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Hey​ mom (I can call you that right?) Since you seem to be the resident romance novel expert, I was wondering if you knew any good wlw ones? Preferably with a historical setting? Sorry to bother you I just thought I'd ask

You absolutely can :)

The Oregon Series by “Jae” ( honestly just delve into any of her stuff, I really like her style and there’s a lot of stuff to choose from) is also well worth reading. When the series was first doing the rounds some people argued against it being included in w/w circles cause one of the characters, “Luke”,   prefers to present as male, even though at other times they definitely talk about themselves in fem terms as well, so it’s basically a western story with a gender fluid cowboy and their hot wife. Again, take a wander through Jae’s stuff, not all of it is historical but she does a fair amount. I’ve got my eye on the Victorian one for as soon as I have the funds.

@gailcarriger has also started doing romantic one-off spin offs from her Parasolverse, and has a romance between Madame Lefoux and a young maid called Imogene in her novella Romancing the Inventor which I found enjoyable. ( It’s steampunk themed so there’s your history.

In the Company of Women by Kate Christie is a sweet romance that takes place between two women flung together in the army during the time period of WW2. I was hesitant about this one at first because well, every romance I ever read that was about WW2 was always a tragedy cause someone dies, but this one is blessedly free of the Kill Your Gays trope so often prevalent in historical fiction. Also there’s cute girls in uniforms flying planes so  👌👌👌

I’ve also currently got Christie’s quite literally titled Gay Pride and Prejudice sitting on my kindle but I haven’t had a chance to start it yet.

Popcorn Love by KL Hughes while not historical is a very fun, sweet read. It’s basically the fanfic trope of X doesn’t realize Y is their one true love even though they are now practically living together due to circumstances, lets watch these two idiots figure it out while screaming internally for 200 pages.

Also I’m not so sure she counts exclusively as romance (I know she doesn’t) but Sarah Waters is one of my favorite historical writers featuring lesbian protagonists. Finger Smith and Tipping the Velvet, were my first novels by her and I loved them. Both titles are slang for pickpockets but also quaint Victorian euphemisms for ladies who enjoy the company of other ladies so she’s got me over a barrel with that wordplay.

Also I can’t not mentioned @finnglas‘s short story Swelter which while not historical, is just a really sweet w/w heavy on the feels erotica short story, it’s like a half hour read and 99cents at the moment and just, I wish you’d make it into a full novel Jules I really do, I’d read that dynamic for 60,000 words in a heartbeat.

If anyone has any recs they’d like to add in, I’ll gladly edit the post to include them :)

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Trying to write a story based on a guy and a girl and how they fall for each other through the novel. It happens in the midst of a battle between kingdoms. How do I keep their romance fluid, not corny, lighthearted and also keeping the other plot relevant? Any ideas?

Romance is oft-maligned and very complex, a romance subplot can make or break a story. Writing romance you’ll probably learn a great deal about characterisation and craft – it’s complex, it’s difficult, it’s something that many people are familiar with or want to be familiar with in their real lives, and so it’s something that requires a careful consideration of how ‘real’ it will feel to your reader.

Romance is all about character. Who are these two people, why are they interested in each other, what do they do together, how do they get along, and how and when do they start to feel romantic toward one another. It’s the process of a complex relationship involving two (and sometimes more) complex characters, interacting with each other and the world around them.

So the big thing is there has to be reason for these two to fall for each other, on a personal level. Was he drawn to her excellent sense of humour in grim situations? Is he able to keep a level head at difficult moments? Does she lead the most carousing drinking songs in the mess hall? What makes them notice one another and take an interest, and after that, what qualities do these characters admire in one another that makes them want to stick around?

You’ve mentioned that there’s a war between kingdoms – are they fighting in it? Trying to avoid the fight? Are they on the same side? Are they going to be separated by the war? How would they deal with that?

You’ve also said that you want their romance to be fluid and lighthearted, this can be a great respite from the heavier themes of the war around them, if it’s balanced well it can be a palate cleanser for the rest of the plot.

To make the romance flow, you’ll need a good grasp of:

  • Who each of these characters is individually – what makes them tick?
  • What is it that inspires the initial attraction between them? Does it begin as a sexual attraction/ fling and then develop into romance? Do they start off as friends and then realise that their feelings are changing?
  • In what ways does this relationship change the way each of them behaves? Do they take less risks in battle to make sure they get home? Do they try to play the hero to impress the lover? Do they fight together as a team? (Battleforged romances/ relationships have been a recurring theme in literature, read up on Achilles and Patroclus and a number of other Greek heroes to see how this can play out)
  • When they get to spend time together what do they do? Do they share hobbies? Are they working on a job or project together? Or do they have to steal what little time they have to see each other?
  • What are their plans for the ideal future? Do they want to be adventurers together? Do they want to get away from conflict and settle down for a domestic life? What are their dreams about the future together?
  • Consider also the worst situation that they’re likely to face – what are their greatest fears? In a war I imagine there would be a great danger of one or both of them dying, how does that affect their time together?

The main consideration in writing a relationship of any kind, but especially a romantic one, is first why these characters at this time are feeling this way about one another, and second what their interaction and decision to be together changes in their lives. What do they get out of the relationship (fulfilment? Companionship? Mutual understanding?) and what consequences are there for them (changed priorities? A new vulnerability? Judgement from people around them?).

Treat the romance as any other subplot, map it out alongside your main plot line, with particular attention to how these two character’s interactions affect their involvement in the main plot, and how the main plot is going to affect the progression of their relationship.

20 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Young Adult Fiction/Romance

Originally posted by kallieburgers

YA Fiction is an incredibly popular genre of literature, and most people have picked one up and devoured it in less than a day, but there is a trend in the genre where in certain instances, people forfeit quality for a cheesy dramatic plot. A lot of these stories are just regurgitated cliches with vaguely interesting characters and just enough drama, fluff, and mildly (or extremely) sexual content to keep the reader paying attention. (No shade to the authors, because obviously, any author who writes and publishes a book works hard, no matter the end product.) 

There are a lot of aspects of YA Fiction that repeatedly rear their ugly heads and annoy readers or flat out scream dangerous messages to the young people that indulge in them. I thought I’d put the spotlight on a few in the hopes that it will help clean up the genre’s reputation as new and more awakened authors contribute content to it. 

Below you will read about some common mistakes that YA Fiction/Romance writers make that either ruin the story, promote dangerous messages, or unrealistically portray teenagers.

Making A Good Story

These are some things you should avoid doing when writing YA fiction/romance in order to make a generally enjoyable and enticing story.

Forgetting The Supporting Characters

The supporting characters are an important part of any story, even if the main plot revolves around two people. Supporting characters provide subplots, information to the reader, and more opportunities for your audience to connect and relate to your story. It’s always good to give your supporting characters love and attention when creating and writing them. Sometimes they end up carrying the story.

A mistake that a lot of authors make is that they give the reader a couple defining characteristics, a name, a relationship to the main character, and then just make that character pop into the reader’s view whenever the main plot needs them to. No backstory. No life of their own. Just support to the plot, and that’s a huge waste of potential. You don’t want your readers to put down your book and either forget the supporting characters existed at all, or believe that they were extra pieces of a puzzle.

