Rollcall Touring

Rollcall Touring, the 1D owned company that oversees touring expenses, has filed their 2016 annual report.

No new information. Still owned and directed by the five original band members.

I find it encouraging that the company has been renewed to remain active since 1D Live LLP was dissolved earlier this year and ODOT LLP’s dissolution will be effective April 9 (both of these were companies under Rollcall Touring and related to managing touring expenses).


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1D Media Limited

Interesting news today.  All five original members of One Direction have resigned as Directors of the company effective April 4, 2016 (they are all still shareholders) and have appointed Lawrence Engel (their attorney at Lee & Thompson) and Alan McEvoy (their accountant) as Directors in their place.

This is similar to what they did with One Mode when Liam and Louis resigned as Directors and Engel & McEvoy replaced them. At the time I theorized that Engel & McEvoy were appointed as trustworthy team members put in place to keep an eye on Griffiths & Magee.

At the same time, there are some documents that have not yet posted for viewing that appear to elaborate on the share distribution changes made last month. I’ll let you know what that is when the documents are available for viewing later this week.

I suspect this is all to clarify the share distribution changes so that nothing appears untoward during an audit or review. And by naming Engel & McEvoy as Directors, they can make decisions about the company documents and annual filings without the presence of the band.

This again goes towards my opinion that both men are absolutely trusted to be fair and honest by the members of the band. You don’t turn over that kind of control without a great deal of trust.

And to cover any questions along these lines, no, I do not think this means the band is breaking up, I think this is related to the reports that the share distribution changes were somehow related to tax avoidance instead of their intended purpose and they are preemptively clarifying their filings before their 2015 financials are due.

Rollcall Touring and PPM Music have not changed. The original five members are still Directors as well as shareholders.

Keenler Roll Call - Hiatus Edition Part 1

Hello to all my Keenler People!  So, this is our first Thursday without our beloved show.  I figured we aren’t giving up our Roll Call.  We need to stick together.  So, how are we all doing?  Anything new?  Are we surviving?  Are we holding out hope for a Keenler filled (or at least some Keenler) 4B?  

Oh, and Donnie and Liz have a few things they want to say about the bullshit that is hiatus.

Donnie Ress is very upset as you can tell.  He is the fandom.  So upset about hiatus. As he should be.  Anywho my #TeamKeenler.  Let me know how you are! 

Wonkette Nice-Time: A Love Letter to Rosa DeLauro

Your Wonkette is ashamed to admit that we were hitherto unaware of the awesomeness of Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn) before seeing the picture above. We are ashamed! Like rending garments levels of ashamed, because this woman is pretty much the coolest thing ever, despite RollCall’s sober cuntiness, as seen in the above caption. We are especially ashamed because apparently, besides having the most amazing wardrobe ever (seriously, go buy HuffPo a treat to say thanks for that slideshow), DeLauro is also, too, actually powerful and progressive

We want Rosa DeLauro to be our congressperson, our cool mom, our best friend, and our personal shopper and we want it now.