Da Rumor Mill

So….. IDK if you guys have paid attention to the newest rumors coming from the WWE, but this rumor has feeling some type of way.

So the rumor is that Brock Lesnar is gonna hold the Universal Title for ONE WHOLE YEAR up until WrestleMania again where he will lose it…….

to Roman.

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Now I don’t mind Roman getting a shot at that title once more, that’s not my problem. My problem is the fact that they would seriously let that steroid troll hold that title for a fucking year!!! 

Why does Spork Twizzler, a fucking part time walking Tim Burton nightmare, get to hold that title for a full year and only defend it on the big PPV’s?

Did it occur to anyone that Finn Balor is still owed a title rematch for the Universal Title and shouldn’t have to wait til Bork Sizzler loses it at Mania?

Even better, isn’t KO owed a championship rematch? Oh but wait! KO can’t ask for his rematch now cause he’s now on Smackdown!!!

What about all the other superstars who deserve a shot at the title? What about Sami? Dean? Seth? Shinsuke? FINN?!?!?!?!

I’m just saying…. let’s hope this Roman and Braun feud ends soon so Braun can just destroy Broken Tinder and destroy this rumor before it can even take flight!!!











Some thoughts on “Fate of the Furious”

* Okay, I get the whole Shaw family redemption story arc they were doing. It was well done but…are the heroes just cool with Deckard being responsible for Han’s death and for nearly killing the whole group? With Owen controlling an amnesiac Letty and for indirectly causing Gisele’s death? I mean…redemption is fine and all but I wouldn’t invite these guys to dinner if they did any of this stuff to me. 

* Nice Luke Evans cameo though. I need a Shaw Brothers movie now. 

* Saw the Dom plot twist coming a mile away. Obviously he wouldn’t turn against family. Also figured out what he was being blackmailed with when I noticed that Elena hadn’t shown up in the movie yet.

* The ‘gotcha’ moment at the end where it’s revealed Dom was playing Cipher the whole time was a little…forced? I mean, you sorta just accept it in the movie but it seemed a little too convenient, especially with the tracking device on the cross. 

* All the Brian references gave me feels. If they didn’t give you feels, you don’t have a soul. 

* I guess Cipher is technically the Big Bad of the Fast and Furious franchise. I mean, think about it. She was controlling both Mose Jakande and Owen Shaw, thus making her the Bigger Bad of Furious 7 and Fast 6. We can also say she’s the indirect Bigger Bad of Tokyo Drift since the group taking down Owen led to Deckard going to Tokyo to kill Han. I’d say she’s the Ernst Stavro Blofeld of the F&F franchise. 

* My top two favorite scenes were the prison break and the zombie cars. Absolutely fun and inventive, I gotta give them props for those scenes. 

* The Rock is a walking demigod, I swear. Man survives explosions, flexes his arm out of a cast, takes down a predator drone with an ambulance, fires a minigun with a broken arm, takes rubber bullets to the chest like they’re nothing, lifts a man with no effort, and so on. He can rival Captain America at this point. 

* Also, the Rock teaching his daughter’s football team how to do the haka is just awesome. Kudos to you movie for not denying the Rock’s heritage. 

* I guess out of the cast, the only characters who I felt were underwritten were Tej, Roman, and Ramsay, which is weird because they had reasonably good material in Furious 7. In F8, they were sorta just…there. Roman is still the comic relief but I found myself asking, “why do we need this guy again?”. Meanwhile, Tej and Ramsay are just there to be the hackers. No character development whatsoever. I guess there was a love triangle subplot going on but that was just brought over from Furious 7. The three of them didn’t get any additional character development, outside of Tej and Roman not knowing Ramsay’s last name. For Fast 9, the writers need to work on giving these three better material. 

* I have a funny feeling that Scott Eastwood’s Little Nobody was supposed to be Sean Boswell from Tokyo Drift. Just saying. 

Okay overall, good movie. I liked Furious 7 better but this one was still fun as hell. Definitely worth a watch. 


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