Using Slang Badly

Writers should not feel the need to include current slang in order to make their story more relatable or popular amongst their targeted demographic. Slang is constantly changing, evolving, and most importantly, dying. Not to say that you should only write in traditional terms or put “thy” and “thee” everywhere, but using standard English and avoiding the trendy but temporary slang words is key. 

If you must use slang, try to use the bare minimum and only in fitting circumstances. If your character is the type to say “OMG her dat boi memes are on fleek” then, by all means, go right ahead, but you probably cringed when you read that. That would have been totally normal 2 years ago, but every bit of that sentence has died over time, and no matter how much you think a slang word will stick, don’t risk it.

Sympathy and Envy Mongering

Two emotions that YA Fiction and Romance always try to invoke in their readers are sympathy and envy. The author either wants the reader to feel bad for one or many of the characters, or they want them to be jealous of the awesome (and usually unrealistic) lives the characters have. Don’t be one of these. It’s tired and boring and not original in the slightest.

Are sympathy and empathy both totally okay emotions?


Are they all you need to write a good story?

Nope. Not at all.

The reader needs and wants to feel more than jealous of and sad for the characters in the story. The best stories are the ones that trigger a complex whirlwind of emotion. Sympathy and envy are the easy way out, and you get out of those emotions what you put into them. 

Unrealistically Portraying Teenagers & Teenage Life

Teenagers look up to and compare themselves and their lives to the characters and lives of the characters in your story. Keeping in mind that your audience is young and impressionable is essential for authors of the genre.

Love At First Sight

Love-at-first-sight does not happen. Infatuation, maybe, but love is more complicated than that. Writing a plot based on “love at first sight” can leave a bad taste in your readers’ mouths from the start, and that is something you should avoid at all costs. On top of that, love-at-first-sight is a very easy-way-out move and if you’re dedicated to your characters and your story, there’s a good to fair chance that you can come up with a more satisfying build up.

Unrealistic Romantic Situations

If you’ve ever opened a YA Romance, chances are you’ve read a scene in which the protagonist and the love interest end up in a stunningly beautiful place and the love interest sweeps the protagonist off their feet prior to riding into the sunset. This, unfortunately, does not happen very often, especially in teenage relationships. The most romance you’re going to get (usually) is the love interest offering to pay for the protagonist’s bag of skittles with the leftover money from their paycheck they earned at McDonald’s.

Just because teenagers don’t really go to great lengths to rent an entire ice-skating rink in the middle of the night so they and their crush can skate to Ellie Goulding music doesn’t mean there can’t be cute and memorable moments. Great doesn’t always equal grand and that’s important to remember. A lot of the time, teenagers appreciate fantasizing about things that are actually possible.

Happy Endings

Not all stories have to end happily, and you’ve definitely been told this before, but nobody ever takes into account how stories about teenagers have so much potential when it comes to endings. Teenagers read books about teenagers and unfortunately, this means that a lot of them will take what you’re writing about and try to change their own lives to match. Be honest in your depiction about what actually happens when you leave high school. 

The majority of the time, high school sweethearts won’t stay together. Long distance won’t work, they’ll find someone else, the spark will die out, their personalities will undergo drastic changes, and their goals and plans for the future will turn out differently than they expected. “And they lived happily ever after” is criticized harshly for a reason, especially in YA and YA Romance. Most stories don’t end happily, but there is more than one story in a person’s life and giving a person their happy ending as they graduate high school is a great injustice, to your character and your readers.

Avoiding The Dark Parts Of Teenage Life

Teenagers, despite what a lot of the media claims, go through some really serious and stressful and damaging things. Teenagers suffer from mental illness and deal with the intense pressure of the education system and hold their heads high in the face of stigma over every little detail about them. They suffer from eating disorders and body dysmorphia and self-harm tendencies, and that doesn’t even bring into account the bullying and family issues and the stress of constantly learning and feeling things for the very first time with little to no guidance or assurance or resources to ask for help. It is hard being a teenager. Do not forget that, and don’t leave the actual teenagers reading your story feeling underrepresented and/or abnormal because they aren’t as stress-free as the characters they look up to.

Exaggerating How Teenagers Interact With Each Other

A lot of teenage interactions are short, awkward, and uneventful. Teenagers aren’t super eloquent and socially apt, but YA Fiction seems to believe they are. It’s quite rare that a teenager will just walk up to someone they like, say “wanna go to dinner on Saturday?” and all will be fine and dandy. It’s quite rare that a teenager will saunter up to someone who talked about them behind their back, say something super clever and damaging to their enemy’s ego, and saunter off like the king/queen of the world. Those interactions look great in our heads, but they usually contain a few stuttered words and “um”s and blushing. Confidence is usually a trait that people develop later in life, so try not to push it if you’re trying to be realistic.

Maturity of Teenagers

Teenagers are underdeveloped human beings with minimal experience in most areas of life. They do not have it all figured out. A lot of YA books revolve around characters that are extremely intelligent, disciplined and ambitious at a level of maturity a 25-year-old be on. This is not accurate. Making characters “awkward” or “childish” does not have anything to do with how mature they seem to readers. There is a distinct difference between an awkward girl with childlike innocence and a girl who makes mistakes, does not have her life figured out, and is not yet comfortable with casual social interaction. The latter things I mentioned are pretty universal when it comes to teenagers. 

Unfitting Aspirations

There are more than two paths in life. It seems that in YA you’re either going to graduate, get married, pop out a couple kids and live the rest of your life in the suburbs, or you’re going to leave home, go to college, travel for 20 years and settle in some random country in Europe writing poetry until the end of your days. There is no in between, which sucks. There are a lot of interesting things you can do in life, not to say that either of the two life paths I mentioned are uninteresting. You could take a gap year and travel the world, go to college, move back home for a couple years then maybe get a job that has you traveling and exploring new things for the rest of your life. You could meet the love of your life in college and have some kids but put them in online school so you could travel with them. You could live your whole life in an awesome cabin in the forest casting spells and adopting wild squirrels. There are so many ways life can be and restricting it to opposite extremes takes the imagination out of the future. 

Not All Teenagers Think Their Relationships Will Last Forever

This one is pretty self explanatory, so long story short, not every relationship a teenager enters into is with the end goal of staying together forever, or even more than a few months. Most teenage relationships are pretty short and not very meaningful, and portraying every single couple in your stories as “we’ve been going strong for 2 years and plan on getting married right after graduation” is inaccurate and will probably cause your readers some disappointment in the future.

Relationships Aren’t A Teenager’s Only Concern

Most teenagers are more concerned about the F they got on a History test than they are about who they’re going to stare at next period. Everyone has more than just their crush to worry about. Some teenagers have to worry about where they’re going to get their next meal or how they’re going to get a ride home from school or even how they can apologize to a friend they’ve hurt. It’s not all about relationships for teenagers, in fact, relationships are a pretty small part of teenage life. If all your character has to think about is the hottie they sit next to in Biology, perhaps you should work a little more on character development.

