Citymaker: Rommy Ghaly (aka Vancouverish)

Citymakers is a new This City Life column featuring people who do great things for Vancouver or other cities - whether it is through their love of art, music, photography, public space, nature or any form of creative expression or city issue. They don’t get  a lot of recognition for what they do. And, they often do it in their spare time, for free or little money, off the side of their desk, mostly while working full-time, 9-5 jobs. But, that is not an issue to them. They pursue their art or passion because they love and care about what they are doing.

Rommy Ghaly is a Vancouver-based tech worker and photographer. In his free time, he photographs city life and offers funny observations about living in Vancouver. You find his photos in local magazines and at his website Vancouverish. We met through Tumblr.

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