useless msr headcanons

• Scully keeps mints in her bag to help Mulder’s fidgeting when there are no sunflower seeds to abuse

• And he restocks her weird twig tea whenever he sees rations are low

• Mulder can’t really appreciate Scully’s hair color because of the one episode where he’s colorblind, so he makes a big show of it whenever someone mentions it. “Scully, you’re a redhead? How could you keep this from me!”

• Scully fetches water for him when they’re stuck in the bullpen because he doesn’t want to deal with anyone trying to strike up a conversation at the water cooler

• They hate each other’s music, Mulder’s weird techno shit and her classical and R&B, but really bond over classic rock

• Mulder pretends he can’t see her when she’s not wearing heels

• Because of this she never offers to pick things up from lower shelves/cabinets/mutant-filled tunnels, instead forcing Mulder to wrap his long legs up and curl in like a rollypolly to get what they need

• Of course Scully kills the bugs

• He makes her coffee just right but she screws his up every time because it’s complex as hell

• She tries to get him to pack his own meals for lunch so they stop leaving the office but relents when he keeps bringing two plain pieces of bread and a bag of potato chips

… do you have any? Add them on!

Favorite Things from Star Wars

Cause why not? 


Droideka (Destroyer Droids) Cause they’re rollypolly shielded bastards

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BB-8. Because BB-8

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Rey and Finn I mean, Look at these dorks!

HK-47 “Request: Please click the link to see why HK is such a wonderful droid, Meatbag. Else you will be viciously shot and then killed.”


General Grievous A character that HUNTS JEDI FOR SPORT! And He’s a really unique looking cyborg.

The Clone Commandos Coolest Space soldiers EVER!

Imperial Probe Droid There’s something REALLY cool about this droid I’ve always loved.

Captain Phasma A badass female in practical armor. Also she has a cape!

There are all I can think of ATM. Might add more later. IDK

curtis brother headcannons

- Darry comforted sodapop after sandy left, and let him color the dinner whatever he wanted
- when their parents died ponyboy constantly had vivid dreams where they were still alive and basically everytime he woke up was still shocked to find out they really were dead
- ponyboy has been tutoring sodapop slowly
- they took family photos with the gang and one where they held up photos of their momma and dad
- soda hates asparagus and refuses to eat it
- Darry used to have a bowl haircut when he was younger
- he fucking hated it
- the brothers go out to eat about once every 2 months
- Darry saved up for about 2 months so he could buy Ponyboy some books and sketch pads (on top of the bills ya know)
- ponyboy hates the smell of gasoline
- sodapop is easily carsick on road trips
- Darry caught ponyboy flexing his ‘muscles’ in the mirror multiple times
- honestly they’ve prolly all caught eachother masturbating
- they’re all really disturbed about it
- ponyboy loves salad
- always tries to fight sodapop bc he constantly eats just the croutons
- used to catch fireflies and rollypollys
- all of ponys clothes are hand me downs, it never ends for the poor kid


Look at these incredible snails my friend found and gave to me! They’re unbelievable, I’ve never seen a snail like them. The normal garden snail is named Suerte, the smallest one is Tapestry and the largest one is Epcot. My small snarmy. Also included: a rollypolly cameo or two.