Unnatural Appearances

Most teenagers are not model-level attractive. All teenagers have break-outs and leave the house late with greasy hair or with their shirt on inside out. No teenager shows up at school every day looking absolutely flawless, as if they’re about to walk down the runway. Please keep that in mind, because portraying teenagers accurately, especially when it comes to physical aspects such as weight, acne, etc. is super important. In YA and YA Romance, you must keep in mind that the teenagers you are trying to appeal to should not feel like a piece of trash because they aren’t as perfect as your characters. Yes, YA Fiction is Fiction, but just because you know that it’s unrealistic doesn’t mean your readers do. Readers of YA Fiction compare themselves to the characters in your books whether you like it or not. It is not hard to realistically portray physical appearances of teenagers. 

Avoiding Dangerous Messages

A common problem found in YA Fiction is the lacing of dangerous messages found in the smaller details. You may miss them the first couple times you read a story, but if you go looking for them, you will find them, and perhaps you will find the source of a lot of mistakes you’ve made. YA has a bad habit of endorsing mindsets that lead to bad decisions. Some of them, however, can be avoided in your own writing.

The Need To Change The “Flawed” One

Nobody in this world is perfect. Expecting the person you supposedly love to be flawless all the time is not realistic. People make mistakes. People are not always happy and bubbly and confident about themselves. People do not always act the same one day as they did the day before. Human beings are flawed and should be portrayed as such, especially in the stage of their life which is the most confusing and scary. Teenagers are underdeveloped human beings, and for some reason, teenager girls in YA Romance expect teenage boys to be charming and loving and never ever make a mistake, which is ridiculous. Creating love interests that appear flawless and can make no mistakes is detrimental to your audience. It raises your readers’ expectations to an unattainable level which causes them disappointment and might cause their future partners unrepairable damage to their self-esteem because they’ll think that in order to find a partner, they cannot be flawed and cannot make mistakes. 

Glorification Of Illegal Activity

It’s not “cool” or “edgy” to pump yourself full of deadly and mind-altering substances you know absolutely nothing about. It doesn’t make you “badass” and it isn’t a personality trait unless that trait is stupid. Whatever your position is on drugs or alcohol or whatever, there is no excuse for putting the idea in the heads of young readers that doing things that are illegal and addictive and that might even get you killed is ok. Not only because most of your readers are younger than 21, but because it will always be dangerous to take drugs, commit crimes, and drink. Your choices are your choices. Don’t impose your habits and excuses on kids who don’t know any better.

Slut Shaming

News flash: it’s 2017, people. Nobody cares who you’re kissing or dating or having sex with. People are finally getting used to the idea that maybe, just maybe, it’s not the end of the world if you do whatever you want, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else. This recurring theme of “I hate this person because they do what they want with their body” is getting old and annoying. Believe what you will regarding religion and morals and what is right or wrong or whatever you want to believe in, but the second you start turning your story into a commentary on the decisions and beliefs of other people, you’re in the wrong. There are other, more creative reasons to make your characters hate each other than their sexual activity. 

Forgetting The First Times

One of the most exciting parts of being a teenager is that everything you’re experiencing, you’re experiencing for the first time. Everything is confusing and exciting and 10x more painful or memorable or enjoyable, and that’s neglected all the time in YA. I don’t mean the common trope of the first kiss or the losing of virginity. I mean love and infatuation and loss and heartbreak; it’s all happening to them for the first time in their lives, and these events make up their memories that they will carry with them forever. Teenage years are incredibly heavy times for people. It is, after all, the years in which they learn the most and the fastest and where the majority of their brain development takes place. These moments that you’re writing, the first kiss, the first time having sex, the first time your character loses someone they love, they’re all going to determine how your character will develop in the future. Treat them that way. Teach young readers that it’s normal and perfectly okay to be scared and inexperienced and lost. That’s the bitter-sweet part of youth and it’s beautiful.

Bad Boys And Boring Girls

Bad Boys are, in reality, bad news. The real “bad boys” in this world are slimy, manipulative jerks who trick girls (usually more than one at a time) into thinking they have feelings for them, using them for things like sex or money, and then either end up controlling their entire lives, introducing drugs and problems, or breaking their hearts. It’s sad, but it’s reality. Yes, there’s always a cause for this behavior, and sometimes these bad boys grow out of it, but that’s not always the case. Portraying these bad boys as “changeable” is not only dangerous for the female readers but also the men in their future. If you make girls think that they can change whomever they’re with to be the perfect prince charming, they will never be satisfied with someone who is flawed (spoiler alert: everyone is flawed) and they may destroy the self-esteem of whoever they’re with by making them think they need to change to be lovable.

Boring Girls are, sort of, connected to bad boys in this sense. They show up in every story, which makes sense financially because authors who make more relatable main characters sell more books. It’s just demographics. But at the same time, this stretch for a wider audience can end up influencing girls’ expectations of themselves and their love lives. If you make every protagonist completely boring, compliant, and devoid of strong, defining traits, girls will take that as advice. They will learn that all a girl has to do to make people fall in love with them is sit quietly and be pretty, which is horrible, in case you hadn’t noticed. Teach girls to look up to strong characters with rich personalities. Nowadays, that counts as an original idea.


Portraying every aspect of teenage life and teenagers themselves as if you opened a book full of cliches, closed your eyes and pointed at something is not ok. High schools and families and personalities are different wherever you go, and making blind generalizations about aspects of teenage life can not only change how your reader interprets their own lives, but how adult readers assume teenage life is when they’re not around. It is important to not reinforce the assumption that there is always a popular clique and mean jocks and awkward nerds and dead-beat stoners because these stereotypes are a way for people to justify their snap-judgements, and not only does that say a lot about you as an author, but that will breed a whole new generation of judgmental, close-minded people.

Glorification Of Unhealthy Relationship Behaviors

I’m gonna say this once: It is not “hot” to have the love interest constantly putting restrictions on their supposed loved one. It’s not okay to borderline stalk someone and use “I love you” as an excuse, even if the person reciprocates your feelings. It is unhealthy to ignore someone when they say “no, no, not now” or “no, stop, not here” when you’re in the middle of initiating sex or even just kissing. It is disgusting when romance, especially YA Romance, which has mostly young, impressionable readers taking in your messages, promotes these behaviors like they’re something to strive for. Like it or not, your writing is going to alter the way they imagine a “perfect” relationship. If you aren’t willing to take that responsibility seriously, you should not be writing YA, and especially not YA Romance.

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Strangers In My Town | Jon Snow

Previous Chapter

—Chapter 2 of Seeking Serendipity (a Jon Snow Fanfic)—

A/N: Thanks a ton to whoever read my first 2 entries of this fanfic! I love you guys! I still can’t believe so many of you would read my work :’)

Warnings: Some use of swear words and innuendos. 

Word Count: 1928 words.

Summary: When King Robert reaches Winterfell, Ireyne Lannister is intrigued by the mysteries of the North; Jon’s eye catches someone.


It had become suddenly chillier in the past two days, compared to last week. Winter is certainly coming, Jon thought to himself as he took long strides in the dimly lit stone hallways of Winterfell. The past few days had been extremely strange and chaotic. What with the news of the King and his entourage heading for Winterfell, and the arrival of six untrained direwolf pups in the household, the Starks had had their hands full, not a minute to breathe. 

