Wake Up Call (LAMP, Human AU) Chapter 7 - Falling

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Summary: What was wrong with him? He’d wanted this for Logan for so long, and now he was… what was he, exactly?

Joyful because he wanted them to date each other, he wanted them to love each other - but he also wanted to love them, and he wanted them to love him. Angry at himself for wanting something like that, something that was so impossible. Jealous that they could have each other, but he couldn’t have either of them.  

But, underneath that storm, Virgil was happy and relieved for Logan.

So he choked down the other emotions and sent support to his friend before hanging up the phone and letting the sobs rack through his body.

Pairings: platonic LAMP, eventually romantic; this chapter is pining LAMP/Prinxiety and romantic Logicality, along with some Analogical and Logince mentions

Warnings: crying, heartbreak kinda, pain, angst, but also fluff, just a mess tbh

Genre(s): AU/Human AU

Word count: 2,176

A/N: also known as the angsty chapter, with a bit of music sprinkled in. whoops (list of songs used will be at the end, right before the tag list)


It took some time, some conversations with Thomas, and a whole lot of overthinking, but Virgil eventually accepted his feelings. With each call, each text, and each time they were able to see each other in real life, Virgil felt himself fall a bit more.

But Virgil had forgotten that when you fall, you always fall downwards. And it was only a few weeks before Virgil’s first - and very weird - heartbreak occured.

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Incorrect Sanders Sides Quotes from my Family

Virgil: *rolls under coffee table and tries to get up but hits his head with a resounding thunk*

Roman: AAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok I’m sorry wait no I’m not


Roman: I love Virgil

Patton: but…! But *I* Love Virgil.




Patton:*SCREAMING* I’LL KILL YOU! HE’S MINE!! *launches at Roman and puts his hands on his neck mock choking him*

Logan: *walks in sipping coffee and sighs heavily as the other two ‘fight’ before leaving*


Roman: *doing important computer work*


Roman: …you’re dead to me my good sir.


Virgil: Want team insitinct?

Roman: No.

Virgil: Want team instinct’s leader?

Roman: …no.

Virgil: Don’t li e to me, Roman.


Roman: Hey what’s the password on your computer.

Logan: Why would I tell you that??


Logan: …??

Roman: …okay so ‘gay4books’-

Logan: n o -

Story Time with Morality

Logan finds a book of Greek mythology and decides to share it with the other Sides. He, Roman, Virgil, and Deceit sit on beanbag chairs arranged in a semicircle while Patton reads the book out loud.
Logan isn’t usually one for fiction. He expects the book to be full of fanciful drivel, but he is pleasantly surprised. He admires Daedalus’ genius; he applauds Odysseus’ strategy. The logical Side finds himself enjoying the story as much as everyone else.
Roman is enthralled with the Trojan War and the Labours of Heracles. That’s to be expected, but the Sides are jarred when the princely aspect fights back tears at the fate of Baucis and Philemon. “What’s wrong, Princey?” Patton inquires. “They just…” Roman wipes his eyes. “They could have asked for anything, but they just wanted each other.”
Virgil seems to prefer stories featuring Hades, god of the underworld. His favourite is Orpheus and Eurydice. The plight of the heartbroken musician moves him, and he finds his eyes wet by the end.
At first, Deceit pretends not to be interested. He rests his chin in his gloved hand, stifling a theatrical yawn. This lasts until Patton begins the story of Medusa. The serpentine Side drops his act, leaning forward so as not to miss a word. No one notices because they, too, are hanging on Patton’s every word.


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Fantasy AU: The world is ending and only the chosen ones (The sides + Remy) can save it. They succeed, but not before one is fatally wounded. Who is it, and what are their dying words?

*gasps while placing hand on chest* How dare you make me choose between my darling babies. To not make one suffer, i shall give you all of their dying words instead.

Logan: As illogical as this may sound *cough* i actually really liked you guys.

Roman: My loves… take your time i’ll see you on the other side…

Patton: Hey- hey don’t- don’t cry *smiles weakly* You’ll be okay.

Virgil: I don’t wanna go- please- I don’t wanna leave you guys-

Deceit: I hate you guys so much- *grins while crying*

Remy: They better have Starbucks on the other side…

The Sides as Things my Friends have said

·Roman: I used to have a crush on Salt Bae.

·Logan: Why are you laughing?

Patton: I thought about tennis rackets.

·Virgil: When I laugh really hard I start snorting… Cocaine.

·Roman: This is very aesthetically pleasing. Yeah, I use big words, ohhhhh!

·Virgil: Did your water bottle traumitize you?

·Roman: All y'all peasents can go die!

·Roman: What if the human centipead was someone’s kink?

Virgil: It’s mine.

·Patton: I liked rainbows before I was gay.

·Logan: Missalaniuse granola bars.

·Patton: I used to think Family Feud was about divorce.

you know, that scene between jane and roman? the few images of a lost woman who finds her brother again, and gets him through death? I thought jaimie was so beautiful in that scene. she always is. but there was something more, something in her character we had never seen before: her sister side reaches paroxysm. she was certain of one thing: she could kill roman herself. yet, she has never had, and she would never have. we have seen jane as a strong, fierce, dangerous fighter. now, we get to see her as a broken sister. not only for losing her brother, but for realising that, after all, she loved him. he was, and has always been her anchor. the other way around wouldn’t be conceivable. jane loves roman, as much as remi does. and the worst pain imaginable was to lose her only sibling, that was connected to all of her identities through the years. as tears are falling down their cheeks, you can see jane’s look. she doesn’t need to tell roman that she loves him, he’s already been approved. he’s already been forgiven. this is what makes the beauty of the scene, and jane’s beauty. she’s insaleny beautiful because she simply is nothing but true. this is the moment when we get to see the real jane/remi/alice. this is the moment when, amnesiac or not, she wouldn’t have reacted or felt differently. it is not only a goodbye: it is the acceptance of a lifetime