This Girl Can - Charlie Campbell

Charlie has been back in action for Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign, looking to inspire women up and down the country to get active. With a focus on bold colour and composition, the images capture the grit and determination of all the ladies involved. 

With massive thanks to FCB Inferno and Sport England for the commission, and also to LouLou Productions, Eli Wakamatsu (Emma Davies Agency), Robyn Knight and Chris O’Driscoll for all their efforts in helping bring this together!

So I play roller derby and my coach came up with a play (or she found it idk) called “ghosting”. (It’s a blocking play I don’t really want to go into detail) but basically to communicate to the team that is what you are doing you yell “I’m ghosting”

But my nerd ass was like “we should yell ‘I’m going ghost’ bc it’s easier”
Cut to a whole gym of sweaty people yelling “I’m going ghost!” And half of them to young to even know what Danny Phantom is.