Part of the Druid Pack fooling around in the snow

The Druid wolf pack, formed in 1996, was the first group of relocated wolves that were released into Yellowstone National Park. The pack grew fast from five members to 37 members at its peak in 2001. The pack collapsed in late 2009 and early 2010, possibly due to the loss of long-time alpha female #569F and an infestation of mange affecting all pack members. The Druid pack had exceptional longevity and their legacy lives on in many of today’s packs. [x]

Pictures by Robert Weselmann


The RANDOM BOOK GENERATOR is here! This one was a fantastic REQUEST from daypraiser! I hope you guys are able to suggest more so i can have more to make and we can all have more to use!

This one was difficult to write but i couldn’t be happier with the result :) It’s very got nice structure to it and has the potential to be funny and/or brutally harsh!

This has plenty of potential to be used in dungeons mostly but any setting where you need to quickly build a book with a few simple rolls!

Here’s the download!

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Thanks again for all your support and i hope you ENJOY!

- The Aussie GM