So at a friend’s house this weekend, me and my boyfriend had our Tarot cards read to find out our spirit animals. Well long story short, my East ( one of the most important in your totem) was the Otter and my boyfriend’s was the Dog. 

Well then we go home and he’s like “Wait a minute…What was Hermione Granger’s patronus?” and I was like “The Otter… why?” And then he asked “And what was Ron’s patronis?”


So I was telling my boss about how all the iPads in my house are named after Hogwarts houses. So like my iPad’s name is Godric, my sisters is Salazar, mums is Rowena and dads is Helga and my boss looked at me with the strangest look on her face and I just stood there and was like “Wait, your family doesn’t do shit like that?” And then I realised I have the best fucking family in the world.


Hey, so this the 4th part after this I’m skipping ahead a few years to the the goblet of fire book for the Yule ball

(y/n) = your name

words 920

Chapter 4

(y/n) woke up the next day with Hermione shaking her awake telling her to get up and ready for breakfast, (y/n) groaned closed her eyes and turned over pulling the covers over her head.

“Oh for goodness sake (y/n) get up” Hermione said scowling and pulling the covers off the bed leaving (y/n) groping around for them before she lay on her back yawning

“I hate you Hermione Granger” You said smiling over at her

“Good, now get out” Hermione said smiling in return

You climb out of bed taking the covers back off Hermione and made up your bed before getting dressed into the school uniform of a Grey pleated skirt that came to just above your knees, a white shirt, done up your yellow and red Gryffindor tie, pulled on your knee high grey socks with your black slip on shoes, put on your long black robe and brushed your hair before pulling on you black pointy hat.

“Right Hermione I’m ready, let’s go get food I’m super hungry” You said running out the room excitedly meeting Harry and Ron in the common room waiting for you and Hermione

“About time you guys came out, what takes you girls so long to get ready” Ron complained as you all stepped through the portrait

“Maybe it’s the fact I had to drag someone out of bed” Hermione said looking at you

“Well sorry guys but I’m not a morning person what so ever, I’m the one you’ll find still up at four in the morning with no care in the world” You said smiling at them all

“Doubt you’ll still be up at four in the morning once you start here, it’s hard” Ron said

“My dads a professor here, trust me I get how hard it’ll be but I’ll work through it” You said happily and walked into the Great Hall and head all the chatter as students talked to each other excitedly about the day ahead “Isn’t this just marvellous?”

“We have potions with your dad first you know that right?” Harry asked looking at you doubtfully as you all sat at the Gryffindor table and started getting food

“I know, but it should be ok, not awkward at all” You said shaking your heard doubting it very much about how awkward it really would be “But you know something I don’t know who gets stared at more me or you Harry”

“Yeah we’re both freaks to everyone” He said with a sad smile

“Well I fit in well with you both since I’m another Weasley” Ron said smiling cheekily

“I love your family so far Ron” You said smiling back “Except Percy, I don’t like him”

“Well I’m muggle born from the reaction that gets from some people I’m just as weird as the lot of you” Hermione said laughing along

“Well I’m glad to call you all my weird strange friends” You said making them all laugh as you eat up breakfast continuing the fun chatter before heading down into the dungeons for potions

“Yeah we get to take this class with Slytherins” Ron said distastefully

“Well look at this Snapes own daughter in Gryffindor, who would have seen that” A Slytherin said laughing as some of the Slytherins around laughed except Draco

“Hey (y/n)” Draco said smiling at you “Least your following your mums footsteps”

“Thanks Draco, and you’re following you family through another generation of Slytherin” You said back with a smile

“You guys know each other?” The Slytherin that made the joke earlier said

“Yeah we’re old family friends, and just who might you be?” You asked raising an eyebrow

“I’m Blaise Zabini” He said with a smirk just as the door opened

“Great to see you’re getting know one another, now come in” Your dad said glaring round at the class before walking away from door and everyone else filled in

You and Hermione worked at a table in the middle back with Ron and Harry working at the table to the left of you both and Draco and Blaise working together on your right. At all the questions your dad asked Hermione knew all the answers to which made you happy to have partnered up with her since she was so smart.

“Granger nobody likes a know it all” Snape said glaring back at Hermione “How about letting another student answer, like your partner (y/n)”

“Well he calls you by your first name” Hermione whispered smiling

“Well he obviously can’t call me my last name can he” You said embarrassed to have been pointed in the middle of class

Once class had ended without you being called out again by your dad, and with Hermione tried not to answer all the questions which was hard since no else would answer.

“Draco! Wait there” You shouted to Draco who stopped and looked back at you “Guys go ahead I have something I need to do”

“What’s up (y/n)?” Draco asked confused frowning at you

“I need to ask you, will we still be able to be friends even though-“

“You’re a Gryffindor?” He finished smiling and you nodded biting your lip nervously “(y/n) we have been friends for as long as I can remember, don’t get me wrong I’m upset not to be in the same house as you but I’m not going to start bullying you and hating you because you’re not a Slytherin”

“Oh Draco you’re the best” You said hugging him “We should get to our next class”

Why Hermione Should NOT Have Ended Up With Ron...

It is known that Hermione Granger ends up marrying and starting a family with Ron Weasley. However, when looking at their relationship, many people (everybody who has ever read Harry Potter) notice that they would have a very unsuccessful marriage due to their vast differences in personality and intelligence. Ronald would ultimately bore Hermione, since they would not be able to have worthwhile conversations and constant bickering. I personally almost feel as if  Ron pushed their more “serious” relationship and Hermione only agreed to remain on friendly terms with Ron and the rest of the Weasleys. This then bashed her into an unfortunate and unhappy relationship. Also, if you only ever “date” three people, how likely is it that when you marry number 3, you are marrying your perfect match? Especially when the other two are never very sirius (pardon my pun)? Will you be happy? Most likely not. I would have been amused if in the Epilogue, Hermione had been married to Draco Malfoy.  Both have changed and compliment each others personality types. And, since JK Rowling almost killed off Ron instead of Fred, Fred could have been another possible canidate. What do you think?