Roller Skate

ID #42362

Name: Zoee
Age: 17
Country: United States

 I am a senior in high school. My #1 passion is art. I love to draw digitally and traditionally!  I also like to ride my penny board, roller skate, and watch movies. Some of my favorite movies are Life of Pi, Cloud Atlas, Moulin Rouge, and Fight Club. I can’t live without music and I listen to a variety of different artists. I really like the Moldy Peaches, P!ATD, Rob Cantor, Sia, and Maroon 5, and older songs like Free Bird and Mary Jane’s Last Dance. I’m a peskotarian, too.

Preferences:  Age: 15-20. I would love to chat over Line & snail mail. HERES THE CATCH. I’m looking for an “art pen pal” so we can mail our drawings to eachother. I like cartoon styles but not anime. I might be particular on who I want to exchange art with because I want to really like your art! Don’t be scared to contact me though.