot of them though, but Ran to Haiiro no Sekai is certainly one them <3)
Luke for Anonymous (I’m so glad I’ve finally got opportunity to draw him, I have always been so in love with him :D)
and the book scene where the trio goes to visit dog Sirius during their hogsmead trip for zoosemiotics :3

I’m so sorry to all of you whose requests I didn’t manage to draw, maybe next time ^^


Harry and Remus’ fight in Grimmauld Place as seen by Lily, James and Sirius

*Remus arrives at the Grimmauld Place and gives imformation to Harry, Ron and Hermione about what was going on after they left the Burrow. Remus then asks Harry, if he can join his mission to do what Dumbledore asked him to*

Sirius: Why does he want to go on a suicide mission?

James: I don’t have a clue maybe he thinks he should be out there with Harry and not leave everything to him unlike Dumbledore.

Sirius: No I really don’t think that’s the reason. Remus knows Harry’s powers and trusts him enough to let him do this thing alone. *smiling* maybe he got bored of Tonks.

Lily: Sirius! Don’t say stuff like that.

*Remus tells Harry, Ron and Hermione that Tonks is pregnant*

Sirius: She is WHAT?

Lily: Awww they are going to have a baby!

Sirius: No no no don’t you “awww” this Evans. There’s nothing to “awww” about this. 

James: I’m going to kill him.

Sirius: Thanks Prongs.

James: No, not because of that. He wants to go on a suicide mission because he thinks a werewolf can’t have a child. Just wait and see.

*Remus: Harry, I’m sure James would have wanted me to stick with you.

Harry: I’m not. I’m pretty sure my father would have wanted to know why you aren’t sticking with your own kid, actually.*

James: *nodding* Nice one Harry. I would very much like that even though I exactly know why.

Sirius: *sneering* Oh it’s the same old same old “I’m a monster I shouldn’t be with anyone” mess. When is he going to learn that just a few asshats are treating him wrong that everyone will. The woman married him for heaven’s sake.

Lily: I understand his worry that he may have passed his lycantrophy to his child but how come it makes sense to him to abandon the kid with Tonks? If anyone can help them it’s him

James: You see Lils, he has this self-pity pool he occasionally likes to drown himself in. We went through hell because of that more often than not.

Sirius: He never understands how beautiful, smart and kind he is. He never did. I told him thousands and thousands of times that being a werewolf can’t change that but here we are.

*Hermione: Remus! Don’t say that—how could any child be ashamed of you? Harry: Oh, I don’t know, Hermione, I’d be pretty ashamed of him.[…] My father died trying to protect my mother and me, and you reckon he’d tell you to abandon your kid to go on an adventure with us?*

James: I told you.

Lily: Harry! NO!

James: I agree with the last part though Lils, he is leaving his own kid to go on a mission that might get him killed and his reason is that I would want him to go and be with Harry. If he was alone, if he didn’t have Tonks, of course I would want him to help Harry, but under these circumstances he shouldn’t even be in Grimmauld Place.

*Harry: The man who taught me to fight dementors—a coward.*

Sirius: He took it too far Prongs, calling Remus a coward, that’s too much. He’s anything but a coward.

James: Harry’s right if you ask me.

Sirius: *shocked* What the fuck are you talking about? Just one mistake and he’s a coward to you, too? The man who fought alongside you? 

James: Parents shouldn’t leave their child unless they have to Pads. I had to leave Harry, he doesn’t.  He’s making a conscious choice to leave his kid *his hands are trembling* and it makes me so fucking angry that he would. I’d give everything I had to be with Harry right this moment. 

Lily: *kindly, seeing that Sirius is hurt* He’s kind of right you know Sirius, I understand he’s afraid but so is Tonks and so is everyone else. Having a baby during war is hard, he should put his fears aside and be with them. Bravery is not not being afraid, bravery is putting your fears aside for what’s right, he should, too.

Sirius: I am mad at him too, I would probably smack the shit out of him to get him back to his senses but I– He sees himself as a monster, you don’t know the shit I have been through to explain him that he is not.

James: I do, I was trying to do the same thing you know. 

Sirius: You only saw what Remus let you see, he was way more damaged than that. If you only knew how he saw himself– Harry shouldn’t have called him a coward and you know it. 

*James is still very angry and he doesn’t respond, he just walks up and down*

Lily: I’m pretty sure Harry regrets saying it Sirius, they will fix it. Harry loves and respects Remus, I think that’s why he got so mad. Everyone is on the edge right now, give them time. Give James some time, too.

anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on Ron Weasley? I like him but I like Fred and George better.

I love Ron! I mean, I love Fred and George of course, but I think Fred & George and Ron are too different to really compare.

Ron was a really good and loyal friend and Harry wouldn’t have survived without him.

// Draco Imagine x Reader // 100% not my idea, I read somewhere where someone mentioned Draco’s girlfriend finding out about his Dark Mark. I just wanted to play with the idea

Warning : Nothing?? I mean just somewhat sad, I wanted to work more on doing heart break stuff since I am not the best at it.

It was the early morning; the gleam of light was very faint as it shone from the crack in the curtains The light reflected onto the stone walls of the Head Boy’s walls as you looked around. It was far too early to wake Draco. You turned on your side towards Draco; he was sleeping on his back, wearing in his Hogwarts sweatshirt to mask the cold. Draco looked very goofy as he slept. His hair askew, his jawline was so defined, but his mouth hung open as he slept, but still you couldn’t believe someone like him had found love with you. He had his issues and his own personal battles, but you had been there with him through it all. You fell in love with his flaws for who he was.

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