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Naughty and Naive (If your still doing these)

Naughty- If you had to choose, which villainous team would you be on?

Naive- Have you played any Pokemon rom hacks or fan games?




Um, I have, sort of, when my family friend’s lil’ bro played Pokémon Team Tower Defense or whatever it’s called. He let me try, and it was okay I guess :P



Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands (True Love Edition v1)

It’s finally here!  After months of tinkering, the first release of Harvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands (True Love Edition) is done!  Time to save up for those blue feathers, because these gay little farmers are ready to fall in love!

Sunshine Islands is the second game in the series to get a True Love Edition. The True Love edition is a ROM Hack that swaps the boy and girl characters, allowing the player to choose their preferred gendered without locking themselves out of romancing their favorite character. This means that Chelsea (girl) can find love among the island’s pretty ladies, and Mark (boy) can pick between it’s rather… eccentric boys. Of course, this also opens up some rather strange doppelganger love connections…

This version contains only sprite swaps between the boy and girl characters.  Modification of the dialog to fix gendered pronouns and terms will be next, as well as ongoing bug fixes along the way.  This is the very first version, so be ready for plenty of bugs.

If you’re ready for an island romance made just for you, just click the link below!

Harvest Moon: True Love Edition

I had an idea! You know how Moemon is a romhack of Pokemon where all of the sprites are changed to cute girls? Well what if there was a rom hack of Pokemon Yellow where the only thing altered is all of the Pokemon are replaced with Mimikyus disguised as those Pokemon? So you would start with your Pikachu-Mimikyu, fight your rival’s Eevee Mimikyu, and eventually square off against Lance’s Dragonite-Mimikyu!

This needs to be a thing.

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So, in order to have kids in the gay fates hack, you need to do some actual rom hacking, right? I don't know very much about it at all, but I would like to learn. Could you steer me to a guide on the basics? I read the forum post by DeathChaos25, but I don't actually even know how to get to the beginning point of unpacking the bin files. Is it similar to the gay fates hack overall? Thank you for answering all these questions we send you. And also for you hard work on the hack!

Yes, it does require some actual rom hacking! Since a lot of people have asked me for clarifications and more specifics about @deathchaos-25‘s guide, I may as well type up a new guide that’s beginner friendly. 


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Soon ™. Just gotta give her her freaking blue dress and her blue-to-red hair, as well as fix the positioning of her portraits and some supports, namely with Corrin (only to A-Rank for spoilers), Jakob, Felicia, Flora, Gunter, and Azura. May give her supports with the Nohr Royals but who knows? Not me.

(Also, Grima is just my avatar. The text will change with your MU’s name)

Fates: Amiibo Supports are a GO!

100% in-game screenshots

Welp, expect this to be part of my next update for my gay fates hack. Now not only can amiibos have fully functioning support lists, and can show up on other people’s support lists, but as seen above we can even put in support conversations for them! (These four lines are the only ones I put in so far haha so don’t get your hopes up just yet). That means Lucisev 2.0 :’)  will be potentially available in Fates, among other things! lucina x camilla anyone

Thanks to @deathchaos-25 for figuring pretty much this entire thing out, and for pointing out a few dumb mistakes I was making that were preventing this from working.


Early prototypes of Doom 64 took a very different approach to the audience and source material.

Submitted by bunbunmaru-shimbun, whose username apparently breaks Tumblr’s add-a-name-to-this-post thing.


You can never have too many rings.