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Just wanted to remind you all that  SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (Commentated) is the best video of all time

Journalist: We’re quite interested to know what would be the fashion elements Avengers Infinity War uses in the movie?

Scarlett Johansson: I got the fashion question?

Fond of The Classics (smut)

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Summary: When the sexual tension between you and Bucky is stifling, Natasha becomes her scheming, conniving self.

Warnings: Smut, implied age gap [you’re around 21], masturbation (m), reader being a little bit of a creep, oral, metal arm kink, dirty talk, feelings of invalidation, joke referencing god masturbating, drinking, I wrote this w my own body type in mind so read it w ur body type

Words: 4,780

When Natasha slammed you hard into the sparring mat, you saw stars. You lay spread eagle on the blue floor panting hard with your eyes squeezed shut.

“I’ve met Death and it looks like Natasha Romanov.” You gasped, not taking her helping hand and deciding to continue to just lay down. You heard her laugh loudly and continued to stay quiet as it echoed around the large training gym. “Why do you literally want me to die, Nat.” You whined up at her.

She raised her eyebrow and kicked your ribs lightly with the toe of her boot. “I’ll stop doing that when you stop avoiding Bucky.”

Your nose wrinkled and you let out a noise of protest. You and Bucky had been dancing around each other since you had become an Avenger, and the tension growing between the both of you was suffocating the entire team. Since you couldn’t even be in the same room without having to hold yourself back from jumping his bones, you had taken to avoiding him— going to great lengths to dodge his attention. “My debilitating sexual frustration towards him is probably breaking so many HR rules that I should be in jail. It’s better for everyone to just not talk to him.”

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I love The Force Awakens, and my job was to continue that story in every sense of the word,“ he says. "So in that way, J.J. gave me everything I needed, which is the first chapter of a story. I need to tell a second chapter, which is a failure if it doesn’t continue organically what the first chapter started. So what seems like a blue sky suddenly turns into hacking in the jungle, finding a path that exists. Just like any process of writing, it’s more excavation than sculpture. You’re finding it as you go, and you realize it wants to be a certain thing. So yeah, the flashback was essential, but the dynamic between each of the characters was essential. Every single thing in The Force Awakens, I studied forensically.
—  Rian Johnson [x]

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How The Paladins Cuddle {Headcanon}.



- Shiro has a thing with hugging in his sleep.

- If you stay up longer than him, you can feel him roll over and press his chest against your back, pulling you into him.

- Even though, when he falls asleep to begin with, he insists that cuddling ‘isn’t for him.’ Like, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to avoid touching you when he’s falling asleep, because he just hates the feeling of human contact.

- When he wakes up {which is often before you since he’s an early riser} he blushes and unravels himself from around your body.

- When confronted on the fact that he was hugging you, he will act completely oblivious and be like, “What? No. You know I don’t cuddle.”

- On the special occasion {;)} he’ll cuddle with you when he’s conscious, just because in those paRTICULAR MOMENTS he just wants to feel close to you.


- Okay. For all the shit this guy talks about being tough and mysterious and all this – he literally can’t sleep unless you are latches around his god damn neck.

- I’m not even kidding. If you take a nap without him, he will literally stay up until you wake up just so he can ask you to hug him, because he can’t sleep without you.

- And his cuddles are severe. Like, he’ll wrap your arms around his neck, lay your head on his chest, tangle your legs together, place his arms around your shoulders, his chin on the top of your head.

- You literally look like a knot.

- And he loves it.

- He smiles until he falls asleep, hugging you closer and closer because god damn it, he’s lucky.

- You kind of stop nightmares when you cuddle with him, and you can’t help but admit that it helps you sleep as well.


- He only cuddles if you want to cuddle.

- Growing up, he had a load of siblings who he often had to share a bed with, meaning he isn’t a bed hogger at all, and he has gotten so used to keeping in his own lane when going to bed, that you have to ask him to cuddle.

- When you do, he’s happy as hell.

- His cuddles are surprisingly calm. Like, he’ll be the big spoon and hug you really close, but he also likes being the little spoon when he’s in a bad mood.

- The day Shiro went missing, you two went to bed and it was all silent. And then he just rolled onto his side and you knew. You wrapped your arms around him and he just started to cry {the image of this in my head – fuck}.

- That’s kind of like your thing as a couple. You see Lance rolling over onto his side after a hard day and you just know he wants hugged and comforted, even if he doesn’t ask for you to do so.


- Our boy takes a long time to get comfortable with sharing a bed.

- At first, he thinks he’s taking up too much of the bed so he just cowers in the corner of the bed and falls asleep there, leaving you to your own side.

- Then he’s afraid he’s snoring so for a little while he just refused to go to sleep before you.

- Then one day, a tragedy happens {one of the paladins gets injured idk} and you’re upset and crying in bed and he just holds you until you fall asleep.

- Even after you’ve fallen asleep, he doesn’t let you go. He’s afraid you’ll completely break if he’s not there to hold you together.

- After that night, he completely loses his self conscious side. Sure, he still constantly asks you if he’s being too loud or if you have enough room ect ect, but he doesn’t let you go.

- Then when he’s upset, you rest your head on his chest and he hugs you close to him.

- Even when it’s too warm to completely cuddle, the two of you still hold hands underneath the covers because he’s just so afraid that something will happen to you if he can’t feel you beside him.


- Okay. Okay. The woman doesn’t see the point in cuddling.

- Pidge doesn’t even sleep, bitch.

- Like, she sits on your bedroom floor with all her god damn technology and she just waits until you fall asleep and then she gets to work.

- You have to literally remind her that human beings need sleep and she needs to come to bed.

- And then one day she actually does come to bed whilst your still awake and she just rolls over and hugs you.

- Without you even having to say anything, and she acts so natural about it.

- And you’re just like Pidge??? Is that you????

- Because Pidge doesn’t just show affection and act natural about it.

- Literally, who is this imposter.

- She just moves your hair away from your neck and rests her head in the crook of it, falling asleep.

- And you’re up all night just completely shook surprised because ???

- Pidge???

- Cuddling???