Obstacles 14 (ROMAN Reigns)

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Warnings: NONE


Y/N looked around anxiously as the cool breeze blew her hair into her face.

She then checked the time on her phone.

2:30 pm.

“Fuck.” She mumbled to herself. “I can’t believe she lied.” Y/N continued getting up to get her things.

After the little bit of information she got out of Nicole, I decided it was best of they met up in person to talk.

She wanted this chick to look her in the eyes when she explained what even scheme her and Finn tried to carry out.

And naturally, I chose a public, and busy place.

Namely, Starbucks.

Who knows what she could be planning?

Shit, she could have Finn lurking in some bush ready to knock my ass out and hold me hostage.

The plus to meeting her, was that it was one of my favorite places.

But it looks like this was just a waste of my time.


“Excuse me, but is your name Y/N?” A female spoke after tapping me on my back after I walked away from my seat.

I turned around, facing the woman, immediately recognizing her as Nicole.

From the pictures that were splashed across every headline and social media after the scandal broke.

Her face was burned in my memories to say the least.

But I gotta admit, she was prettier in person.

Her long, strawberry blonde hair falling just below her shoulders, a figure for for a model, and the height to go along with it.

If I wasn’t confident in my looks, I might have been jealous.

“Uh, yeah… Nicole right…?”

She nodded. “I’m sorry I’m late. You know how that 2 o'clock traffic can be.” She laughed trying to ease whatever tension, that was building between us.

I mean, I didn’t feel it.

But who’s to say she didn’t?

“It’s okay.” I replied. “At least I know you didn’t actually stand me up.”

“No, of course not.” She said shaking her head. “Like I said, i really want to get this weight of my shoulders and if that means telling you everything. I’m ready to do that.”

And I’m ready to hear it, I said in my mind.

“Lets go find a table.”


Both me and Nicole took a sip of our drinks in silence.

Mines, a mocha frappuccino and hers a tevana.

How accurate of her to order tea.

“Okay…” I heard her began to talk snapping me away from my thoughts. “I don’t know how to began, or even say this but. What you think happened didn’t…”

I nodded staying silent.

Only talking I wanna hear right now, is hers.

“…See, I kinda go way back with Finn, but out of the blue, I get this call. From Finn, of course. And he tells me that he’s got a way that I could make some serious cash.”

She paused to take another sip. “And I just went for it. I was just in, as shameful as that is to say…”

Yeah it is shameful, I thought. Just agreeing to something just cause cash is mentioned.

“…He wanted me to drug Roman, slip something in his drink and you know. Have sex with him then post the pictures online for you to find out. He even gave me Roman’s room key, that he somehow got a hold of.”

I frowned making a disgusted face.

What kind of fucked up plan did they come up with?

Like this shit’s all over the place.

“But the point is I couldn’t do it. So I faked the whole thing, but told Finn I did do it, just so he could wire the money to me. And a couple days ago I saw a missed call from his second number so when I called him, he joked like is it twins? Or something and that’s when I realized he thought I was supposed to get pregnant. So I told him the truth.”

I swear, if I don’t have a headache before, I do now.

“So, let me see if I’m comprehending.” I said. “You have a history with Finn. He came up with the plan and you went along with it for the money. And on top of that Finn maybe, expected you to get pregnant from all of this. Did i miss anything?”

Nicole shook her head.

“And why the fuck would you agree to so some shit like this for money? Are you some kind of escort or..?”

“No, I’m not, okay?” Nicole spat sounding offended. “I’m a decent person, I was just caught up in his mess. And I needed the money for my sick dad.”

I rolled my eyes. “So now were lying on dads here? Did Finn send your here to mess with me?”

“I’m not lying Y/N. I wouldn’t do that, like I said it was fucked up and I went along with it but I did it for a good reason. I’m sorry I cause you hurt in the process but–”

Is this woman forreal?

“You’re damn right you’re sorry.” I whisper yelled. “You caused so much shit in my marriage. So much shit with my husband. And now you tell me it was a lie? That I’ve been holding false shit over his head, throwing it at him our of spite?” I say back in my seat. “How the hell am I gonna look when I have to be the one to tell him he didn’t fuck up after all?”

Nicole sighed. “I don’t know. Honestly Y/N, I don’t. I just wanted you to know you have a good husband, you just had a fucked up person who wanted you and tried to go to extremes for you to want him in your life.” She said as she got up and left.

I too got up and headed out to my car.

Nicole’s story was spotty.

But it seemed true, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

I bit my lip thinking of things I’ve said to Roman out of anger for what I thought happened.

How I kicked him out of our home, me trying my best to keep him out of my life.

The things that Roman was forced to miss out on during my pregnancy because of a huge lie.

And that’s not even all of it.

We missed out on important things we should’ve been witnessing together.

All cause of someone wanting me?

I felt tears come to my eyes.

I pushed him away, told him I hated looking at him.

I missed out on a year I should’ve spent loving him, cause of some false accusations.

Time I can’t get back.

“I am so sorry Roman.” I said out loud, but to myself. “I’m so sorry.”


The story was purposely spotty so that the Reader’s reactions to some things would make sense lol hope no ones confused tho


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Ancient Roman mosaic, depicting a skeleton (perhaps a memento mori) above the Greek maxim from Delphi γνῶθι σεαυτόν (”know thyself”).  Artist unknown; 1st cent. CE (?)  Found during excavations at the convent of San Gregorio on the Via Appia, Rome; now in the National Museum, Rome.  Photo credit: Lessing Photo Archive.

Monarchs with dubious claims to the throne positivity post!

Shoutout to monarchs who are like the cousin of a deposed monarch, no matter who’s in charge now, your claim to the throne is valid.

Shoutout to monarchs who attained power by killing their relatives your claim to the throne is valid.

Shoutout to monarchs who were the previous monarch’s captain of the guard before murdering them, your claim to the throne is valid.

Shoutout to puppet child monarchs, your claim to the throne is valid and even though you’ll likely never properly rule, for even a day in your life - that shouldn’t stop you from feeling like a valid monarch.

Shoutout to monarchs who won the throne through buying it in an auction held by the pervious monarch’s murderous guards, your claim to the throne is valid.

Shoutout to monarchs who came to power after being the common or foreign born spouse of a previous monarch, your claim to the throne is valid.

Shoutout to monarchs in empires which have been divided between claimants, your claim to the whole empire is valid, and don’t let anyone hold you back from starting a long protracted civil war to take over the whole empire.

Shoutout to monarchs who exterminated all other claimants in a long protracted civil war, your claim to the throne is valid, no matter how much of your own country you destroyed to sit on the throne.

Shoutout to monarchs who are being imprisoned in a monastery or oubliette, as the person who took your kingdom from you fears their enemies rallying around you - your claim to throne is still valid - even if you stand little chance of escape and a high chance of being killed someday soon.

Shoutout to monarchs who were overthrown by violent revolution- your claim to the throne is still valid.

Shoutout to monarchs who hold on to the titles of countries that no longer exist, your claim to the throne is valid.

Shoutout to monarchs who rule one country, but don’t give a fuck about it - and spend all their time trying to gain control over another country- your claim to the throne is valid.

Shoutout to monarchs who are random commoners impersonating the dead son of a previous monarch, your claim to the throne is valid.