They seemed to be taking out all stops in their preparation for the King. Jon is certain he’s never seen this much meat and wine in the Winterfell kitchens. Ever. When he’d strolled in there with Robb earlier in the day, looking for Jory to tell him Maester Luwin wished to speak to him, Jon hadn’t expected the place to be stacked with barrels of wine, wheels of cheese, and meat being cut on three different tables; cheese lined one whole table, stacked to the point where they could just roll off should he poke one wheel. 

He found out eventually that that wasn’t the case really, considering that while he distracted a boy who worked in the kitchens, Robb managed to nick a small wheel of cheese, which he hid under his cloak, and the rest of it didn’t crash to the floor. The two boys had sneaked out then, a jug of ale in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other; Robb had suggested that they both go and break their fasts by the water banks today - since the King was due to arrive in the next two days, most of the chores had been completed, finally leaving plenty of time for relaxation. Knowing that once the guests were here, he wouldn’t be able to see Jon much, Robb thought it best to spend some time with his brother, hoping to cheer his mood up a smidgen. 

Later that afternoon, all the Stark children - and Jon - had also been warned on how to behave properly once the King and his family were here. His father, Ned Stark, had gone on talking for nearly an hour - reminding his sons to not spar with one another at any given time; telling the girls to not speak too much, only answering if spoken to; do not roam the halls at night; all of you stay away from the West Halls, no need to disturb the Royal family; do not let the direwolves roam around; no drinking; no swearing, boys. I’ll have your heads if I hear you cursing around them. After he was through lecturing them all, he dismissed them, saying he’d see them at dinner that night. That was nearly a week ago. Lord Eddard Stark, for all the years Jon had seen his father, had never looked so tense and stressed. Jon wondered why, the King was his father’s friend, so why be so anxious over him visiting? Of course Jon didn’t get the opportunity to linger on the thought for too long, for there was always work to be done, things to be carried around, orders to be obeyed.  

“Jon?”, a voice sounded from behind the boy, who stumbled a bit, not expecting anyone to be awake at this ungodly hour. 


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Everyone is afraid of something. We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you didn’t feel anything.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
  • Venus in the 1st: seeks beauty, femininity, softness
  • Venus in the 2nd: sugar daddy
  • Venus in the 3rd: teacher crush
  • Venus in the 4th: seeks beautiful traits of the mother's
  • Venus in the 5th: 's/he would be a wonderful father/mother'
  • Venus in the 6th: doctor crush
  • Venus in the 7th: 'bad boys'
  • Venus in the 8th: forbidden romances
  • Venus in the 9th: love abroad
  • Venus in the 10th: seeks safety of an older figure
  • Venus in the 11th: internet romance
  • Venus in the 12th: fictional character romance

I think one of my favorite aspects of the Six of Crows duology is the fact that Kaz and Inej do not end up together.

And that’s not because I don’t ship them.

It’s because Inej, unlike so many YA heroines, isn’t what “heals” Kaz. Her love doesn’t magically fix him or make him a better person. He wants to change for her– he wants to get over his phobia of human touch. He wants her to love him. But it isn’t some overnight happening. He doesn’t suddenly overcome his affliction because of his love for her.

In the end, Kaz is still morally ambiguous, sometimes outright corrupt, and still has severe PTSD trauma.

And while Inej might love Kaz despite those things, she is not willing to lower her worth to accept them in a relationship. “I will have you without your armor, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.”

That was one of the most powerful YA heroine lines to her love interest that I’ve ever read. So many fictional girls (and real girls, for that matter) stay in the hopes of fixing a man, of healing his brokenness. Inej wants to heal him, but she understands that she cannot. Only Kaz can heal himself. Only he can want it enough to change. And it won’t be some overnight affair. Wanting to change and actually changing are two entirely different things. Kaz will have to go through agonizing changes if he ever wants to grow.

So far, he has accepted that he is the “demon of the barrel”. He still wants to burn the world down. He is still angry and hurting. He talks about wondering why over the years, with every violent turn his life takes, why his phobia has only gotten worse. It’s because he’s let himself rot in it. He’s stripped any and all goodness in the world down to the barest threads.

That’s why he is not ready for Inej. Inej, who might have her own issues and flaws, but who still has hope for a better world. Who is still willing to fight for it.

It’s not Kaz’s inability to touch her that she wants him to work on. It’s his mindset. His finality in the evil in his heart and his acceptance of it. He will never get over his phobia until he can understand goodness, the goodness of touch, the goodness of man.

And Inej will not accept him while he still holds on to that armor of hatred. And I think that is beautiful. It is healthy. It shows a level of self-respect that is often sadly absent from our fiction today.

...Till Dusk

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—Chapter 6 of Seeking Serendipity (a Jon Snow Fanfic)—

A/N(s): this is the continuation of the previous chapter: “From Dawn…”

  1. I’m sorry for what the last chapter did to you guys; I appreciate all the asks and messages I received. 
  2. This chapter is dedicated to everyone who’s still reading my story. 
  3. Also, since there wasn’t any Jon x Ireyne in the previous chapter, this chapter has a bit of the dynamic duo. I hope you like it. 

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2257 words

Sinking deeper into the tub of hot water, Ireyne let the heat take control of her skin, sighing in relief as the water scalded her body up to her neck. The heat seemed to burn away the memories of the morning past. Ireyne could still not wrap her head around the events that had occurred today; her mind was still half numb and half shocked - it was as though she had experienced everything from someone else’s body and not her own. She could feel fresh tears stream down her cheeks, her body shaking once more.

“Oh Ireyne. Shh, there now, everything is fine.” Vaera, her handmaiden, whispered, sitting next to her on a stool, running her hands through Ireyne’s hair. When she’d found her way back to Winterfell, Ireyne had carefully managed to evade every other soul in the castle, sneaking into her bedchamber, and only then had she allowed herself to break down. Only Vaera knew at this point of whatever happened. And Ireyne wanted to keep it that way. She knew she’d get herself in worse trouble if anyone found out she had sneaked off in the morning. 

“Vaera, please leave me alone for a while?” Ireyne softly murmured. Upon noticing her handmaiden’s crestfallen face, she continued, “I just- I want to be alone for a while. Please.”

Ireyne waited until she caught a low murmur of agreement from the young girl, and heard the heavy oak door close behind Vaera as she left. Leaning her head on the edge of the tub and letting her eyes fall shut, Ireyne’s mind wandered back to the woods, rethinking everything that happened in the last 12 hours…

They laughed.

The sound echoed in her mind as his hand moved lower, much lower, ready to hike up her skirt and - please, no. Her mind willed for all this to stop. And as the men laughed, their obnoxious roars filling the air, their stench invading her nostrils, more tears flowing down her cheeks, her body shaking vigorously, and his hand moving dangerously down, under her skirt…

Her eyes shut tightly, a lone tear escaping, as Ireyne kept repeating her mantra, no, no, no, please, no, no, no, please no, stop, save me, please, no, Gods no, no, no, please…

The man holding her legs abruptly shifted, pulling her backwards and throwing her on the ground. Ireyne landed on her back, leaves scrunching up under her weight. She braced her weight on her left hand, the right one sliding back underneath her cloak and clenching at her dress. 

