7 Reasons why CC Babcock is my role model

1. She gets shit done - Nanny Fine has her own way of “getting things done” while CC has hers. She gets things done by power, persuasion, brains and beauty all at once, something I myself wish and I am sure many others wish they could do simultaneously.

2. She looks absolutely killer, without being anorexic! - Sure, she has small waist and a somewhat lithe build (mainly during the first season) but she is certainly not a woman that is starving herself. The woman’s got curves with a little meat on her bones, and doesn’t mind having a sandwich or two around the office (see “Dope Diamond”)

3. She looks absolutely killer, without wearing a mini skirt! - While I am in no way demeaning Nanny Fine’s clothes, as I do find many of them lovely and interesting, CC’s style is all about tasteful, classic beauty. Red lips, black dresses, and who could forget her business suits? She shows you can be the “belle of the ball” (no pun intended) without having to resort to Nanny Fine’s loud wardrobe, a great alternative for those that prefer to not show off so much skin and still want to look fabulous.

4. She is a complex character with complex feelings, and that’s okay! - Despite her flaws, the drinking, the harshness of her character and her “troublesome” name (I still fail to see why the Sheffields acted like they did when they heard CC’s real name for the first time. Did anyone see her face afterwards?) Niles marries her anyway. It goes to show you that it doesn’t matter how nutty or freaky you think you are, there is always someone out there willing to accept you for who you are, faults and all.

5. She fights for what she wants - CC had every reason to fight for Sheffield Babcock Productions. She got much, if not much more done than Maxwell did, and fought tooth and nail to get what she wanted. Even if she did end up going back with Maxwell after she quit, we wouldn’t have seen how much Maxwell needed her if she didn’t.

6. She doesn’t tell everyone her business - This is great for the FB generation. When CC comes back from the… place, it remains just that. The Place. Not announcing to the world where she’s been, regardless if people ask, she keeps it to herself. Yes, I do realize it was more out of embarrassment and denial, but I do admire the fact she doesn’t tell everyone in her/the entire hemisphere that she is going to rehab. Some things just need to remain private.

7. She is played by one kick-ass actress - I know there are many that know the CC Babcock character but are not enlightened enough to learn about the woman behind the mask. I encourage you to look into Miss Lauren Lane, I really do, and you’ll see what I mean. Did you know that she was a waitress before she made her debut in television? That she decided to quit her job as an actress in Hollywood to live in Texas so that she could spend time with her then young daughter, rather than under the ever watchful eyes of the paparazzi and stereotypical Hollywood writers that write someone like her up as some pretty, but old woman? She is one of the few that gets her face out there without sacrificing her inner most privacy and from looking like a Narcissus archetype many people in the business do. That alone is something worth applauding her for!

I have a Terry problem.

I’m not even just talking about the messy parts. I’m talking Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn being fucking excellent. I’m talking individual skills, accomplishments, charity work, and beliefs. I’m talking acting soulmates who lift each other in their careers because they care about their own craft as well as others. I’m talking about a kinship that is just beautiful to see play out on my screen (again, it doesn’t even have to include the messy parts). I have never really taken on a celebrity role model before but these two have changed that for me. It is truly heartwarming for me to experience the pieces of them that I do.