Heavy clashes between Kurds and Iranian Regime in Mahabad after 26-year old Kurdish woman, Farinaz, forced to jump out of hotel window due to Iranian regime agents rape attempt. The hotel is on fire. Up to now 2 civilians were killed and 27 are wounded.


Mahabad, East Kurdistan. Ferînaz Xosrewanî committed suicide jumping from a balcony of the hotel Tara to avoid a rape by a govt official.
Kurds of Mahabad are uprising against Iranian regime police.

Iranian forces are responding arresting and beating up anyone in the streets.

LAST UPDATE: Protestors, who demanded inspection and justice for her, were attacked. Iranian security forces are being deployed to Mahabad, in large numbers.

Farinaz Xosrawanî jumped off the fourth storey of the Tara Hotel, where she worked, to avoid rape by Iranian intelligence (Itlaat) officers. People in Mahabad gathered outside the hotel in anger on hearing about the incident at 6 pm local time. The mass protesting outside was brutally attacked by police using real bullets and tear gas. While clashes broke out between security forces and the people who demanded the disclosure and trial of those responsible for Xosrawanî’s suicide, protestors set fire to the hotel after 10 people were wounded in the crackdown.


Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Cops have set fire to the forests on Awiar mountain, outside the Kurdish city of Sne, Rojhelat due to the fear of the presence of Peshmerga forces in the region