Fandom Fridays: American Dad

If you’ve ever wondered how fiction writers make conversations in their stories sound natural, watch an episode of American Dad. This cartoon has some of the best realistic dialogue, even though the plots are often bizarre. Seth Macfarlene is a master of character development and displays what makes a T.V. show relatable.    

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American Dad doesn’t make a character say something ridiculous just to get a laugh. The characters’ personalities are consistent, so what makes them funny is seeing their flaws come through in everyday conversation. All the characters have quirks but they still speak to each other about personal issues, judge each other, and get caught up in the mundane struggles of life like anyone else. Another thing  that makes the show funny is when characters debate about the semantics of language. We can all relate to petty arguments and misunderstandings because of ambiguity in language.  

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American Dad knows when to utilize one-liners to naturally give information about who a character is. Also, the show’s  dialogue doesn’t just advance the plot but establishes the intricacies of the characters’ relationships. Seth Macfarlene understands getting an audience invested in a show is more than just writing wacky stories.   

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The show takes small life issues and shows the complexities of them through the characters’ dialogue. Likewise, through the show’s diverse characters we see simple issues from multiple perspectives. Every writer will have their own biases come through in their stories, but Seth Macfarlene is open to sharing opposing opinions too. Good dialogue in a show or a novel allows room for an audience to debate.     

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American Dad also creates believable characters through their mannerisms. What makes characters fleshed out is the little nuances reflecting their personality. American Dad sometimes exaggerates a character’s body language. However, the exaggeration makes the characters relatable because it makes them diverse like humans are, instead of being robotic.   

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Finally, American Dad is an excellent example of natural conversation through its honest dialogue. The show doesn’t try to sugar coat life struggles but reveals the flaws of being human. American Dad displays what makes dialogue believable and interesting to listen to. 

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