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Google honors Sally Ride

May 26th is the birthday of Sally Ride, who was an American physicist and astronaut. She was the first American woman and the youngest American astronaut to travel space. She also served on the committees that investigated the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters, being the only person to participate on both.

Ride was also the first known LGBT astronaut.

Sally Ride passed away July 23, 2012, at the age of 61.

Can we talk about Alex Hirsch for a second?

He is extremely talented. For one thing, he is the creator, writer, and voice actor for a multitude of characters on Gravity Falls. He has the ability to create insane amounts of suspicion, controversy, and arguments from singular scenes in his TV show. That HE came up with. And actually succeeded to put on air.

He is hilarious and weird, yet still lovable. He’s a great brother, friend, voice actor, writer, and role model. Sure he may do things people get upset about every once in a while…

But in the end, we still all love him. Another thing I think is important to point out is the fact that he actually cares about his fans. He responds to their tweets, answers their questions, and gives them what they ask for, whether it’s a simple request like asking him to post a drawing of Bill in another form, to asking to take a picture with him at comic con.

Alex, I doubt you’re reading this, but if you are I just want you to know that you are my role model. I look up to you, and hope that someday I’ll could be even slightly as awesome as you are. 

Never change.

This Muslim woman was a refugee, now she’s the youngest minister ever in Sweden

Have you ever heard of Aida Hadzialic? You should have, because she has set a model for young Muslims in the Western world. Aida fled for war in Bosnia and Herzegovina when she was five years old. She and her family fled to Sweden 22 years ago. (Read more about Aida Hadzialic)