One of the men moved forward now, “it will be easier this way pretty lass…” he smirked. The other three men stood a few feet behind, leaning against tree trunks, waiting for the show to begin. The bearded man stood over Ireyne, legs placed on either side of her, as he began to undo his pants and bend down at the same time. 

He was a few inches away from her, when Ireyne pulled out her dagger from behind her and, with quick, deft hands, swung her hand to the left side, neatly slitting his throat. Blood came spurting out, staining her delicate hands and coloring her pale yellow dress crimson. The man was holding onto his bleeding neck, choking on his blood, eyes wide as he fell at her feet. The other three men stood stock-still, shocked, for a few moments. 

And in those few moments, Ireyne hurriedly got to her feet and started running in the opposite direction. 

She didn’t know how long she’d been running - it might’ve been seconds, minutes, hours or even days. Ireyne wasn’t sure how time moved. She could hear those men following her, their panting breath growing louder and louder, their hefty footfalls sounding closer and closer…

Out of the corner of her eye, Ireyne saw something large and white rush past her, followed by a blood-curling scream from behind her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the white wolf from Godswood mauling one of the men while the other two continued chasing her.

And she ran, further, faster, straining her aching legs and willing herself to keep running. She kept hearing screams of pain and howls behind her but not once did she turn back. Looking ahead, Ireyne could faintly see a figure running towards her. She panicked a little, bracing herself to stab whoever it was. Men behind her and a man in front; she seemed to have no escape. However, as the man drew closer, the blonde realized just exactly who it was - Jon.

“Ireyne?!” he exclaimed, his eyes wide as he took in her appearance. 

“Jon…” his name rolled off her tongue. Looking behind her, Jon caught sight of the man chasing her. As if that jump-started his senses, Jon grabbed Ireyne’s hand in his own and roughly pulled her behind himself, before lunging forward to fight the wildling off. 

Ireyne watched in fear as Jon drew his sword from its scabbard, and aimed it at the burly man. They seemed to engage in a rough, uncoordinated dance of sorts. The bearded man lunged and attacked every which way, his movements hasty yet forceful. Jon seemed to dodge and jump around much more swiftly, his movements fast yet rather defensive. For a few moments they seemed to dance around in circles, attacking and defending; the wild man seemed tired of this game, however, because he threw aside his spear and abruptly knelt, surprising Jon. His distraction was all that Ireyne’s attacker needed for he now easily grasped Jon’s legs and pulled forcefully, managing to knock Jon off his feet. The man stood up and kicked Jon’s sword away, kicking him sharply in the abdomen. 

Ireyne stood in utter horror now. If she’d been scared a few moments before, she was now terrified. She watched the man beat Jon mercilessly, kicking his shins and stomach repeatedly. 

Jon rolled around in the ground, his body aching, too overwhelmed to gather his senses again and fight back. From his position on the ground, Jon couldn’t see Ireyne; he knew she was behind the wildling and could only hope she had enough logic in her to run away while she had the chance. The man laughed, kicking Jon over on his back, and knelt over him. Jon - through the pain that clouded his vision and threatened to pull him into a dark void - saw the man raise his clenched fist up high - ready to strike down on his face; Jon’s eyes shut tightly, mentally bracing himself for the impending blow. 

But the blow never came. Only something warm sprayed on his face, smelling very strongly like iron - like blood. Jon opened his eyes to see the vicious man choking on his own blood, a deep gash evident on his throat. Jon glanced behind the man to see Ireyne standing there, her eyes wide and chest heaving, holding the wildling’s chin in one of her hands while the other was by her side, a blood drenched dagger clasped tightly in it. 

“You..?” Jon couldn’t finish his sentence.

Ireyne could only nod her head, words escaping her. 

Jon didn’t move. 

She still said nothing. 

They stood motionless for what felt like ages, neither Jon nor Ireyne uttering a word - perhaps not even breathing for a few moments. They simply looked at the ground, at the blood pooling on it, staining everything red. Eventually, Jon seemed to regain his senses for he began to stand up, staggering a little, biting back moans of pain. Ireyne continued to stand still, the shock and weight of what happened - what could have happened - sinking in, making her freeze. 

It was a gentle touch to her hand that broke Ireyne from her reverie. She flinched violently at the sensation without realizing what it was. Jon stood closer to her than she realized, and it was his warm hand that had touched hers. He seemed hesitant, unsure of what to do, what to say to her. 

Thinking of nothing better, Jon eventually reached for her hand again, keeping his grey eyes locked on her blue ones. Gently taking hold of her smaller hand, Jon wrapped his fingers around hers, tugging at her hand to force her to start moving with him. 

Throughout the duration of their walk back to Winterfell, Jon didn’t let go of her hand; Ireyne was extremely grateful for the contact for she felt like her mind and body were two separate entities at the moment; she felt herself shaking, unsteady on her own two feet. Jon’s hand seemed to root her to the ground; he seemed to be the only reason she was putting one foot in front of the other repeatedly. He had to be the reason considering he was the one almost dragging her - albeit gently - back home.

Sometime during their impromptu hike, he’d draped his fur cloak over her smaller form, effectively warming her and concealing her crimson-tainted dress. Ireyne didn’t know exactly how he’d managed to steer her away from everyone else and secretly escort her to her chamber without a soul knowing what had happened. Ireyne had told him in one strict sentence that he wasn’t supposed to tell anyone that she had wandered off to the forest by herself - and got caught. Jon understood she wanted to avoid the torment and degrading glances she would get if word got out - people in Westeros were excellent at formulating rumors and false stories about girls which aimed to besmirch their name, especially if they were of noble birth and house. 

And so he’d agreed to keep silent, still maintaining their skin-to-skin contact - only letting go of her hand once she was outside of her chambers safely. 

Memories of the day rushed back to Ireyne who sniffled a bit once again and firmly shook her head, trying to relieve herself of the torturous thoughts. Glancing outside the window, the youngest Lannister noted the sun was setting - the time for the sun to set in the North was far greater than in King’s Landing, she dully comprehended. 

Dressed in a simple white nightgown with tiny red flowers creeping up the bottom, Ireyne sat in a chair in front of the mirror, letting Vaera brush out the tangles from her blonde hair. Usually, Ireyne did such tasks herself - or at least preferred to - but tonight, she was far too tired, both emotionally and physically.

“Do you think he’s alright?” Vaera soft, accented voice spoke in the far too silent bedchamber.

Ireyne didn’t need to ask about whom Vaera was talking about. 

“I don’t know.” Ireyne responded. “He should be…” she trailed off, uncertainty apparent in her voice. She hadn’t thought back to him once since she’d locked herself in her room today. Tyrion was informed that his sister wasn’t feeling well and requested to be alone. He’d tried to see her, but Ireyne was adamant about letting anyone in. The whole day had passed and she’d been awake from dawn till dusk. She was tired, her bones aching and her mind begging for sleep - the fur draped bed looked so so enticing; inviting enough to let almost every other thought evaporate from her brain. Except one nagging thought. 

