Ready for bed?” he said with a shy smile, seeing her curled up in the sheets.
She nodded and he joined her, settling into the nook of her body and pressing a gentle kiss to her cheek.
Laying in bed, with him by her side, she could feel the earth softly spinning. He was always so embarassed by his snores, but it was one of the only things that ever lulled her to sleep.
She closed her eyes.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
  • me:i like that Soul Eater showed two protagonists in a deep and meaningful relationship without necessarily making it romantic. i feel like a lot of works shoehorn romance in clumsily to check off a box but Soul Eater showed Soul and Maka caring deeply about each other without having them get together romantically in the end.
  • also me:...i'm still gonna ship em though. i'm still gonna ship em

May the world start anew when
we lock eyes for the second first time,

and may the boundaries of space
forcefully break open
to reveal the secrets of ongoing creation,

when the essence of our being
flows from the core of our
physical appearance,
fusing together
in spiralling, pulsating energy beams

(violent outbursts of light, bright sparks),

propelling us and shooting us upwards,
ever faster, ever higher, until we
ultimately reach
the dark void
beyond the edge of space,
where the undying light of our love
explodes in an outburst of vibrant colours,

instigating that spark of creation
where first there was


May we then understand we are the key,
nothing less than big bangs, possibly;
catalysts of the universe’s
eternal expansion.

We, soulmates, true lovers, manifestations
of the same energy – are destined for
reasons no other than being a
universal necessity.

We are eternal - M.A. Tempels © 2016

For once, I want to be the one that’s chased. I want love in the form of scraped knees, and bruised elbows, and tired eyes. I want sleepless nights, and long drives, and proof that I am worthy of a fight. I want the muddy trenches of your soul, and the zinging bullets in your heart, and the terrifying possibility of utter chaos and loss. I want fire, I want passion, I want beauty. I want someone who can’t go on without me. I want someone to fight for me. I mean, really fight for me.
—  Kill Manual