After a devastating gunshot wound to the stomach, our heroes….our heroes… kinda just flail around in the river like children

Children with a dangerous criminal hunting them down. So that’s fun.

But yeah! New episode is up, and I gotta say this one is probably my favorite episode to date!  

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Another Terrible Magic Item Idea: Chainmail Chain Mail

Looks like a suit of masterfully crafted chainmail. Due to its magical enchantment, it provides great protection from weapon impacts, while maintaining an impressive degree of flexibility for the user. But of course, it’s cursed.

Once you put it on, you gain all the defensive benefits of the armor, but you also have to pay the price. The armor can’t be removed through conventional means, and the user has seven days to produce seven copies of this armor and give them to seven other living people.

The copies created will automatically acquire the same properties, as well as the curse, of the original. If the debt is left unpaid by the end of the deadline, the armor will suck the life from the wearer. If it is completed in full, the curse is lifted and the user now has a badass suit of “regular” magical chainmail.


My Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode edits (Part 2) More posts at the first tag.

From the top:

The Cauldron
The Stare-down
Early Bird Gets the Worm
Giant At Our Backs
A Moment of Silence
Cliff Diving

Telly, Half-elf Bard, loveable urchin, favourite (maybe) of the town of Little Kindling. Tragically taken from us after making one too many bad decisions about when to kick the dangerous security robots in the weird alien spacecraft. I’m not one to bring my own characters back from the dead, but I liked her enough for the short time I got to play her that I want to use her in something else in the future. An alternate universe, perhaps.

That’ll  happen probably around the same time I stop making female characters with cute two-syllable names…