Jon sat on his bed in his chambers, events of the day running around in his restless mind. He supposed he was lucky - the wildling hadn’t bruised his face, only his ribs and stomach and back. It made it easier to hide the events past from everyone else, at least until his father came home. Jon had decided to keep his lips sealed, knowing the kinds of rumors and trouble it would bring Ireyne if he let his tongue slip. But he couldn’t just let the knowledge that a couple of wildlings had wandered so close to Winterfell be hidden for long. Jon therefore surmised it was best to let his Lord Father know of the unfortunate occurrence - in private. He would do so as soon as they came back from their hunting trip. 

The downside of his decision was the fact that he had to invent a mad story to explain why he was limping and in pain. Jon decided that the ‘I fell off my horse when it stumbled over roots in the forest’ story was his best coverup. So far, he’d narrated his incredible story - which gained intricate details each time he retold it - to Jory, Mikken, Arya, Maester Luwin, and Bran. Jon had an exceptionally difficult time evading the maester when he said he wanted to check for bruises and wounds, knowing that Maester Luwin would recognize the bruises for stemming from something far more sinister than falling off horses.

But all this meant that Jon hurt more than ever before. He knew his chest and abdomen had several, large, deeply hued bruises at this point. And they ached terribly so. He was wondering if there was any way he could obtain milk of poppy to sooth his battered body for a while and have a good night’s sleep tonight, when a soft knock sounded at his door, so soft he almost thought he’d imagined it.

Groaning and irked at whoever it was on the opposite side of the door, Jon limped his way off the bed to unlock it. Irritably, he swung open the heavy oak door much more forcefully than he intended to, finding himself face to face with-


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I know some of you messaged me about wanting/hoping to see Jon save Ireyne from assault. And I did think about it, truly. But I figured something: 

A girl doesn’t always primarily need to be saved by a guy. And a girl can most definitely save a guy’s ass when the time arises. 

I know she didn’t do it all by herself, but Jon wasn’t the main person saving her. I wanted to keep things this way. I wanted to show that they both worked together - like a team. I’m not sure how well I got my point across but its what I intended to do.  

Let me know what you thought of this chapter! If possible, I’d like a review on the following things:

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Stormy Nights (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: Richie and Eddie are both teenagers (roughly 16) and both of their family lives are getting worse, particularly Richie’s. One night Richie cant take it anymore and sneaks through Eddie’s window to stay the night.

Warning(s): Mentions of emotional and mental abuse, cussing, FLUFF/ANGST??? fuck i love reddie

A/N: Hello all! My main account is @edsrich and I wont be posting my imagines for IT here anymore is based around marvel-  but I created this one here! And I livE AND BREATHE for Reddie.  Yes, this takes place whilst the Losers Club are all in their teen years, frankly because I find it easier to write certain things that aren’t as cute and innocent (despite Richie & the other boys being fAR from iNNocent). I hope you enjoy! Feedback, positive and negative is appreciated!

Eddie laid in bed watching ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, whilst wearing a navy shirt and oversized sweats to keep him comfy. It was currently 9PM on a random Wednesday in the middle of Summer, today was a basic day; it involved hanging out with Bill and Richie for the day as Stan, Ben and Mike were busy. 

Ever since the incident that happened back in 1989, some had became distant from the group more than others. Beverly moved away the day after the losers defeated Pennywise itself, whilst Stan slowly distanced himself and Mike seemed to be working a lot. Ben was just busy on this random day and couldn’t hang out with the other boys.

Eddie rumbles a grunt in the back of his throat, sitting up and adjusting his white pillowcases in a more comfortable position and he places his smaller frame back down onto his mattress and continues to watch ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. 

Ripples of lightning sliced through the cloud smothered sky, alongside with the summer showers that poured down upon the town of Derry, which alone created a moody atmosphere for Eddie. Eddie flinched as the crackles from the rumbling thunder shocked him every now and then. Branches tapped against his window as the wind swirled them against the glass repeatedly, too startling the teen.

Suddenly, a large bang- much larger than the small twigs- impacted the glass of the window, causing Eddie to squeak.

The startled boy frantically looked to where the noise was, only to see large bulky glasses and brown curly hair. Richie.

Eddie, at first, thought he was seeing things-  which caused him to raise his hands and wipe his eyes from the sleep that stuck in his inner corners, but to no avail- it was Richie, soaked for that matter.

Eddie stood up, walking over to his window and slowly and silently opened the window- careful not to wake his over protective mother, he quickly helped his best friend into his room with a soft grunt and no noise from Richie.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing here?” Eddie whispered a bit, rain splatting his pale cheeks before quickly shutting the window before any more rain flew inside.

“It’s nice to see you too, Eds.” Richie mumbled, for once not making a snarky remark.

Eddie went over to his door, shutting it before looking over his shoulder. “Don’t call me Eds.”

The corner of Richie’s lips tugged up into his signature smirk at Eddie’s signature remark to his own, as he removed his thick rimmed glasses, attempting to wipe away the droplets that stuck to his lenses. He pushed his fingers inside of his wet shirt and rubbed the material against the glass, his attempts failing.

“Here, hold on.” Eddie sighed, walking up to the taller boy and taking the glasses away and using his own shirt to smear away the droplets, this time much more successfully.

Richie watched, his tongue poking his cheek with his thoughts all over the place- but continued to keep remotely silent unless he was spoken too.

Eddie finished cleaning his friends glasses, before holding them up and putting them on Richie’s face for him, a confused look remaining on his face as he watches Richie’s eyes grow larger due to the lenses that were suited for his eye sight.

“What happened, Richie? Why are you here- I-I mean, I’m not complaining but this is just fucking unusual.” Eddie rambled a bit, a voice crack slipping into his sentance 

This caused Richie to smirk despite the emotions he currently was feeling, Eddie knew his background and what his family was like. He knew his Mother was an alcoholic and that his Father was just plain cruel to him for no apparent reason. Both parents had in fact told him this very night that they would’ve rather had a daughter than for him to even exist. Sure, his Mother was drunk; his Father was beyond stressed, but he was sober and agreed with every word that his Mother slurred.

Not to mention, ‘a drunken mans words is a sober mans thoughts’, even if his Mother wasn’t a man.

“It was them again, Eds.”

Eddie chose to ignore the nickname that he had a love-hate feeling for, instead becoming concerned, “Who?” 

Richie sighed, “Mom and Dad, as fucking usual. I fucking hate them.” His cusses had a bite to them, the brown hairs of his eyebrows furrowing more and more.

Eddie quickly realised the situation, “Oh shit, alright- fuck, um, do you want some of my clothes to sleep in?”

Richie smiled genuinely, glad he had Eddie as his friend. “Yeah.”

Eddie nodded, turning and kneeling as he dug through his pyjama’s drawer, nervously shoving away the porno magazines that were messily tossed at the top of the pile. He as a teenage boy had his needs, but that wasn’t what he was embarrassed about showing or even Richie seeing- he was embarrassed incase Richie saw that his porn stash wasn’t full of lewd pictures of women, but of the opposite gender.

Richie looked around the familiar bedroom, seeing posters of movies that Eddie was fond of and even photographs of him in his childhood and with his friends, being Bill, Stan and himself with Eddie dangling on the end next to Richie.

