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Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4, titled as “Soul Surrender”, will be released on September 27, 2016. The latest update to Square Enix’s successful MMO role-playing game includes the finale for Alexander raid scenario, additional story and side quests, apartments and other housing features, dungeons, a trial, adjustments to PVP and battle skills and much more!

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The main scenario quests will revolve around Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur. There will be different lines of text based on whether or not the player has beaten the Coil of Bahamut. The Warrior(s) of Darkness will be making an appearance – they are also featured in the main artwork for Soul Surrender patch.

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The new raid dungeon Alexander: The Creator, and Alexander: The Creator (Savage) will be released. This will be the finale for Alexander raid scenario. Get ready for an epic battle!

Alongside a new raid, the patch contains a new battle trial against Sophia, the Goddess! Both normal and extreme modes of  Containment Bay P1T6 will be added. The development teams tells that they have put a lot effort into the visuals of this new trials and they hope to show you more at Tokyo Game Show 2016!

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 seems to be turning into a content rich update and naturally two new dungeons – Xelphatol & The Great Gubal Library (Hard) – will be added this time as well.

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The latest patch includes new questlines for Scholasticate Quests  Further Hildibrand adventures / Anima weapon story quests.

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Duel mode: It will be possible to battle 1 on 1 against each other in a public area located at the Wolves’ Den Pier. The player will be able to request a match via a menu subcommand, and when accepted a countdown will start and the the battle will begin.

Custom Match: Two teams of 4 players will be able to engage in a custom match by having the party leader from one group request a match with the other party.

Spectator Mode: This mode is to allow players the ability to spectate matches. The player would be able to spectate from a viewpoint of the player engaging in the match. This feature has been developed so it can be used for official use, so there may be parts that may be difficult to control at the beginning. More updates will be added on a later date.


New deep dungeon update contains a concept revolving around scores and ranking system. In the Patch 3.4, the development team will be introducing floors 51-200, and the story of Palace of the Dead will continue up through floor 100. Floors 100-200 will be grind-focused elements.

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Squadrons will be a type of simulation content that can be enjoyed solo, and it will involve assembling volunteers and creating a squad. More details about this soon.


Square Enix is planning to add a specialized room for each date center for Triple Triad. The players will be able to move to this room from the Duty Finder and then battle each other. Lord of Verminion will also be supported by the Duty Finder. In addition to the features, you can now also buy three Jumbo Cactpot cards with different numbers each week.

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The latest housing feature will be apartments. The apartment-style housing will cost 500,000 gil for a room. There will also be a shared space in the apartment building. While there will be no garden, there is a chocobo stable. Another new feature is called Aquarium. There are different sized aquariums and the larger it is, the more fish you will be able to fit there. Square Enix is planning to increase the types of fish that can be put inside them. Alongside this, a playlist feature will be added to the Orchestrion. New Furnishings includes wall hanging cabinets and Calca and Brina dolls.


Recast Time Reset Upon Wipe: Finally! When challenging raids and trials, timers will now be reset upon the party being wiped out. However, if Square Enix finds instances of this being abused in any way to take advantage of a battle, then they may disable this feature.

Auto-attack System Changes: Currently when playing as a melee DPS, auto-attacks are executed while standing within 3m and facing within 90 degrees of your target. Since it’s easy for gaps to develop in DPS values because of this, Square Enix will be changing the way this functions so that auto-attack are executed for the range requirement only. The angle requirement will be removed and you will be able to execute auto-attacks regardless of where you’re facing.

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Changes to Face Targeting System: The face target feature will become inaccessible while moving. This is in order to remove difference between different platforms. For casters, if the enemy moves your character will face the direction of the target’s current position. However, in situations where you need to face away from the target, players will not be able to simply turn around due to the auto-attack changes, therefore, you would either need to sheathe your weapon, or cancel targeting.

Certain Trials will be added to the Raid Finder: The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign will be added to the raid finder.

Addition of a Countdown Feature: There are players who use macros to count down before fights, but the development team is introducing an actual feature for this. You’ll be able to set it up to a maximum of 30 seconds and below 5 seconds each second thereafter will be shown. To make sure this does not interrupt anything for those using macros, it will not be shown in the chat log.


The developers will be changing the matching requirements and changing the exchange rate for spoils. Additionally, new item level 235 equipment will be added.

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Everyone’s favorite Miqo’te child from Idyllshire is involved with this content. Adventurers will tell tales of their adventure to her in order for her to create something. Take a look at the screenshot and envision what kind of content this will be! More information soon!


A new Allagan tomestone will be added with new gear sets. Expect to see these on a later date. Ilv 250 craftable weapons will be introduced as well and they can undergo advanced materia melding. For role-players, Square Enix is adding a role-play status icon, and players will be able to use a hyphen in their character names.


The First Details about Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender Revealed Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4, titled as “Soul Surrender”, will be released on September 27, 2016.
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cuteshinyeevee  asked:

Is the blueberry like the river person

You could say that. River was a ball of energy just like Sans and spent a lot of that energy working, just like Sans does now. They were excitable and expressive even though their face was hidden most the time. As a kid Sans would often copy them and drag them into long, dramatic, intense games of role-playing as villains and heroes. River was almost always the villain. They had a really good evil laugh. Granted so did/does Sans. He learned it from them. 

He is wearing a cape~ Just like above. It’s actually his special blanket he has had since he was a baby. Sans would take that blanket everywhere, never letting it go unless he had to and even then he kept it close. It was a comfort thing. 

Once he got old enough he started wearing it as a cape since “big boys don’t carry blankies!” His parents never made him take it off unless it needed to be washed. When he became a teenager and into adulthood he would leave it home to wrap himself in if he was cold or needed comfort. But over the many years of use it began to wear and tear. When Papyrus and Sans went to make his battle body, they decided to put the worn blanket to use. They took the most intact and best part of it and made it into the bandanna he wears everywhere now.  It extremely special to him and he’d be absolutely devastated if something were to happen to it. 

~ Sol

Like it couldn’t be more jarring. In Fallout 4, the game forces you to be helpful. NPCs are essential forcing the player to play nice with certain factions.

Now this DLC will force players to become fucking raider bosses? Does Bethesda understand the concept of playing a role in their roleplaying game?

Like imagine if in New Vegas you played up to the battle of Hoover Dam supporting House and did Honest Hearts and the game forced you to help the white legs


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