By politicizing and openly lying about a tragedy on foreign soil during a turbulent situation, Romney reveals himself to all what many of us have known all along: a reckless asshole, full of shit and of very low moral fibre. Used to be that politics ended at the water’s edge and there’s a whole lot of great reasons for that.To say he’s the weakest candidate ever fielded for a US presidential campaign is dramatically understating how shit-awful this walking colonoscopy of a man is. 

The hits keep happening

Best line I heard tonight about the Mittster: “Mitt says Obama keeps apologizing to the world about America. America should apologize to the world for Mitt”.

From Twitter:

“You can tell @MittRomney’s doing badly when he starts getting booed by rich white people”

“65 year-old w/ #AngloSaxonHeritage, no business experience since 1999, seeks position, possibly as Leader of the Free World.”

“Not since WWII has London seen a bombing as thorough as Mitt Romney’s.”

And my favourite:

“Mitt Romney retroactively cancels visit to London." 

Three Thoughts on Romney's Latest Debacle

If you haven’t been following at home, Mother Jones just came up with a huge scoop: a video of Romney speaking privately to a group of donors. In the video he rails against the 43% of Americans who don’t pay income tax as victims and lazy dependents who will vote Democrat no matter what, and that it’s not his job to try to teach them to live on their own. Other similarly terrible things at the source.

He’s also just flat-out wrong.

1) The majority of the people in the country who don’t pay income taxes are seniors or students. Not exactly what most people have in mind when they think of “lazy dependent victims”.

Chart from Slate

2) They don’t all vote democrat, certainly not overwhelmingly. Here’s a fun graph that shows that the ten states with the highest percentage of people who don’t pay income tax are: all ten are southern Republican strongholds.

Chart from Tax Foundation

3) Pundits so far seem to be concentrating on how off-base Romney is (and let’s be honest, he’s just echoing what much of the GOP in general thinks), but even the portion of people who don’t pay income taxes and aren’t seniors deserve a better shake. Certainly there are always going to be some people who just don’t want to work, but consider:

-there aren’t enough jobs out there

-it’s hard to pay income tax when you don’t have any income

The problem is that Romney is attacking people without jobs, instead of the reason they don’t have jobs. He’s standing in front of a bunch of millionaires and saying “How dare these people not be able to find a job?”, when he should be talking about the economy. If he was actually honest and discussed the reason they aren’t able to pay income tax, rather than callously attacking them to rally rich donors who want to feel like he’ll hold off the hordes of unwashed for them, he might actually contribute something to the political discussion.

Mr Romney’s message for viewers back home - that he connects with the leaders of America’s allies and can be trusted with its interests abroad - lies in tatters.
He’s offended the British government. The British press have decided he is a knave and a fool. Opponents at home have gleefully leapt on his woes.
All he needs now is for his wife’s horse to win gold, and be heavily featured in all the TV pictures back home. It is competing in the dressage competition, the one where the prancing animals perform a difficult, elegant ballet.
It is safe to say that dressage does not have the same place in the heart of the American blue-collar worker as Nascar racing or baseball.

Mark Mardell- BBC North America Editor

(I love the description of him as a knave and a fool)


Here are some of my favorite tweets from the currently trending tag on twitter, “romneyshambles.”

I’m actually laughing hysterically at some of these. Oh, the poor bastard. It’s about time somebody called him out on his stupidity - and if it won’t be the American mainstream media, why not the British?

#romneyshambles: The Middle-Eastern Chronicles.

First he stumbled in Israel. But in the the spirit of fair play - it is the Olympics after all - he did it to the Palestinians too: 

Mitt Romney: Israel’s economic success over Palestinians ‘due to providence’

Speech in Jerusalem puts Israel’s accomplishments down to 'power of at least culture and a few other things’

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