Richie’s eyes then snapped to the cheap TV, smirking to himself. “Little Shop of Horrors? Really? This is what you come home to and watch for fun?”

Eddie frowned, without looking at Richie. “Little Shop of Horrors is in fact, one of the best movies of all time.” 

“No, Eds, it’s one of your best movies that you like. Hell, it’s a damn musical.” Richie snickered.

“Actually, Richie, it’s labelled as a Science Fiction and Romance movie, which to me is quite entertaining.”

“But it’s funny because you’re watching a movie with ‘Horror’ in the title.”

“Now why is that funny?” Eddie spoke stubbornly, standing up and turning to look at his friend with a shirt and sweatpants in his arms.

“Because you cried in fear watching Jaws, Eds.” 

Heat rose to Eddie’s cheeks, scoffing as he didn’t push the subject any more and dropped the clothes onto his bed.

“I’ll just turn around whilst you change, you can’t leave this room just incase my Mom comes in and see’s you.”

“Your Mom has already seen all of me, Eds.”

“That’s so not funny.” Eddie grumbled angrily, his nose lightly scrunching up at Richie’s words.

Richie rolled his eyes smugly, smirking towards his friend. “Whatever Eds, I’m sure you’ll be tempted to turn around.”

The heat flared even more on Eddie’s cheeks, his eyebrows furrowing and turning around. “Whatever, shut up and change.”

Richie stared at the small boys frame, his eyes wandering for a second as he began to strip and too turning away to look out the window. Awkward silence filled the air, the two boys hearts pounding profusely for each other, without the other knowing it yet.

Richie holds up the shirt once the sweat pants are slid on in front of his bare chest, tilting his head. 

“Now, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this?”

Eddie turns around, again- his heart pounding in his throat and his blush spreading to his chest. “Put it on, asshole!”

“I don’t like sleeping in shirts dude, you know this.” Richie partly whined this comment, stomping his bare foot lightly against the creaking wood beneath him.

Eddie hesitated his words, “Fine, but don’t be fucking creepy about it.”

Richie hummed in satisfaction, plotting his rear on the bed that belonged to his best friend, bouncing on it for a second. “Your bed is comfy.”

“Oh, thanks?” Eddie tilted his head in confusion before sighing and going to his VHS system, “Since you’re a huge hater on Little Shop of Horror’s, what do you want to watch?”

Richie stood up, walking behind the smaller boy with one hand on the upper side of his body and looking over his shoulder at the selection of VHS tapes to choose from, causing Eddie to stiffen up at first, only centre-meters were between Richie’s bare chest and Eddie’s back. “What do you have for me to choose from?”

“U-Uh, I got Star Wars, Dirty Dancing- um, Back to the Future, Batman-”

“Hold up, did you say Dirty Dancing?”

“Yes, I did. It is a beautiful romance musical about dirty dancing, what more could you want?” Eddie spoke with annoyed sarcasm, frowning, “Just because it’s in my collection, doesn’t mean I watch it dumbass.”

Richie grinned at Eddie’s temper flaring slightly, “Calm down, Eds. Its fine if you want to watch dirty dancing at 1AM, we all understand.” Richie teased, “How about we watch Batman?”

Eddie ignored Richie’s teases once again, before nodding and grapping the VHS tape that was labelled ‘Batman’, taking out Little Shop of Horrors and sliding in the new tape.

The rain poured down heavier and violently pitter pattered against the window, the cold air chilling the two boys equally.

“Nice weather we’re having, don’t you agree?”

“Fucking lovely.” Eddie retorted, chuckling a bit and responding with equal sarcasm.

The two eventually laid down side by side on the bed side by side with the lights off and Batman playing in front of them in low quality. Their arms grazed each other every now and then, as well as their legs too.

“I’m sorry about what happened with your parents.” Eddie whispered over the film’s sound.

Richie took his eyes away from the screen, looking down at his friend. “Don’t be, they’re assholes.”

“They are, but you don’t deserve that shit.”

“Yeah, neither do you though. Your Mom’s a bitch too.” Richie sighed this out, inching closer to Eddie.

“I know but, both of your parents… you know-”

“Hate me, yeah I get it.” Richie mumbled, “I’m not surprised, I’m a shit son. I’d hate me too.”

Eddie sits up lightly, frowning at Richie’s harsh words that were stabs at himself. “Not everyone hates you Richie.”

“I’m annoying, I put up this stupid act and I make unnecessary dick jokes all the time.”

“I don’t hate you…” Eddie trailed off, blushing a bit but hoping it was hidden by the dark room. 

“It’s actually weird to hear someone say that to me, considering I get it all the time.” Richie chuckled dryly, sighing and tilting his head back. “Thankyou, Eds.”

Eddie didn’t even care in this moment that he was called ‘Eds’, but instead rested his head against Richie’s bare chest. Richie was at first startled with wide eyes, his cheeks becoming red instantly. But soon settled, his heart beating heavily and resting one arm around Eddie. His only hope was that Eddie couldn’t hear his heart.

Batman continued to play lowly in the background, but the boys only solely focused on each other and nothing else. Both becoming sleepy as the night carried on and it became later and later, both laying with each other like never before.

Eventually, Richie used his free arm to take his glasses away from his eyes and places them on the side table of Eddie’s bed quietly, yawning whilst Eddie snuggled a little closer sleepily, with lidded eyes.

“You know, Eds? I’m really fucking glad I have you in my life.” Richie whispers to a half asleep Eddie.

Eddie just about lets out a dazed smile with closed eyes, “I love you too, Richie.”

Richie’s cheeks steam up, his eyes widening a bit and he slowly shifts his eyes to the boys well kept head of hair, rubbing his fingers into his shoulder and pulling him closer as Eddie, unknown of confessing his feelings, drifts into a sleep.

Richie then, noticing that his best friend has fallen asleep- leans down carefully, without wakening him, and then presses his chapped lips that had a small taste of cigarettes and candyfloss against Eddie’s temple.

“I love you more, Eds.”

Hum, I don’t remember seeing this so often, so I thought this could be cute and funny

Hope you like this! I’m glad to be back! 

