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useless msr headcanons

• Scully keeps mints in her bag to help Mulder’s fidgeting when there are no sunflower seeds to abuse

• And he restocks her weird twig tea whenever he sees rations are low

• Mulder can’t really appreciate Scully’s hair color because of the one episode where he’s colorblind, so he makes a big show of it whenever someone mentions it. “Scully, you’re a redhead? How could you keep this from me!”

• Scully fetches water for him when they’re stuck in the bullpen because he doesn’t want to deal with anyone trying to strike up a conversation at the water cooler

• They hate each other’s music, Mulder’s weird techno shit and her classical and R&B, but really bond over classic rock

• Mulder pretends he can’t see her when she’s not wearing heels

• Because of this she never offers to pick things up from lower shelves/cabinets/mutant-filled tunnels, instead forcing Mulder to wrap his long legs up and curl in like a rollypolly to get what they need

• Of course Scully kills the bugs

• He makes her coffee just right but she screws his up every time because it’s complex as hell

• She tries to get him to pack his own meals for lunch so they stop leaving the office but relents when he keeps bringing two plain pieces of bread and a bag of potato chips

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curtis brother headcannons

- Darry comforted sodapop after sandy left, and let him color the dinner whatever he wanted
- when their parents died ponyboy constantly had vivid dreams where they were still alive and basically everytime he woke up was still shocked to find out they really were dead
- ponyboy has been tutoring sodapop slowly
- they took family photos with the gang and one where they held up photos of their momma and dad
- soda hates asparagus and refuses to eat it
- Darry used to have a bowl haircut when he was younger
- he fucking hated it
- the brothers go out to eat about once every 2 months
- Darry saved up for about 2 months so he could buy Ponyboy some books and sketch pads (on top of the bills ya know)
- ponyboy hates the smell of gasoline
- sodapop is easily carsick on road trips
- Darry caught ponyboy flexing his ‘muscles’ in the mirror multiple times
- honestly they’ve prolly all caught eachother masturbating
- they’re all really disturbed about it
- ponyboy loves salad
- always tries to fight sodapop bc he constantly eats just the croutons
- used to catch fireflies and rollypollys
- all of ponys clothes are hand me downs, it never ends for the poor kid