“It says something for the continuing potency of René Laloux’s debut feature FANTASTIC PLANET (or WILD PLANET, a more literal translation of its French title, LA PLANETE SAUVAGE) that, over four decades after its May 1973 premiere, it remains more or less unique. Its peculiar universe, designed by Roland Topor and realized by a team of Czechoslovak animators in Prague, is instantly recognizable from virtually any freeze-frame, and the film as a whole is so rich, strange, and sui generis that nothing has emerged since to retrospectively blunt its impact.”

Read Michael Brooke on FANTASTIC PLANET

Roland Topor,  1970s Illustration for Félix Fénéon’s ‘’Nouvelles en trois lignes [Novels in Three Lines]’’

Handcolored Lithograph on wove Arches paper | 38 cm x 53 cm.

‘’Novels in Three Lines’’ is a collection of  more than a thousand news items that first appeared anonymously written by Feneon in the French newspaper ‘Le Matin’ in 1906—true stories of murder, crime, mayhem, and everyday life drama, carefully written with words chosen for their precision, irony, cruelty or cynicism, that constituted a new model of black humor for the time.  This daily clever edition of real facts news stories, was all reduced to 25-30 words, just like today’s Tweeter.

Il se fabrique autant d'excréments dans les circonvolutions cérébrales que dans les intestinales, mais la merde mentale s'évacue moins régulièrement, et surtout moins facilement.
—  Roland Topor