RFA + Saeran in love with an oblivious MC


  • In your defense, how were you supposed to know? The guy is a flirting machine!
  • Okay, but if you paid a little more attention, you would notice Zen always finds excuses to touch your shoulders or hands
  • He also compliments not only your looks, but traces of your personality, because it’s something important to him, being able to seeing beyond appearance, you know?
  • Apparently, you don’t.  You just thank him and give a compliment back, smiling and driving him crazy for being so cute
  • And he knows he’s not being subtle at all (not even if he wanted to, he just… doesn’t know how to be subtle), he’s literally holding you by your shoulders, looking at you straight at your eyes, saying: “I love you, princess.”
  • And you’re just: “Wow Zenny! You need to warn me before getting in character! I almost believed in you for a second.”
  • D E A D
  • What does he need to do for you to understand, for Christ’s sake? Should he make a public appearance wearing a t-shirt where it’s written: “I ❤ U, MC!“
  • He should, and that’s what he does.
  • And you finally get it after his desperate move. That and his fans flooding social media begging this MC to notice him, why is she wasting such a chance? Is she crazy or whaaaat?
  • “No, just having a hard time to believe. It’s not everyday you find your celebrity crush loves you back, you know?” D E A D A G A I N


  • He is not exactly great at letting you know his feelings
  • Because whenever he sees you, his mind goes a little blank, he gets nervous and trips in his own words.
  • “Hi, Yoosung! How have you been?” “Thank you, so do you, MC.” WUT?
  • But when he calls you or texts you, it’s more natural. So you should have got the signs through that by now.
  • Because boy is always telling you how his day gets better after talking to you, how much he appreciates your encouraging words and how he would like to repay you one day.
  • By cooking for you, letting you beat him on LOLOL or… who knows? Taking you on a date? (he sent the text and L E A P E D away from the phone, knowing it was crazily bold of him)
  • “Okay! You better really let me beat you on LOLOL next time.” OH. MY. GOD! You can’t be real!
  • Seven is watching this PAINFUL conversation and laughing “MAY DAY! MAY DAY! WE HAVE A MAN DOWN! REPEAT! WE HAVE A MAN DOWN!” and you’re like wtf, dude?
  • But after that, he feels like really helping his bro: “Or you could really go on a date with him, MC.” “Oh… it’s fine, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to.”
  • “BUT I DO! I REALLY DO, MC!” (Yes, CAPS LOCK and everything) “See, MC? He really wants it, where are you guys going?”
  • “Well, I’ve always imagined my perfect date with Yoosung to be at…” MAN DOWN! REPEAT! WE HAVE A MAN DOWN! (from happiness this time)


  • She was pretty oblivious of her feelings herself for a long time
  • So she doesn’t get too frustrated you’re not aware of it, who is she to judge?
  • But once she does understand her feelings, she turns into a very different person around you.
  • Now she’s blushing much more when talking to you, always asking you to join her to hang out and discus things that aren’t related to the cafe.
  • Seriously, how could you not notice that she didn’t take her eyes off of you when the two of you were watching a Zen’s DVD together?
  • “Is there something on my face?”
  •  No, but there’s a crack on hers!
  • This poor woman… she has this urge of being honest, but at the same time, she’s so scary of doing it and messing up her first true friendship…
  •  And though she loves romantic movies and such, she’s not exactly one to expect real life to be like those and get frustrated when realizing it’s not possible. 
  • Then it hits her! Well, life isn’t exactly as fictional romance, but: “MC, remember that musical Zen played a pirate falling for the princess?” “Yeah, what about it?”
  • “I’m the pirate to your princess…” Awkward silence… “No, I’m the pirate to your princess.”


  • It would be hard for you to tell because he’s not super obvious about it.
  • I mean, he does take your opinion in consideration more than everybody else’s, he allows himself not to be so stiff and formal around you, he smiles so much around you, but, well… he’s kinda like this to Elizabeth as well, lol
  •  And he’s such a gentleman, so whenever he kisses the back of your hand, offers his jacket suit to you when it’s cold and treats you like a queen, for you, he’s just being polite like he was raised to be.
  • Like Jaehee, also debating on being honest and risking to lose something great. He never had someone to understand him so deeply like you do, what if he confesses and you reject him? Farewell to the most meaningful relationship he could ever have.
  • It comes to a point everybody in RFA knows his feelings for you. Everybody except you.
  • Even Zen is feeling bad for him.
  • Like: “Come on, dude! If you have something to say to her, just say it! You’re always so willing to say the weirdest shit around here and now you’re chickening out? Ugh… coward jerk!”
  • And for the first time, Jumin takes the bait and lets himself get caught by Zen’s teasing: “I’ll show you coward.”. Zen is like: “Okay, alright, let’s see what you got!”
  • “Good evening, MC! May I ask you something?” okay, this is it, guys, here he goes… “Would you be willing to try a hypothetical exercise for me?” What the hell?
  • “Yeah, sure, I guess…” “Marvelous. What would you say if I hypothetically said I have romantic feelings for you?”
  • MC is typing… HIS HEART IS ALMOST COMING OUT THROUGH HIS MOUTH, SEND HELP! “I would hypothetically say I feel the same way.” “I see. Would you go on a non-hypothetical date with me, then?” Watch and learn, Zen, watch and learn…



  • He tried to ignore the feelings as much as he could, until he couldn’t lie to himself anymore
  • But through this process of convincing himself he didn’t like you, he probably convinced you as well.
  • So when he hugs you timidly, calls you late at night, talks to you until you fall asleep or finds excuses to see you in the most random hours of the day, to you he’s just being… well, him.
  • He would probably be someone that says “I love you” casually.
  • Like, you’re talking about whatever, he laughs and says: “Damn, MC! I just love you so much”.
  • But you don’t take it like he means it, to you he’s just one of those people who say “I love you” as in “Man, I can’t even with you sometimes…”
  • So you just laugh whenever he says he loves you. Your laugh is everything to him, but wouldn’t it be perfect if you took this seriously?
  • Low key he thinks it’s adorable how you can’t see something he’s not even trying to hide anymore. It’s part of your charms, it’s one of the reasons it makes him love you.
  • So one night you two were hanging in one of his babies, and he was being insanely flirty, singing along with the romantic song on the radio, straight up serenading you.
  • And you’re just smiling and laughing. When the song is over, he sighs and looks straight at you: “Damn, MC… I love you so much…”
  • “I love you too.” And by the way you slip your hand to hold his over the gear shift, he knows you mean exactly what you said. Damn, he really loves you…


  • He knows he sucks tremendously  at showing his feelings
  • But come on, the fact that he bears your presence more than anyone else’s doesn’t really click anything on you?
  • And he… says things to you, he waits for your response, he pays so much attention in every single word you say and every gesture you make. Seriously, nothing?
  • He doesn’t like going out much, but you text him about getting ice cream and he answers immediately: “I’m ready and waiting at the door for you to pick me up. Hurry!”
  • He likes watching TV with you, he likes your jokes
  • It’s not like he’ll cackle or anything, but if that soft smirk on his lips doesn’t mean “marry me”, what else could it mean, for fuck’s sake?
  • The poor boy is even thinking of going to the extremes to…  ugh… ask advice from his brother.
  • But no, he needs to figure it out how to do this by himself. It’s a great way to start having a normal life!  Like, really really great, especially if you accept his feelings…
  • And well, if he doesn’t know how to get close to you in that sense, he’ll at least make sure none other guy even tries something with you.
  • “What the hell, Saeran? Are you jealous or something?” “Y-Yeah, I am jealous! So what?”
  • You blush, clearly surprised by his honesty: “So what that… it’s very cute… please do it more often…” oh, is this your own special way of saying “marry me”? He’s super down for this, to be honest.
There is a small monster in my brain that controls my doubt. The doubt itself is a stupid thing, without sense or feeling, blind and straining at the end of a long chain. The monster though, is smart. It’s always watching, and when I am completely sure of myself, it unchains the doubt and lets it run wild. Even when I know it’s coming, I can’t stop it.
—  Francesca Zappia, Eliza and Her Monsters